15 Natural Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

15 Natural Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern and sleek bathroom design is almost every homeowner main aim to achieve in the interior, when we say almost we mean that is also a specific group of people who rather enjoy in cozier and warmer bathroom interior. To the people who rather want to add the free spirited countryside charm in the bathroom, the rustic design is merely a perfect choice for the bathroom interior. Rustic bathroom is a blend of utterly natural and breezy materials bursting with a specific country and earthy charm. Rustic bathroom includes usage of a exposed wood beams, copper bathroom appliances and natural stacked stone wall. The rustic bathroom is a perfect choice for people who want to experience the freshness and coziness of a barn bathroom their own home. Below, you can check a list of what we think as most inspiring and cool rustic bathroom design ideas, which could serve as an inspiration for your bathroom. Enjoy!

Airy Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: Style at Home

The plain white wall with a wide window in the middle which is the source of the natural sunlight and the airy character, strikes between rustic wood ceiling with exposed beams and granite floor tiles with noisy surface and add a smart scale in the rustic modern outlook of the bathroom.

Amazing Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: Hgtv

The rustic wood panels positioned vertical along with the raw stone vanity with built in wood drawers with noisy structure and the stand alone stone sink create a truly dynamic and provocative ambiance in the merely rustic bathroom. The pendant scones in between the framed mirror introduce warm and cozy character to the bathroom.

Beautiful Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: AD

Laminate wood paneled walls, uneven granite floor tiles and raw stone sink are the three ingredients for creating a dazzling rustic bathroom. This bathroom reflects warm, fresh and vibrant ambiance due to the different nature of the materials which provide the place with different energies and yet mixed together complete one balanced and relaxed vibe to this bathroom.

Bright Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: Markd Sikes

Here is another example of a perfect blend of rustic coziness and airy freshness due to the unfinished oak wood panels that add the rustic note in the place and the overall white color scheme. We love how the bathroom space is maximized and the appliances are positioned on a ceramic platform which gives more presence and bold appearance to the place.

Captivating Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: One Kind Design

This rustic bathroom at first glance maybe look gloomy and serious, but if you look deeper you can notice a specific freshness that comes from the stone sink placed on a dark walnut wooden vanity with uneven texture and highly rustic appearance. This rustic bathroom holds a specific intriguing and sensual appearance.

Cool Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: Decoholic

Plain white bathroom with coat painted wood panels and raw stone bathroom vanity with an accent steel legs and wooden worktop is surely the main charmer in this breezy interior. The main accent here of course goes to the accent mirror with rustic white wood panel.

Dazzling Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: Choice Vacuum

The bare concrete wall works for a distinctive and bit of an industrial appearance in this bathroom interior and yet the wooden paneled vanity that is placed on the center of the bathroom creates the rustic charm in the place followed by the natural sunlight that comes from the glass wall.

Industrial Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: Decoholic

This bathroom also has a blend of industrial, vintage and rustic and looks totally adorable and pleasant. The black claw-foot tub placed in the corner of the bathroom with oval shower curtain breaks through the overall white appearance of the natural stone wall. The tall structure of the walls gives an advanced architectural value to the place and accents the wooden paneled ceiling that brings the rustic charm in the place.

Charming Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: 66us

This white bathroom looks super charming and adorable due to the overall simple layout and usage of natural rustic materials such as the unfinished frame of the giant mirror. The wood panel beneath the mirror creates an interesting and charming appearance in the place.

Cozy Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: AD

This bathroom rather looks like a living room with a bathtub. The double vanity set positioned in between a giant window creates a nice visual symmetry of the place. The standalone tub placed in the center of the bathroom is surely the main charmer in the place and provide the place with bold statement.

Incredible Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: Elle Decor

This rustic bathroom is positioned in the attic according to the structure of the ceiling walls. The uneven texture of the natural stone wall creates a breezy and rustic setting in the utterly light and relaxing, rustic bathroom

Splendid Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: Nossdrift

We love the chic and bold element in this totally awesome rustic bathroom with distinctive elegance. This is by the way a wining bathroom design, and you can obviously assume why. The chandelier in combination with the painted copper tub, rustic wood panel and painted brick wall creates truly dazzling ambiance in the bathroom interior.

Serene Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: Adwhole

The round window breaking through the plain white walls, striking with natural sunlight gives an interesting appearance to the bathroom. The wood beam with rustic nature separates the wall from the ceiling and creates a nice contrasting effect providing this bathroom with amazing rustic appearance.

Modern Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: Design Rulz

This rustic bathroom has a really modern and sleek appearance due to the contemporary rectangular bathtub with extremely sleek design. The overall appearance of the bathroom is sleek with a cool rustic impurity.

Small Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: House To Home

We love the combination of bold natural stone with uneven nature and the rustic wood floor with a matching shade, it provides the place with nice visual symmetry.

Modern Rustic Bathroom

Image Source: Remals

This rustic bathroom looks utterly chic and warm. The brick walls create a nice warm foundation in the place and add the cozy rustic note and the stand alone bathtub with a rustic surface add modern and contemporary feel in the place.