15 Toilet Covers and Rugs for the Bathroom

15 Toilet Covers and Rugs for the Bathroom

In interior design, we are offered countless of options on what we can possibly do in one room. In the bathroom, for example, we can change up the shower curtains and even the toilet seats, covers and foot rugs. Designing is a way of expressing ourselves. It is also a way of making us feel comfortable in the room and places where we move around. Toilet covers and rugs not only serve as designs but they also help prevent slipping. As much as possible, we want to keep our bathrooms dry, but just to make sure that children and even you don’t slip, foot rugs will definitely serve that purpose. As for the toilet covers, they add beauty to a very simple toilet seat. They make it look beautiful despite the thought that everything dirty goes inside it. Well, you get the point. Here are different designs for toilet covers, toilet seat covers and foot rugs that you may find interesting.

Blue Bathroom Set

 Image Source: Amazon

This Blue bathroom set from Amazon definitely looks great when placed on a white toilet seat, which most of us have. It simply looks clean and cool to the eyes.

Blue Crocheted Toilet Cover Set

 Image Source: Luulla

For the out of the ordinary design, you can go for crocheted covers. They look more artistic and also very feminine.

Cute and Feminine Lace Potty Set for Girls

 Image Source: Aliexpress

Little girls should be treated like princesses. They are very fragile gifts that should be taken care of. Get these pieces and your daughter is sure to sit in royalty.

Dog Toilet Cover and Rug

 Image Source: Amazon

There are different kinds of designs that will fit every one’s personality and even interests. If you love dogs, you can get this Dog Toilet Cover and Rug which you can also avail at Amazon.

Grumpy Man Toilet Seat Cover and Rug

 Image Source: Imgur

Add some humor for your guests and for your family by using this Grumpy Man Toilet Seat Cover and Rug. It’s as though the man is about to get angry smelling some stink for the nth time., but he has no choice anyway.

Jewel Shell Toilet Seat

 Image Source: Touch of Class

This Jewel Shell Toilet Seat looks wonderful and unique. You can install this on your toilet for some added comfort and style while you’re doing your thing.

Kitty Kitten Cat Toilet Seat Cover and Rug

 Image Source: Etsy

If there’s a design for the dog lovers, of course, there would always be a design for the cat lovers. So for the cat lovers out there who find staring at a cat so irresistible, this design is for you.

Leopard Toilet Seat Cover

 Image Source: Touch of Class

If you are Ms. Posh and would love to mix and match solids to prints, well, this toilet and toilet seat cover is perfect for you. The toilet itself is in bronze which definitely matches the leopard prints.

Pink Orange Heart Toilet Seat Set

 Image Source: Etsy

When you feel like love is always in the air and in the bathroom or you just love pink and shades of it, this toilet seat cover is the perfect thing for you.

Pink Snoopy Toilet Set

Make your bathroom look more fun and child-friendly with this Pink Snoopy Toilet Set. We think most children know and love Snoopy!

Seashell Toilet Seat Cover Set

 Image Source: Etsy

The beach and the ocean do not only have to be things of the summer, you can bring that summer feeling inside your home and into your bathroom with this Seashell Toilet Seat Cover Set.

Smiley Face Toilet Seat Cover Set

 Image Source: Etsy

With more hearts on this design from Etsy, this time we have friendlier hearts to also make you smile before you take a pee, because it simply is cute!

Snowman Toilet Cover and Rug

 Image Source: Amazon

Change up your toilet covers in time for the holidays with this Snowman Toilet Cover and Rug

Two Colored Crochet Toilet Cover Set

 Image Source: Luulla

Earlier we saw some crocheted material with a solid color but remember that to add some texture, you can also add some colors just like this cover from Luulla.

Zebra Toilet Seat Cover

 Image Source: Etsy

From the leopard print that you have seen earlier, this Zebra print also adds some texture to the room. It looks neat in whatever bathroom color or theme.