15 Wondrous Victorian Bathroom Design Ideas

15 Wondrous Victorian Bathroom Design Ideas

Period-Perfect bathrooms is a great idea for those who strive to add drama and dazzling ambiance in the bathroom, foremost for those who tend to avoid a regular and formal bathroom. Today we decided to feature a specific turn of the century bathrooms, that regardless how old still has an immense presence and influence in decorating a captivating bathroom: The Victorian Styled Bathroom. Victorian theme in the bathroom is perfect for creating a blend of classy appearance and relaxed ambiance in the interior, featuring neutral colors, stand alone bathtubs and distinctive decorative elements. The Victorian theme can be a revival for your old bathroom and perfect excuse for a remodeling, especially if you are a fan of this nobble era. Anyway, we collected an inspiring showcase of 15 Wondrous Victorian Bathroom Design Ideas that could motivate you and provide you with some ideas. Check them out!

Beautiful Victorian Bathroom

Image Source: The Perfect Bath

The white and black accent floor is subtly complementing the black framed arched decorative mirror that along with the classy chandelier are screaming Victorian style in this beautiful bathroom interior. The rustic-vintage chair and table bring warmth and soothe the coldness that comes from the contemporary white bathtub.

Bold Victorian Bathroom

Image Source: Soft&Chic

Here is a great archetype of a Typical Victorian Bathroom, and its quite magnificent. The high contrast that are captivated by the fierce black accent mirror and the splendid chandelier on a plain white foundation are ingeniously broken through with the colorful stained window that brings the Victorian style to another level.

Chic Victorian Bathroom

Image Source: Calling Sacramento

This amazing bathroom is a blend of Art Deco and Victorian style incorporated in an inspiring and captivating mix of boldness and dramatic appearance. The bathroom sinks are obviously the Victorian signature of the interior followed up with the white and black mosaic floor and the stand alone tub positioned at the center of the bathroom which adds the very bold and modern note of the interior.

Classic Victorian Bathroom

Image Source: This Old House

The overall appearance of this high-end Victorian bathroom is awe-inspiring and super distinctive. The decorative spectrum of ethnic area rug on a mosaic black and white floor and curvy side table next to a contemporary bathtub has elaborate a modern and inspiring Victorian styled appearance of the interior.

Creamy Victorian Bathroom

Image Source: The Perfect Bath

The overall creamy and soft appearance of this Victorian bathroom is slightly broken through with the super bold and captivating silver metallic tub that strikes as a focal point and main charmer in the utterly opulent and beautiful Victorian bathroom.

Dramatic Victorian Bathroom

Image Source: House to Home

The collaboration between chic and Victorian in this outstandingly beautiful and sophisticated bathroom is stunning. The combination of the accent gold decorative mirror and the silver claw foot tub with the animal print rug creates an interesting blend of texture, materials and colors which brings the bold and enchanting appearance of the interior.

Gold and Teal Victorian Bathroom

Image Source: Interiorholic

Exceptionally Stunning! The overall appearance of this magnificent bathroom with Victorian revival style is utterly distinctive and sophisticated. We love how the gold accent mirror stands out magnificently on the antique teal floral wallpaper and how the white clawfoot tub soothes the interior, providing it with soft and bright vibe.

Luxurious Victorian Bathroom

Image Source: Decorpad

The chandelier stands out gorgeously in this chic Victorian bathroom and strikes through the gorgeous whiteness and traditional setting of the Victorian bathroom. Simply Astonishing!

Modern Victorian Styled Bathroom

Image Source: House To Home

The matching color of the painted claw foot bathtub and the wood paneling introduce color in the sophisticated Victorian bathroom. The antique white chair brings Victorian feel in the place and sublime the outstanding and magnificent outlook.

Narrow Victorian Bathroom

Image Source: Houzz

The light dimnish blue in combination with the chandelier and classy furnishing made this bathroom a perfect archetype of a truly authentic and beautiful Victorian Styled Bathroom. Hats off to the designer!

Peach Victorian Bathroom

Image Source: Houzz

Wow! So authentic and classy, right? The artsy mural stands out and provides a bold Victorian statement in the overall peach colored bathroom with super elegant and splendid appearance.

Silver Metallic Victorian Bathroom

Image Source: Cape Quarter

This is a really bold and distinctive example of how can you create a magnificent Victorian Bathroom by matching the right colors and materials such as the silver metallic bathtub and the floral beige wallpaper that brings texture and sophistication in the sleek and beautiful bathroom.

Teal Blue Victorian Bathroom

Image Source: Locality Online

The vintage long armchair along with the pastel blue claw foot bathtub placed on a rustic white wood floor create truly Victorian appearance in the utterly charming bathroom.

Traditional Victorian Bathroom

Image Source: House to Home

Wow! How mystique and authentic, right? – The beige wallpaper with floral motif along with the white marble bathroom furnishings and the glass stained window have work their way in creating a super authenticity and beautiful Victorian Bathroom.

Victorian Bathroom in the Attic

Image Source: Right Move

A Victorian theme applied in the attic add to its value and distinctive appearance. The small space is completely optimized and perfectly utilized with a copper painted bathtub, wood framed accent mirror and interesting beams that add natural and cozy into the classy and Victorian setting.