15 Stylish and Cozy Small Bathroom Designs

15 Stylish and Cozy Small Bathroom Designs

Not all of us have the luck and possibilities to live in spacious homes, and to decorate just the exact way we would like them to be decorated. But there is no need to worry, cause nowadays there are millions of styling possibilities for interiors with small proportions, so that you get not just practical use of the space given, but to make it look stylish and nice. When it comes to decorating small bathrooms, it is a real challenge to fit all those bathroom sanitary ware, furniture and accessories in a small space, so a well planed bathroom layout is essential. There are also some smart tips you should follow, for example using bright colors to visually enlarge the space and placing the storage in unused spots for maximum use of space. Anyways, with a good layout and a little imagination, your super-small bathroom can look just amazing, and will be cozy and practical at the same time. We gathered some really stylish and cool super-small bathroom designs in various different styles, so feel free to check them out and to make yourself sure, that even a small space can look that good. Read on and enjoy!

Lovely Small Bathroom

Image Source: Digs Digs

This lovely bathroom is a combination of marble, tiles and wooden floor, in a bright color palette, and displays a cozy, inviting appearance and a maximum use of space.

All White Small Bathroom

Image Source: Digs Digs

Using all white in your small bathroom is an absolute guess since it will visually enlarge the space and plus, it will add a fresh, sleek and serene appeal in it. This delicate white bathroom is a really amazing example of that theory.

Illuminate Small Bathroom

mage Source: Digs Digs

The neutral color palette used in this modern contemporary bathroom is livened up through the grass green details and together they create a really natural, cozy and lovely ambiance. The lights add a illuminate effect and make the space shine.

Contemporary Small Bathroom

Image Source: Cuded

The zen ambiance in this bathroom is due to the round contemporary sanity wares and the calm and tranquil effect of the candles. Small, but perfectly used space.

Charming Small Bathroom

Image Source: Digs Digs

This is one super-small all white bathroom that radiates and charms with such an incredible character, due to the adorable coastal accessories and the submarine round window. We are mesmerized!

Stylish Small Bathroom

Image Source: Digs Digs

An incredibly stylish bathroom that wows and displays a sleek, glamour and sophistication in such a small space.

Super Modern Small Bathroom

Image Source: Digs Digs

The straight clean lines and the tranquil two toned color palette create an incredibly elegant ambiance in this small bathroom. The gorgeous texture of the tiles adds such a distinctive character and charm to the space.

Black & White Small Bathroom

Image Source: Digs Digs

Simple black and white color palette, livened up with some smartly inserted fresh green accessories and of course practical use of space is more than enough for a clean and sleek appearance of your bathroom design.

Modern Contemporary Small Bathroom

Image Source: Cuded

Amazingly vivacious and perky design of a incredibly small bathroom that looks just about amazing. The fresh lime color and the round mirrors, tiles, sink and the storage create a really charming and dynamic atmosphere in here.

Adorable Chic Small Bathroom

Image Source: Art Symphony

This small bathroom is so adorably charming, we are melting. Such a chic and delicate ambiance, with lovely pastel colored details and a peach patterned wallpaper for an absolute cozy and functional space as an end result.

Fresh Small Bathroom

Image Source: Cuded

Such a fresh and cozy atmosphere in this tiny bathroom. All white design with pops of color apparently work just perfect in creating a charming and lovely ambiance in the bathroom.

Neutral Small Bathroom

Image Source: Cuded

Incredibly warm appeal of a bathroom, provided by the natural wood sanity wares and the neutral color scheme. The vibrant pattern of the tiles in the shower contribute to the synamic of the spot.

Sleek Small Bathroom

Image Source: Cenozoico

Monochrome color palette and basic, tiny sanity wares and minimalist accessories create a clean and simple, but gorgeous look of a small bathroom design.

Vintage Small Bathroom

Image Source: Cuded

This is one amazing bathroom in an industrial style with a superb vintage twist. A great example of how a bathroom can be decorated with character and certain style, even if it’s very tiny.

Warm Small Bathroom

Image Source: Cuded

Warm and cozy look of a creamy white bathroom with natural wooden accessories. Looks and feels really comfortable and pleasant.