20 Bathroom Design Ideas to inspire you

20 Bathroom Design Ideas to inspire you

The design of your bathroom will have a major impact on the ambiance and energy that is going to prevail in the same. People often are confused in terms of choosing the right style for the bathroom. The bathroom space should be maximized in order to create functionality in the place. Anyways, the design of the bathroom may have a major impact on your mood and therefore it has to be compatible with your style and energy. The major priority when creating a bathroom is the functionality of the place, but when you’ll decide on the style and design, the functionality will adapt itself. In case you are lacking ideas of bathroom design, consider yourself lucky, because we decided to provide you with an ample source of bathroom design ideas. Enjoy in the showcase and embrace the new ideas.

Adorable Quirky Bathroom

Image Source: Jon Day

The style of this specific bathroom is hard to define as one, since is a mix of an elegant, quirky and vintage style. However the ambiance of this vibrant bathroom is vibrant and unique, the variety of ecstatic colors and lively patterns provide the place with a charming and unique note. Bathroom design like this one is perfect for daring, unique people with imaginative and free spirit.

Contemporary Bathroom

Image Source: Simon Whitmore

A contemporary bathroom is a fit for dynamic, modern people who enjoy in sleek elegance. Contemporary bathroom with a black tiles, marble glass shower and oak wood floor tiles is a perfect combination for reflecting a dynamic and vibrant energy. The ambiance in this bathroom is sleek and powerful and a perfect for people with sophisticated taste and dynamic tempo of living.

Cool Industrial Bathroom

Image Source: David Parmiter

The industrial design of the bathroom is perfect for easy-going cool people who enjoy in minimalist and yet artistic usage of the space. From this example of cool industrial bathroom, you can notice the loose and light ambiance that prevails in this bathroom.

Cottage-chic bathroom

Image Source:  Trevor Richards

Cottage inspired bathroom is a perfect fit for the people of nature. The cottage inspired bathroom includes a light, pastel colors and a variety of floral and patchwork patterns. This design of a bathroom reflects relaxing and lively ambiance .

Eclectic Bathroom

Image Source: Armelle Habib

People with distinctive taste, and interest of art should go for an eclectic- cool bathroom like this one on the picture. The secret of creating an eclectic bathroom is using cool and unique elements , for instance top hats shaped ceiling light. The ambiance of an eclectic bathroom most often is radiant, cool and friendly.

Elegant Bathroom

Image Source: Alicia Taylor

If you enjoy sleek and sophisticated things then you are a perfect fit for an elegant setting of the bathroom. An elegant bathroom has a sleek and clean appearance and is often decorated with luxurious and elegant decorative elements, for instance in this example the marble oval bathtub.

Fresh Coastal Bathroom

Image Source: Trevor Richards

A bathroom that reflects clean and fresh energy, decorated with sea inspired elements and colored with vibrant blue and white pain is also known as coastal bathroom. This kind of a bathroom design is perfect for you if you want to create refreshing and friendly ambiance in your bathroom.

Glam Chic Bathroom

Image Source: House to Home

For fashionable people who enjoy in leisure and classy living , this kind of bathroom decor is a perfect fit. A bold sensual color of the tiles, dazzling chandelier and modern bathtub is the formula for creating a glam chic bathroom design.

Industrial vintage bathroom

Image Source: James Merrell

This is another example of an industrial design of a bathroom, but in this case this bathroom has industrial and vintage setting. The vintage French posters on the wall are the essence of the vintage note and the big, rough ceiling light is the industrial note of this bathroom.

Kitsch modern white bathroom

Image Source: James Merrell

The kitsch design is a rare choice for most of the people, since being a bit of aesthetically odd and inconvenient setting of the bathroom. But Anyways, if you enjoy in quirky and daring style then this may be the perfect fir for your bathroom.

Luxurious -Avant- garde Bathroom

Image Source: James Merrell

A bathroom with a floral and striped wallpaper, grandiose curtain drapes and elegant, sleek bathtub is surely a French inspired bathroom with an Avant-garde touch. If you are passionate for high end and couture fashion style, then this is the perfect design for your bathroom.

Minimalist bathroom

Image Source: Mark Luscombe-Whyte

Minimalist bathroom with Zen ambiance is perfect for people who enjoy the Spa and want to integrate the Hammam style in their bathroom.

Modern Earthy Bathroom

Image Source: Mark Luscombe-White

The earthy, monochrome ambience in the bathroom is perfect for people who enjoy the sleek ambiance and rustic, natural touch in the bathroom. This bathroom radiates warm and natural energy with calming and relaxing vibrations.

Country Inspired Bathroom

Image Source: Colin Poole

A floral pattern in combination with a wooden framed mirror and vintage bathtub is merely the recipe for creating a country appeal of your bathroom.

Natural Airy Bathroom

Image Source: Mark Luscombe-Whyte

Bathroom with white as the main color and walnut wooden furniture will reflect pure, clean and refreshing energy. People who enjoy the natural and sleek ambiance are a perfect fit for this bathroom design.

Neutral Airy Bathroom

Image Source: Benedicte Ausset

The minimalist setting in combination with the pastel cozy yellow paint color creates an airy and natural ambiance in the bathroom. If you want to attain a calm and relaxing ambiance in the bathroom, you should employ this design .

Romantic Vintage Bathroom

Image Source: Tim Young

The vintage design of the bathroom often reflects a perky and lively ambiance, decorated with rustic decorative elements and neutral white tones, this style is eternal and never out of fashion.

Rustic- Eclectic Bathroom

Image Source: Paul Massey

People with distinctive taste will enjoy a bathroom like this. A rustic setting with an artistic note is a definition for creating an eclectic and rustic bathroom.

Sophisticated Nautical Bathroom

Image Source: Matthew Williams

The natural material and warm earthy colors are the main elements of a nautical bathroom. This kind of a bathroom design reflects the calm and warm energy and it is perfect for adventurous people who love the sea.

Vibrant Girly Bathroom

Image Source: Jeremy Baile

A variety of colors and lively patterns are a formula for creating a girly and chic bathroom. This kind of a bathroom design reflects lively and adorable energy.

The bathroom design that you choose, will determine the energy that is going to prevail in the place. Therefore, choose wisely. See more bathroom ideas on Basic Designing Tips for your Bathroom.