30 Awesomely Airy Bathroom Designs with Skylight

30 Awesomely Airy Bathroom Designs with Skylight

Naturally, the essential key for every interior is a good source of natural sunlight and good ventilation, which imply to the bathroom as well. You can add an all marble bathroom tiles and splendid accent bathtub, but if there is a lack of natural sunlight in the bathroom, it will look dull, heavy and gloomy. Installing skylight in the bathroom is revolutionary move to both boost the aesthetic appearance of the interior and soothe it with natural and airy appearance. Bathroom with skylight tend to have a really relaxed and airy ambiance as a result of the natural sunlight and the good ventilation. In case you feel like your bathroom needs a specific update, then think about skylight: it will illuminate the interior, boost up the architectural aesthetic and let it breath. We’ve created a showcase of 30 Awesomely Airy Bathroom Designs with Skylight that may serve as an inspiration and provide you with some cool ideas. Take a look at the showcase bellow and enjoy!

Airy White Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source:Oovoo Design

The all white color scheme and mosaic bathroom tiles goes perfectly with the all simple and relaxed concept of this charming bathroom, while the ceiling skylights strike with immense amount of natural sunlight and brights up the entire interior, boosting up the upbeat and airy appearance of the place.

All White Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source: In Designs

We love the creamy stone appearance of this beautiful and mesmerizing bathroom with natural and charming appeal. The skylight placed above the shower illuminates the right part of the interior, and provides the place with bright, tranquil and relaxed ambiance.

Attic Bathroom With Skylight

Image Source: Japlusus

The roof ceiling as a skylight is a super contemporary and advanced way of adding a natural sunlight and ventilation into the home. This Japanese bath inspired bathroom strikes with uber advanced style and super bright and illuminating ambiance.

Beautiful Bathroom with Skylight

mage Source:Oovoo Design

The white marble and glass are perfectly sublimed by the bold square skylight which acts as a main charmer and provides this beautiful bathroom with superb light and breezy ambiance. We love the geometric form of the skylight and how it totally adapts in the lush natural feel of the bathroom and open up the place absolutely.

Beautiful Industrial Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source: InteriorsBy Studiom

The dynamic gloomy and up beat dance is perfectly applied in this bold bathroom interior through granite brick bathroom tiles and blue geometric vinyl that strikes with pattern and color. However, the skylight installed on the ceiling is surely the main charmer of the place and provides the interior with immensely light and soothing appearance.

Bold Rustic Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source: Uniform Design

Sheer natural divinity, right? – The Rustic natural wood paneled wall in combination with the bold skylights centered on the ceiling strikes with intense amount of light and totally lights up the small and rustic bathroom with impurity of an industrial touch.

Charming Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source: Uniform Design

We love how airy and breezy is this natural wood and white bathroom. The caramel wood adds warmth and cozy feel in the overall white sleek bathroom, while the big skylight with white frames open up the interior, provides it with super bold aesthetically appearance and add light and good ventilation in the interior.


Chic Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source:Decorpad

Look at all this white and classy marble, is utterly outstanding right? The visual effect of the noisy marble surface creates bold and dramatic appearance of the sleek, splendid bathroom. On top of all the bold skylight placed on the center of the ceiling with white exposed beams open ups the interior and provides it with airy feel.

Classy Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source: Sf Gate

Here is another example of a totally sleek bathroom with white marble. Totally Outstanding! The smart layout and white clean lined vanity along with the bold skylight has provided this bathroom with utterly clean, soft and airy outlook. You can notice how the skylight immerse the interior with airy and light feel.

Contemporary Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source:Oovoo Design

This bathroom shows a perfect example of how can you create a contemporary and super bold bathroom without loosing the airy and natural feel in it. The black textures granite walls are totally soothed with the bold, wide skylight that provide the bathroom with sunlight and beautiful airy feel.

Country Green Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source: Design Build Dream

Green wood paneled walls and skylight for the win! The Leaned Attic wall with big and wide skylights really enhances the overall appearance of this super charming country bathroom. The natural sunlight soothes the excessive dynamic and provides the place with tranquil and charming feel.

Dramatic Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source:Design Build Dream

The shimmering black bathroom tiles along with the glass shower enclosure adds a splendid and glowing charm to this super contemporary bathroom, while the bold skylight ease down the heaviness and provide the place with loose and natural feel.

Elegant White Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source:Decorpad

The arched wall creates a nice sophisticated appearance in the bathroom interior and contributes to the all elegant and classy setting of the place, while the bold skylight fills the place with natural sunlight and creates a super tranquil and airy ambiance in the place.

Japanese Bath with Skylights

Image Source: Japlusus

This is Japanese Bath Inspired bathroom and is superbly decorated with natural wooden panel and accent skylight that provides the place with super bold and amazing appearance.

Magnificent Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source: Holah Design

So masculine and bold, right? The black marble bathroom tiles with noisy surface play a major role in providing this bathroom with dramatic and modern appearance, while the tall skylight add natural sunlight and lights up the entire gloomy bathroom.

Master Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source: Houzz

Exceptionally Beautiful and Charming! The loosen up ambiance is due to the superbly natural furnishing and bright creamy color scheme as well as the bold skylight that provides the place with light and airy appearance.

Minimalist Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source:Demen Glog

Minimalist Bathroom has attained a serene and charming ambiance due to the superb layout and the skylight that burst with natural sunlight and provides this bathroom with beautiful and breezy ambiance.

Modern Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source: Interior Holic

Absolutely Dramatic Bathroom that we absolutely love! The both sides of the bathtub separated with stone posts create a truly interesting and bold appearance, while the skylight sublimes the modern and contemporary appearance of this interior.

Natural Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source:Oovoo Design

We just adore the breezy charm of this beautiful creamy bathroom. The merger of natural wood, creamy bathroom tiles and skylight is just perfect for creating a bathroom with super charming and natural appearance.

Neat Immaculate Skylight Bathroom

Image Source:Okvia Gem

So sleek, clean and airy, right?- The black floor tiles set a dramatic and modern appearance in the all white bathroom decorated with glass shower enclosure and natural wood bathroom vanity. However, the leading role in this modern interior drama play the two skylights placed on the leaning attic wall.

Rustic Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source:Oovoo Design

How bold and dramatic is this bathroom, right? The rustic natural stone adds a dramatic and bold foundation in the overall charming and beautiful bathroom with cool appearance. The skylight placed at the ceiling burst with natural sunlight and illuminates this dazzling rustic bathroom.

Rustic Modern Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source: Ronen Bekarmen

Creamy bathroom tiles, rustic wood panel and bold skylight. This is basically the formula for a natural and breezy bathroom with loose and cheery ambiance. We love the combination of natural and modern materials and the unification of the rustic and modern style with the charming skylight on the ceiling.

Sleek Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source: Fave Thing

Wow! So sleek and superior! We love the high contrast of the fierce black bold floor tiles contrasting to the white leaned wall with two skylights that double the lightness and airy appearance of the cool and modern interior. The built in bathtub in black mosaic tiles sets a nice scale and visual balance between the black floor and white ceiling.

Luxury master bath with skylight

Image Source:Getima

We totally love the bold and beige appearance of this traditional bathroom with modern and cozy ambiance. The noisy surface of the bathroom tiles add a vibrant and interesting perk in the interior, while the bold square skylight burst with natural sunlight and provide this bathroom with airy and bright ambiance.

Stunning Industrial Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source:Snuut

We love the lush and natural appearance of this bold bathroom with glass shower enclosure, natural wood ceiling and amazing skylight that superbly sublimes the shimmering and natural appearance of the beautiful natural oasis.

Traditional Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source:Oovoo Design

The variety of texture, heavy colors and vibrant pattern as well as bulky furnishing is smartly soothed with the bold skylight that provides the entire bathroom with natural sunlight and eases down the heavy and dark appearance of this splendid bathroom.

Advanced Bathroom with Skylight

Image Source:Okvia Gem

The variety of wood and white bold bathroom tiles create a really charming and cozy outlook of this beautiful, modern bathroom, while the bold and wide skylights totally fill the place with natural sunlight and illuminate the entire interior. The narrow wide skylight has also an aesthetic feature and boosts up the visuals of this charming bathroom.