15 Wonderful Themed Shower Curtains for Kid’s Bathroom

15 Wonderful Themed Shower Curtains for Kid’s Bathroom

When kid’s are in the bathroom, it can be one hell of an adventure. To him it could be like playing in a pool of water or under the rain. There are many ways through which you can make your bathroom interesting for your kids so that bath time doesn’t have to be a “running around in circles” before you catch him and give him a bath. Instead, make your shower room or your bathroom look really fun and interesting so that he would voluntarily want to take a bath and that would put a smile in your face. One of the things that would definitely catch the eye of your child would be the shower curtain because it hangs down in there and with the right kind of design, it would definitely catch their eye. Here are some wonderful themed shower curtains that can make your shower room interesting.

Adorable and Cozy Vinyl Shower Curtains

 Image source: Afandar

Charm your little girl with these wonderful floral curtains from Afandar. These curtains will definitely look good in a white bathroom.

Beautiful Birds and a Tree Shower Curtain Design

 Image source: Come Together Kids

Make bath time like a walk in the park with your kiddo by designing your tub area with this colorful painted shower curtain design.

Blue Bell Gray Abstract Shower Curtain

 Image source: John Lewis

This Blue Bell Gray Abstract Shower Curtain can match a whole lot of colors inside your bathroom. It looks very artistic and plain abstract.

Cheerful And Marvelous Blue Kids Bathroom With Fish Themed Rug And Curtains

 Image source: Get Type

Bathing your child should be fun! Make him feel like he is together with his fish friends with this Fish Themed Rug and Curtains.

Chic Polka Dotted Shower Curtains

 Image source: Afandar

Make your teenager’s bathroom look chic with this awesome polka-dotted shower curtain from Afandar.

Colorful Painted Kid’s Shower Curtain

 Image source: Catalogs Home Decor

For more artsy fartsy fun in the bathroom, design your bathroom with this Colorful Painted Kid’s Shower Curtain. You might even have your child trace the shower curtains as if he is drawing.

Colorful Separate Shower Curtain

 Image source: Ikea

This Colorful Separate Shower Curtain is a colorful addition for kids or for teenagers. It is easier to use because there are two sides.

Colorful Underwater Fish Shower Curtain

 Image source: Amazon

This Colorful Underwater Fish Shower Curtain is also a nice way to keep your kiddo steady while taking a bath. Just let him identify the fishes and make him look for Nemo even if he’s not really there. By then, you’re already done giving him a bath.

Cool, Unique and Colorful Shower Curtains

 Image source: Unique Home Review

This Cool, Unique and Colorful Shower Curtains is a fun way to design and teach your children about giraffes. Introduce him to different kinds of animals while giving him a bath.

Girls Color Explosion Shower Curtain

 Image source: Monster High

You can even have those shower curtains personalized with the names of your kids and in a design that they like the most. This Girls Color Explosion Shower Curtain will make bathing more fun with your child’s siblings.

Jungle Animals Purple and Orange Shower Curtain

 Image source: Mom Toob

Teach your children about Jungle animals with this purple and orange shower curtain. You can also match the color of the towels with the curtains just for the heck of it.

Stella Pink Princess Shower Curtain

 Image source: Amazon

For your teenagers, these colorful flowers would add a feminine look to their bathrooms. It is not too childish and is the perfect thing for the “almost women”.

Three Snowmen Shower Curtain Design

 Image source: Amazon

These three snowmen are a fun way to set up a curtain in your kid’s bathroom for the winter. He would love to dip in the tub because this curtain and rug will definitely give him chills.

Under the Sea Shower Curtain

Image source: Kmart

You have probably seen this design from one of your windows computer. It looks so realistic and would look nicely in any kind of bathroom.

Unique Shower Curtain in Purple and Pink

 Image source: Nexpeditor

For a very feminine and girlish bathroom, this Unique Shower Curtain in Purple and Pink is perfect piece or your bathroom.