20 Refined Gray Bathroom Design Ideas

20 Refined Gray Bathroom Design Ideas

The color inspiration for the bathroom is with wide range and you can choose from the spectrum of a really inspiring and bold colors that can help you to attain a pleasant and relaxing ambiance in your bathroom. One of the colors that is perfect for the bathroom interior is gray, this color is indescribably sophisticated and classy. The gray bathroom tend to reflect bright, vibrant and relaxing ambiance and have a really bold and modern appearance. Regardless of the shade of gray, this color can surely help you to create a bold and super modern appearance of the bathroom interior. In order to inspire you and provide you with interesting ideas we have collected a showcase of 20 Refined Gray Bathroom Design Ideas. Check out the round up below and enjoy!

Airy Gray Bathroom

Image Source: Decorpad

The wining combination of this immensely serene and airy bathroom is the smart disposition of the light gray tone and the refreshing and clean white tone, it creates a tranquil and refreshing outlook of the modern bathroom interior. The gray and white work great together, the gray brings dynamic and the white soothes the interior. Beautiful!

Bold gray bathroom

Image Source:decorpad

Dark and gloomy shade of gray is perfect for creating a masculine and contemporary appearance of the bathroom, since it has a dynamic and sensual nature. We love the noisy texture of the gray bathroom tiles, which add a really strong and bold appearance of this beautiful and modern gray bathroom.

Charming Gray Bathroom

Image Source: Houzz

Just Marvelous combination of colors and exquisite furnishing! The light gray bathroom tiles with a dashingly bold and noisy surface create a nice visual effect in the interior, while the white bathroom vanity and the glass shower enclosure soothes down the interior and provide it with balanced and relaxed ambiance.

Classy Gray Bathroom

Image Source: The Modern Home

The distinctive shade of gray works perfect for this casual and modern bathroom with truly refreshing and vibrant appearance. We love the black marble work top on the bathroom vanity and how boldly it strikes through the white and gray colored wall providing the interior with vibrant and beautiful touch.

Contemporary gray Bathroom

Image Source: decorpad

The mosaic backslash tiles with gray tone add amazing and sleek appearance of this beautiful, breezy bathroom. We love the contemporary layout and usage of immensely sleek and contemporary bathroom vanities. The white cube sink brings not only contemporary and splendid touch but only soothes down the excessive dynamic of this gorgeous gray bathroom.

Cool Gray Bathroom

Image Source: Stylish Eve

The fresh and contemporary appearance of this gray bathroom is delightful. The wining point was choosing sleek red as a complementary color fo the gray foundation. We love the play of gray shade that this phenomenally applied in the modern and sensual bathroom with nice texture, modern artwork and clean appearance.

Dark Gray Bathroom

Image Source: Turkish Towel

The green and turquoise bathroom tiles has a major role in creating the vibrant and lively ambiance in this super bold gray bathroom. The turquoise tiles strike magnificently through the dark gloomy color scheme and bright up the interior, providing it with perky and lively note, while the white bathroom sink burst with clean and bright note and soothes the excessive dynamic.

Distinctive gray Bathroom

Image Source: indulgy

How dramatic and sensual is this bathroom, right? – The painted gray iron bathtub with stand alone concept and white inside works as a main charmer in this sensual interior. While the tall window strikes with natural sunlight, providing the interior with relaxing and balanced ambiance.

Dynamic gray Bathroom

Image Source: The Modern Home

This bathroom has attained a miraculously sleek and vibrant ambiance by matching the sensual, dark gray shade with white foundation and super modern bathroom appliances. The sharp and clean lines on the gray wall create contemporary and sleek appearance of the interior.

Fierce Gray Bathroom

Image Source: migyang

This bathroom looks so refined and beautiful, it’s just amazing. The clean and neat gray surface provide the overall gray bathroom with vibrant and yet balanced ambiance.

Light Gray bathroom

Image Source: House To Home

We love the perky and refreshing feel of this lovely gray bathroom interior with casual and cozy appearance. The gray bathroom tiles in combination with the white motifs, provide this bathroom interior with relaxed and balanced ambiance.

Minimalist Gray Bathroom

Image Source: elle decor

Well, you don’t see a bathroom like this one everyday, right? – Humble bow for the boldness and creativity for the designer of this minimalist and yet amazing bathroom. We especially love how the mug shaped bathroom sink strikes through the minimalist gray interior and provide immensely unique note in the place.

Modern Gray Bathroom

Image Source: edil nid

This bathroom is simple and yet dashingly modern and contemporary. The secret of this bathroom is the bold play with the dark and light shades throughout the interior. The dark gray vanities add serious and modern note, while the light gray bathroom tiles ease down the serious note and provide the bathroom with vibrant and modern feel.

Natural gray Bathroom

Image Source: freshome

So bold and sensual! We love the effortlessly classy mood of this gray bathroom with exceptionally splendid and luxurious setting. The bold, dark gray natural stone wall creates a dynamic and strong foundation in the interior, while the sleek gray bathroom vanities act as a perfect striking complement. The glass wall and glass shower enclosure soothes the excessive dynamic and provides this bathroom with balanced and relaxed ambiance.

Perky gray Bathroom

Image Source: Houzz

This is a great example that perfectly shows how can you use the gray shade in creating a perky and refreshing bathroom. This gray bathroom beats the misconception that the gray shade makes gloomy ambiance in the interior. Well, look at this perky and vibrant gray and white bathroom and conclude its mood by yourself.

Sleek Gray Bathroom Design

Image Source:imactoy

The combination of clean and sleek lines with the light gray color has provided this bathroom with ultra contemporary and bold appearance. The white and bold shape of the bathroom tiles add a sleek and minimalist effect in the place. The subtle gray tone boosts the dynamic in the simple bathroom and provide it with modern and vibrant feel.

Small Gray Bathroom Design

Image Source: Get Interior Ideas

Wow! Minimalist, modern and gray, can you ask for more in bathroom? – We love the color symmetry and sleekness of this bathroom as well as we love how the white oval built in bathtub has soothing effect and calms the noise that comes from the gray mosaic bathroom tiles. The wood motifs add natural and cozy feel and sublime the beautiful and refined ambiance in this gray bathroom.

Splendid Gray Bathroom

Image Source:Houzz

We love how the designer of this bathroom has transformed the formal and traditional bathroom into a dashingly splendid gray bathroom with exclusively chic and vibrant feel. The pops of gray in the overall white bathroom provide the interior with mesmerizing beauty and add dynamic ambiance.

Stylish Gray Bathroom

Image Source:it new home

Wow! So sleek and contemporary, right? – The glossy surface of the deep gray bathroom vanity add sleekness and clean touch in the overall bold bathroom with minimalist setting. The plain gray wall with accent grayish wallpaper works as a great and dynamic foundation for this super modern bathroom.