25 Artistic Bathroom Designs with Gallery Wall

25 Artistic Bathroom Designs with Gallery Wall

A common mistake that almost every homeowner does is thinking about renovation whenever feeling bored with the outlook of the bathroom. Starting from scratch it’s hard and costly project, whereas there are plenty of creative ways to elevate the current outlook of the bathroom. One of the appearance booster for the bathroom that has shown as super efficient is adding art in the interior. Gallery wall in the bathroom is surely uncommon but very bold way to boost up the aesthetic and create modern and edgy appearance of the interior. Besides, it’s way easier than renovation and will not affect your budget as much as renovation will. Gallery wall can help you to improve the aesthetics in the bathroom regardless of the interior’s setting. To assure you that you can transform your bathroom from boring to dazzling, we’ve gathered a round up of 25 Artistic Bathroom Designs with Gallery Wall that could serve as an inspiration. Take a look at the showcase below and get inspired!

Bathroom with Gallery Wall on Floating Shelves

Image Source: indulgy

The idea of displaying a various gallery wall on a corner floating shelves has truly worked for creating the bold and aesthetically advanced visual appearance of this casual bathroom with white color scheme.

Black Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source:House To Home

The minimalist gallery wall on a fierce black wall has done a real beak through in the utterly contemporary and vibrant bathroom. Monochrome family photos make beautiful contrast on the black wall, while the metal stand alone tub contributes to the bold color scale of the interior.

Bold Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source:Appartment Therapy

The homeowner has elevated the creativity and aesthetically boldness of this bathroom to a whole new level. The dramatic gallery wall, stretching from floor to ceiling with colorful and contemporary nature strike with modern and youthful ambiance in the overall white bathroom interior.

Casual Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source: loony

Gallery wall displayed above the built in bathtub and old school white subway tiles, creates rather eclectic ambiance in the casual and traditional bathroom. The various size of the artworks contributes to the asymmetry and to the bold, dramatic visual appearance of the back and white bathroom.

Chic Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source:Lonny

The gallery wall surrounding the bathroom mirror and vanity creates a bold and distinctive visual appearance of the interior, therefore creating an unique and contemporary ambiance in the place. The artworks are rather black and white and reflect modern and eclectic nature, so they work for creating a chic and modern touch of the bathroom interior.

Contemporary Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source: Kate Walkerstone

We love the causal display of monochrome and distinctive art in the overly chic and modern bathroom with high contrast color scheme. The artworks take a bold stand in the white and black bathroom and create appealing modern outlook of the interior.

Cool Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source: Dessert Domicile 

We love the idea of lively gallery display on a fierce black wood panel, it creates a lovely contrast and boost up the aesthetic visual appearance of the place. Moreover, this gallery wall consist of rather cool and unique artworks such as the pigeon profiles, which bring interesting form and pattern in the interior.

Country Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source: Examiner

The tall bathroom with country setting has used a traditional gallery wall with authentic country nature in order to boost up the opulent and nostalgic visual appearance of the interior. The vintage gold and wood framing work as a sumptuous visual effect in the vintage country bathroom.

Craftsman Bathroom with Gallery Wall

 Image Source: Hgtv

The craftsman bathroom decorated with sophisticated and vivid chic taste of style has pulled of a magnificent gallery wall with bold black frames. The gallery wall consists of beautiful monochrome photos that create an artistic visual appearance of the overall simple craftsman bathroom.

Distinctive Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source:Lorr Interiors

This gallery wall displayed above the sink, consists of truly quirky and distinctive artworks including antique photos and framed herbarium followed by various size decorative mirrors. The gallery wall is truly unique and creates bold and artistic visual of the interior.

Eclectic Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source:freshome

A white accent framed artworks displayed on a rough painted gray brick walls create an eclectic and industrial touch in the quirky small bathroom with unique appearance. We love how the gallery wall stands boldly and creates an interesting visual effect of this bathroom.

Industrial Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source:Architectural Digest

Old french posters and antique artworks break through a plain white wall and create truly lively and contemporary appearance in the industrial chic bathroom. We love the vintage nature of the gallery wall and how it works as a focal point in the bathroom.

Mauve Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source: Maple and Shade

The soothing mauve walls are wisely enhanced with a bold, colorful gallery wall which creates a chic and distinctive appearance of the feminine and relaxing bathroom. The artworks are with rather dark nature so there is a vivid contrast between the mauve tone and the gallery wall.

Modern Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source:Architectural Digest

The gallery wall is positioned at the entryway which is a great idea for creating a bold and dramatic first impression of the the interior. The gallery wall adapts the modern and chic setting of this bathroom and additionally brings a splendid artistic visual of the classy interior.

Quirky Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source:Interiorator

A dark chocolate wood panel is superbly decorated with extremely bold and dramatic gallery wall which takes a magnificent part of the super chic and eclectic appearance of this quirky and yet chic bathroom interior.

Rustic Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source: Home My Design

The vintage eclectic appearance of this bathroom is due to the gallery wall with exceptionally vintage and antique nature. The gallery wall perfectly breaks through the plain white appearance of the bathroom and creates bold visual.

Sleek Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source:Design File

We choose this sleek bathroom design with minimalist horizontal gallery wall as out personal favorite among this list. We love the bold black frame of the monochrome artworks, it perfectly break through the wall and create dramatic and modern focal point.

Small Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source: pursuing vintage

Here is another black bathroom with a gallery wall stretching from floor to ceiling. The colorful and contemporary nature of the gallery wall create a lively and very modern, contemporary appearance of this bathroom.

Stylish Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source:Home Away

The black and white color scheme is perfectly sublimed with a monochrome gallery wall in the super vibrant and modern bathroom. We love how the monochrome artworks burst with contemporary and chic style, providing this interior with advanced visual appearance.

Superb Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source: Hippie Tea Party

The black frames truly strike on the plain white walls and create a bold break through in the small bathroom. The gallery wall in this small chic bathroom creates a dramatic contemporary touch and boosts up the aesthetic of the place.

Tall Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source:AD

Tall bathroom with distinctive beige wall is superbly enhanced by a gallery wall of miniature framed butterflies which create a sophisticated and unique appearance in the vintage bathroom.

Traditional Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source: Christina Marie

We love the elegant and utterly classy setting of this bathroom, decorated with also elegant and sophisticated gallery wall which creates an opulent and bold visual appearance of the bathroom.

Vibrant Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source: Elle Decor

We love the daring moment of displaying an artworks in front of the mirror, it surely creates a bold and dramatic appearance of the bathroom.

Vintage Bathroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source: House To Home

The idea of artworks displayed on a patterned wallpaper is great for creating a bold and quirky appearance of the bathroom. The gallery wall on a green patterned wallpaper doubles the visual effect and creates eclectic appearance of the vintage bathroom.