20 Extremely Refreshing Blue Bathroom Designs

20 Extremely Refreshing Blue Bathroom Designs

We have discussed many times how big a role has a color palette in the interior in terms of determining the further energy, ambience and style of the place. When creating or remodeling a bathroom, one thing should be your immense priority: creating a fresh outlook. The nature of the bathroom demands a clean and sleek appearance of the same, so the color can really help in that cause. Therefore, when you think of fresh and relaxing things in nature, you can assume that they are in blue color. Blue is a color that naturally reflects a fresh, clean and calm energy and is an appropriate color for creating a modern and contemporary appearance of the bathroom. Therefore, if you find yourself standing in a plain white bathroom and wondering what color can change its appearance, here is an idea: bring a splash of blue wave of freshness in your bathroom. Below you can check 20awesomely fresh blue bathroom design which could inspire and motivate you. Enjoy!

Adorable Blue Bath

Image Source: This Old House

The designer of this bathroom has played the mix matching game of blue an white in a really ingenious and outstanding way. The arrangement of vibrant blue walls framed with white paneling in combination with chest, blue and white floor creates an amazing visual effect and super fresh and modern appearance of this bathroom.

Blue Chest Floor Bathroom

Image Source: House To Home

The profound and extremely sophisticated appearance of this bathroom is due to the perfect arrangement of the sea blue shade and white foundation. This bathroom is radiating pure and clean, refreshing ambiance and the chest, blue floor acts as a striking complement to the place.

Bold Blue Bathroom

Image Source: Jeffisan

This distinctive bathroom is on the curve of being bold and dramatic to being quirky and kitsch. The combination of blue shades mosaic with the distinctive patterned blue tiles creates a deep and avant garde setting in the place. The variety of blue shades and bold textures and patterns have provided this bathroom with dramatic and modern character.

Chic Blue Bathroom

Image Source: Little Greene

This is a bathroom that can be anything that you want it to be: fresh, modern, contemporary and simple. The contrasting effect of the vibrant blue shade with the black chest floor creates a bold and modern appearance of the bathroom. Additionally, the wide window in the middle works for providing this place with natural sunlight and adds a charming note to its overall outlook.

Coastal Blue Bath

Image Source: Hgtv

Coastal theme of the bathroom goes perfectly with the blue color. As you can see from this bathroom design the blue coastal bathroom always reflects the loose and perky ambiance. The sea star framed mirror adds the lively and ecstatic note and balance the dominance of plain blue walls.

Contemporary and Fresh Blue Bath

Image Source: Erica Islas

The designer of this bathroom has really succeeded in the way of creating an extremely modern and extremely fresh blue bathroom. The incredibly refreshing shade of blue acts as a big wave of freshness in this cool and relaxing bathroom. The natural wood vanity soothes up the bathroom and adds the natural and warm accent in the place. Sheer awesomeness.

Deep Ocean Blue Bathroom

Image Source: House Beautiful 

If you tend to attain a sophisticated and yet loose ambiance in the bathroom, then this is an example that you should follow. The indigo blue walls contrasting the white wooden panels create a sophisticated and bold appearance of this amazing bathroom. The patterned floor tiles adds a creative texture in the place and provides it with ecstatic and visually advanced appearance.

Distinctive Rustic Blue Bathroom

Image Source: Boho Page

If you want to attain boho rustic and at the same time fresh appearance of your bathroom, just follow the design of this super bold blue bathroom. The rustic blue wooden panel provides the place with really unique and artistic feel and the turquoise shade creates a really astonishing and vibrant ambience in this bathroom.

Indigo Blue Bathroom

Image Source: Elle Decor

This is a great example of how sheer simplicity can radiate extreme beauty and advanced modern style. The narrow navy blue bathroom tiles create an amazing and powerful appearance of this extremely bold and cool bathroom.

Moroccan Blue Bathroom

Image Source: iliona1

How many minutes did you stare speechlessly at this awesome bathroom design? We guess a lot, and we cannot blame you, since this bathroom is without doubt modern masterpiece. The mix of Moroccan inspiration and blue bathroom tiles with appereance.

Mediterranean Blue Elegance

Image Source: House Beautiful 

The loose ambiance and fresh, modern appearance of this Elegant Bathroom is due to the blue and white combination. The vibrant and simple blue bathroom tiles in combination with the white valued cabinets provided this bath with elegant, loose and refreshing character.

Modern Dark Blue Bathroom

Image Sourcenxywwvz

The dark blue chest floor contrasting the dark blue walls has created the balanced and loose appearance of this bold and sensual blue bathroom. The funriutre arrangement and the overall arrangement of color and texture in this bathroom has provided with super modern and flawless outlook.

Modern Chic Turqouise Bath

Image Source: About

The soft and tender main note in this bathroom is irresistible. The textured turquoise tiles in combination with the usage of soft and shaggy materials and glass shower enclosure has provided this bathroom with serene and chic appearance.

Monochrome Blue Bathroom

Image Source: Khazuki

The deep and profound ambiance in this monochrome blue bathroom is simply amazing. The usage of one shade of two shades of blue and decorated with white accent is responsible for providing this bathroom with unique, bold and modern appearance.

Serene turquoise Bathroom

Image Source: Design Room Ideas

The turquoise blue shade in combination with the white bathroom vanity provided this bathroom with fresh and elegant appearance. This is a really simple and yet beautiful and fresh bathroom with sophisticated nature.

Sensual Blue Bathroom

Image Source: Brian Patrick Flynn

This small bathroom has an amazing airy and fresh appearance. The clawfoot tub as a focal point stands out and addapts perfectly in the serene blue color of the wall. The windows just add complementary sunlight and sublime the beauty of this simple and wonderful bathroom.

Soft Blue Bathroom

Image Source: This Old House

This is a really simple and really modern and fresh bathroom. The narrow blue bath tiles provide the place with outstanding and super contemporary ambiance.

Sophisticated and Natural Blue Bath

Image Source: Pladour Parquet Decoracion

This bathroom is radiating natural, warm and fresh energy due to the combination of warm, natural materials and vibrant fresh shade of blue. The wooden floor has balanced the contemporary blue bathtub and provided the cool, soothing effect to this awesome bathroom.

Striped Blue Bath

Image Source: House Beautiful

The mix match of blue shades and patterns in this small and awesome bathroom is simply ingenious. The blue stripes contrasting the blue mosaic floor create an eclectic and modern appeal of this bathroom.

Sleek Blue Bathroom

Image Source: Topp Stilles

This is simple and yet amazing bathroom is radiating sheer freshness and beauty. This is another example of how can simple be modern, contemporary and stylish.