20 Bold Black Bathroom Design Ideas

20 Bold Black Bathroom Design Ideas

Naturally, when you are choosing a specific color scheme for the bathroom or choosing a specific color of the bathroom tiles the black color is the last that crosses your mind, and it’s quite understandable because of the specific dark nature of this color. Anyway, if you are one of the people who enjoy in bold and daring setting of the interior, then why not choose black as a dominant color in your bathroom. You will be surprised how good and modern black acts in the bathroom, it provides the place with super sensual and unique appearance. Black bathroom can utterly reflect dynamic and sometimes moody ambiance, but that is all a matter of furnishing. Anyhow, we have selected the 20 most inspiring and bold black bathrooms that could give you the idea and inspire you. Enjoy!

Artistic Black Bathroom

Image Source: Elle Decor

The gallery wall with a bright and colorful artwork on a pitch black wall looks really astonishing and modern. The traditional setting of this bathroom is break through with the bold and super dramatic black walls that entirely change the concept and appearance of this place.

Black Bathroom with Steel Bathtub

Image Source: Bhg

The stand alone steel bathtub surely is a bold enough to stand out in the bathroom no matter of the color scheme, but anyway contrasting withe the black wall the bathtub has provided this distinctive bathroom with super contemporary and dramatic feel and sublime the dazzling overall appearance of the place.

Black Bathroom with Wooden Tub

Image Source: Playavik

It is a really daring and bold move to choose black as a main and only color for the bathroom, however the wooden bathtub sure soothes the heaviness and moody ambiance from the excessive black and provides the bathroom interior with relaxing and sensual feel.

Bold Black Bathroom

Image Source: Fantini

This bathroom is surely unique and bold if not anything, the noisy texture of the wide black bath tiles adds a nice visual effect and prevent the place of being too dark and heavy. The appliances in this bathroom are as well distinctive and super contemporary adding a modern and unique charm in the place.

Chic Black Bathroom

Image Source: Kristin Hobostad

The designer of this pitch black bathroom has achieved super chic and a bit of eclectic outlook by mixing bright orange accent with a black foundation. The orange ceiling pendants add a special charm in the place and break through the monotone black appearance, and the round mirror accents the elegant and sophisticated concept of the place.

Contemporary Black Bathroom

Image Source: Home Design

Even though this is not entirely black bathroom like the above examples, it is black enough to take place in this showcase. The white appliances strike on the black wall and soothe the heaviness and moody appearance of the place and provide the place with contemporary and dynamic appearance.

Daring Black Bathroom

Image Source: Homesthics

Black in a black is the concept of this super daring and bold bathroom with black contemporary bathtub. The monochrome appearance of this pitch black bathroom is a bit moody and dark, but if you are into distinctive and unique interior this a superb idea.

Dark Black Bathroom

Image Source: Sort a Decor

The black bathroom tiles in this bathroom create modern and super bold. The minimalist setting goes perfectly with the black color and the built in shelve adds a great architectural effect of the place and sublime the overall appearance of contemporary and modern bathroom.

Dramatic Black bathroom

Image Source: Rushrm

Black color and luxury are the main focal point of this super elegant and classy bathroom. The black usually goes with splendid items such as crystal chandelier or metal appliances. The furniture arrangement in this bathroom is spacious and also bold. The textured bath tiles add a visual effect and provide the place with noisy and modern feel.

Eclectic Black Bathroom

Image Source: Mark Dsikes

How classy is this black heaven, right? Notice how the white polka dots strike over the pitch black wall and soothe the heavy and dark appearance of the place. The elegant setting adapts with the color scheme and the usage of wood paneling was perfect for creating an sophisticated black bathroom.

Elegant Black Bathroom

Image Source: Architecture Art Design

We love the easiness of this black bathroom. The black statement wall in combination with natural wooden floor creates a balanced and natural appearance and the classy chandelier along with the golden framed mirror set up the chic setting, while the black shag rug adds a soft texture and sublime the overall appearance of modern chic bathroom.

Industrial Chic Black Bathroom

Image Source: Style at Home

The bold blend of black subway tiles and red clawfoot bathtub creates a chic and modern ambiance in this bathroom, while the patterned carpet and chandelier set up the classy and elegant feel of this amazing black bathroom with distinctive style.

Mosaic Black Bathroom

Image Source:Hgtv

Black mosaic bathroom tiles have provided this bathroom with contemporary and modern visual effect and replenish the minimalist setting. The two accent mirrors stand out and act as a striking complement to the black tiles, adding a classy and elegant feel in the place.

Noisy Black Bathroom

Image Source: Homedsgn

The white noise in this black bathroom creates a dynamic and modern ambiance, along with the glossy nature of the bathroom tiles. The white framed mirrors not only work as a striking complement and focal point, but also create a great contrasting effect and soothe down the dark appearance of the place.

Quirky Black Bathroom

Image Source: Maven Collection

Selection of a rustic hardwood and stand alone rolled black tub along with a rustic gold shower above the bathtub is what created the super distinctive and bold appearance of this narrow black bathroom with sophisticated and charming nature.

Relaxing Black Bathroom

Image Source: Dornbracht

The statement green wallpaper really work its way to soothe down the dark and moody ambiance that is given from the black color and provide this bathroom with natural and exotic appearance.

Striped Black Bathroom

Image Source: Decorpad

Black striped wallpaper is a perfect element for creating a contemporary and chic bathroom with distinctive nature. The black stripes act as a main charmer in this place and provide the bathroom with classy and sophisticated appearance.

Stylish Black Bathroom

Image Source: ImageToss

The walnut wood floor is balancing the pitch black walls and adds a warm and natural note in this bathroom. The glass shower enclosure totally adapts in the whole contemporary and sleek concept of this bold black bathroom.

Bold Black Bathroom

Image Source: Asucssi

This is a really interesting selection of bold color and natural materials. The oak hardwood is balancing the black walls and open up the place along with the interesting white ceiling pendants that acts as an interesting striking complement of this bathroom.

Wood Paneled Black Bathroom

Image Source: Hgtv

Black wooden panel in combination with a contemporary stand alone tub and a vintage chandelier provide this bathroom with the complete appearance of super elegant and sophisticated.