15 Whimsical Eclectic Bathroom Design Ideas

15 Whimsical Eclectic Bathroom Design Ideas

Although, we have already discussed the Eclectic as an archetype and a specific style of decorating the interior, we will try to once again honor and get back to the essentials of the Eclectic style. The Eclectic style can be best described as a specter of different styles applied in one room and managed to complete one specific appearance. The eclectic style applied in the bathroom can be realized in a different ways of decorating. However Eclectic decorated bathroom may look super bold, unique and modern. Due to the functional and sort of sterilized setting of the bathroom, the eclectic style of decorating the bathroom interior may play a major role in providing the place with a specific bold concept and dramatic character. In case you were planning to remodel your bathroom, or you were looking for a specific style for your new bathroom, you are in luck today. Below you can check a showcase of 15 Eclectic Bathroom design ideas that could serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Bohemian Eclectic Bathroom

Image Source: Lonny

This is a refreshing and unusual bathroom, that you are not about to see in every traditional home. That is because this vivacious and ecstatic bathroom is decorated with Eclectic style. The green wooden floor contrasting the warm purple walls along with painted red bath tub with floral pattern has created a super Eclectic outlook of this beautiful and vibrant bathroom.

Bold Eclectic Bathroom in the Attic

Image Source: Lonny

A bathroom with music sheets as wallpaper is not something that every bathroom can pull off. But anyway, this bold Eclectic bathroom has surely managed to pull off the music sheet wallpaper along with the dark wooden beams in the attic. This bathroom has a super distinctive and unique decor with a recognizable Eclectic signature.

Chic Eclectic Bathroom

Image Source: Lolo Modern

This bathroom is decorated in a subtle and yet bold Eclectic way. The orange zebra print area rug matching the comfortable chair sets up a bright and vibrant ambience in the white bathroom. The books placed as a decorative element along with the oversized gold wall artwork provide this bathroom with distinctive and Eclectic character.

Distinctive Eclectic Bathroom

Image Source: Spearmint Decor

This bathroom with a simple setting and a subtle decorative panel has matched the perfect decorative elements in order to attain an Eclectic and bold appearance. The bronze bathtub stands out in the bathroom and acts as a striking complement to the place and yet the green armchair and the distinctive artwork on the wall provide the place with artistic and modern eclectic feel.

Eclectic Chic Bathroom with Artwork

Image Source: Angel Dormer

The framed slate artworks on the wall along with the monogramed towel provide this bathroom with classy eclectic appearance. The pale blue walls contrasting the white ceramic tiles create a balanced and super modern and eclectic appearance of the bathroom.

Eclectic Bathroom with striped walls

Image Source: Lonny

This bathroom has a different level of eclectic style. The wining point in this bathroom is the play with the various textures and colors such as the patterned floor along with a vibrant pink striped wall, velvety caramel tufted chair with colorful pillow and an ethnic red area rug as a focal point in the place. The combination of these elements with completely different nature has provided this bathroom with bold, dramatic and atounishligly modern eclectic character.

Eclectic Chic Bathroom

Image Source: Kohler

This bathroom is decorated in a subtle eclectic way. The hardwood floor along with the chandelier and the stand alone elegant bathtub provide the place with charming and sophisticated note, and yet the gallery wall placed on the grayish wallpaper along with suitcases as a decorative element and British flag rugs add the eclectic and quirky concept to the place.

Eclectic Modern Bathroom

Image Source: Halo Construction

This eclectic bathroom is decorated with influences of various styles. For instance the rustic unfinished bathroom cabinet adds a vintage and rustic note in the place. The geometric pale yellow rug along with the valued geometric ceiling light add the contemporary and modern note in the bathroom, and the natural color scheme adds the airy feel of the place. Therefore, this bathroom has attained an eclectic appearance with a mixture of many styles.

Fun Eclectic Bathroom

Image Source: gattox

The vintage modern stand alone bathtub with a navy blue color in combination with a map as a decorative element has provided this bathroom with cool and creative eclectic character. The pale colors of the walls and vanity indulge the dark color of the bathtub and creates a balanced and cool ambiance in this place.

Lively Eclectic Bathroom

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

This is a natural bathroom with an eclectic character. The sleek white stand alone bathtub in combination with the creative modern chair and distinctive bright artworks placed above the bathtub has provided this bathroom with beautiful, modern eclectic appearance.

Monochrome Eclectic Bathroom

Image Source: Design Labyrinth

A fireplace in the bathroom is not something that you an meet in every traditional bathroom. But this cool eclectic bathroom has managed to pull off a super creative appearance with a fireplace and luxury chandelier and attained a splendid and modern outlook.

Natural Eclectic Bathroom

Image Source: Scott Lyon & Company

The vibrant colors such as the green vanity and colorful framed mirror has provided this bathroom with an amazing and natural appearance with easy going and eclectic character. Beautiful and charming, eclectic bathroom.

Quirky Eclectic Bathroom

Image Source: Arbuckle Design

The polka dots floor along with the pale blue wall with a vibrant quirky artwork on the wall creates a distinctive and unique eclectic ambience in this bathroom. The plain walls are broke through with the colorful artwork and the wooden chair next to the bath tub has provided a vintage and cool note in the place.

Serene EclecticBathroom

Image Source: From Moon To Moon

The monochrome appearance of pale pink along with the rustic stone and wood materials that has been used in this super serene bathroom has managed to provide the bathroom with eclectic and charming appearance.

Vivacious Eclectic Bathroom

Image Source:Lisa McGee

The country inspired floral wallpaper contrasting the star patterned floor and stand alone black bathtub has provided this bathroom with cool, warm and vibrant eclectic appearance.

So do you think that eclectic style is perfect for your bathroom? Which of these designs do you like the most?