35 Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom Designs To Leave You In Awe

35 Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom Designs To Leave You In Awe

If you are a real follower of the philosophy “Less is more” than is more than obvious that you and your bathroom are the right candidate for a sleek minimalist setting. Contemporary bathroom as well as minimalist bathroom is a perfect example of the interior perfection of optimizing the space and maximize the appearance with minimum of bathroom appliances. Minimalist bathroom tend to have a clean and neat appearance, due to the lack of excessive storage and bulky materials. This setting is perfect for people who enjoy in spacious, sleek and contemporary space with radiating and refined ambiance. The minimalist bathroom is the “it” bathroom setting nowadays and in case you are in the process of choosing a style for your bathroom, think about this sharp, modern and clean setting. We’ve gathered a round up with impressive 35 Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom Designs To Leave You In Awe. Check out the showcase below and enjoy!

Advanced Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Architonic

The key of decorating a bold minimalist bathroom is to have one striking element that will create buzz of the interior, in this case is the high tech advanced rain shower with incredibly bold and contemporary design. The ultra modern shower sets the dynamic and contemporary setting of this dark beige minimalist bathroom.

Airy Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: freshome

Here is a great idea of how can you attain a serene and yet sleek appearance of the minimalist bathroom, with the usage of natural oak material and light white color scheme. The layout of this bathroom is utterly perfect, and the lush plant as decorative element brings natural and earthy scent in the beautiful minimalist bathroom.

All White Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Homesdir

Minimalist setting with monochrome color scheme is not always a smart choice, but if you choose a dynamic and bright color as white it is always a wise pick. All white minimalist bathroom pushes the limits of the interior and creates visually big and radiant appearance.

Attic Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Jebiga

We love the natural perk of this beautiful attic bathroom with minimalist setting. The contemporary stand alone bathtub stands out magnificently in the contemporary space, furnished with rustic walnut floor, clean white walls and a bold skylight positioned on the leaned attic wall, which sets architecturally advanced and bright ambiance in the interior.

Awesome Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Home Design Lover

High contrast tones work perfectly in minimalist setting, as you can see from the example above. The black and white color scheme is perfect for the minimalist setting because it sets the balance and creates interesting visual appearance of the bathroom interior.

Black and White Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Hgtv

We love the leisure feel of this contemporary bathroom with minimalist setting and high contrast color scheme. The spa Jacuzzi built in a black stone platform stands out as a main charmer in the black and white bathroom with natural and beautiful appearance.

Black Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Jebiga

The tall and bold appearance of this bathroom is due to the high ceiling concept of the interior and the dramatic square skylight positioned on the ceiling. The light from the skylight brights up the dark appearance that comes from the black bathroom tiles and boosts up the natural and airy perk of this modern minimalist interior.

Bold Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source:archdaily

This minimalist bathroom has an over the top setting and really bold and dramatic setting. The distinctive wood square bathtub breaks through the minimalist setting and dark appearance of the gray stone wall and brings rustic and natural note in the place.

Chic Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Oko Design

This contemporary bathroom reflects a bold blend of minimalist and luxurious. The black mosaic bathroom tiles in the glass shower set a dramatic and bold appearance and visually divide the minimalist from the luxurious part of the bathroom decorated with oval stand alone tub and classy chandelier.

Clean Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: tn173

We love the combination of copper color scheme with the earthy scent from the rustic oak wood floor with noisy surface. The spacious bathroom features a contemporary vanity with double oval stand alone sink as well as super bold and wide glass shower area that maximize the contemporary and sleek appearance of the place. Just astonishing.

Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Florida Design

This beautiful bathroom positioned in the attic has a minimalist setting but as well reflects utterly opulent and splendid ambiance due to the variety of colors, texture and materials. The rustic wood paneled ceiling contrasts the wide black tiles floor and provide the interior with balanced and relaxing feel.

Cozy Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Trendecoration

So bold and dramatic, right? – The floating wood bathroom storage cabinets along with the floating bathroom vanity perfectly strike through the clean white wall and create high contrast and natural appearance of the place. However, the winner of this bathroom of course is the concrete wall that separate the shower area which is totally dramatic, unique and ingenious.

Daring Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source:Jebiga

This minimalist bathroom has surely used the right materials in order to attain the super dramatic and dazzling appearance. The glass wall not only brings a natural sunlight, but also integrates the beautiful exterior with the dreamy interior. The built in bathroom in a oak wood floor sets a cozy and warm appeal of the place.

Dazzling Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Jebiga

Here is another contemporary minimalist bathroom with a glass wall and captivating appearance. The wood covered bathtub with noisy surface accents the cozy and warm ambiance of the place, while the glass wall sets the awe inspiring and refreshing touch.

Deluxe Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Keating Pipe Work

We love the effortlessly chic charm of this magnificent minimalist bathroom. The concrete wall sets dramatic and bold foundation, while the contemporary and unique armchair, the splendid floor lamp and the aesthetically advanced stand alone bathtub breaks through with contemporary minimalist charm.

Dramatic Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: k-studio

This minimalist bathroom has a blend of industrial, natural and contemporary which sets a distinctive and ultra modern statement in the interior. The concrete brings the dramatic industrial touch, while the wood paneled glass shower area breaks through the natural and earthy scent, and last but not least the super contemporary round black bathtub with white inside positioned on square white pebbles just sublimes the appearance of an ultra modern minimalist bathroom.

Elegant Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source:hidehome

This contemporary bathroom with minimalist setting has attained the subtle refined appearance due to the combination of clean gray wall enhanced with modern floating bathroom vanity and the natural oak wood floor that sets the natural perky mood of the interior.

Gray Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source:zillow

Again, we love the combination of natural and contemporary in the minimalist space. The floating cabinets and vanity as you can conclude a very common for minimalist bathroom, because they create a super natural ambiance in the contemporary and sleek interior.

High End Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: 7homeideas

This minimalist bathroom looks fresh and vibrant due to the combination of clean white wall enhanced with glass shower enclosure and fierce black motifs that set the high contrast effect and provide the bathroom interior with contemporary and bold touch.

Impressive Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source:Jebiga

As we mentioned above, the key to a perfect minimalist bathroom is one unique and dramatic element that will work as alpha and omega in the interior. In this contemporary minimalist bathroom the winner is the material block bathtub which values the geometric and contemporary note of the interior.

Industrial Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: home-designing

This interior varies from industrial through contemporary to minimalist. The industrial black lighting sets a bold and dramatic appearance, the round glass shower enclosure sets the minimalist while the black chair and appliances set the contemporary aspect of the bathroom.

Masculine Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source:virtuhouse

We love how the excessive space is visually decreased with the dark black and copper color scheme and soothed by the white floating vanities, therefore the place has attained the sensual and vibrant ambiance.

Minimalist Bathroom with Glass Wall

Image Source: Jebiga

This minimalist bathroom has found the perfect balance due to the mix of clean white wall with natural oak wood floor, which strikes with both natural and contemporary appearance. The glass wall strikes with natural sunlight and provides the place with warm and cozy feel.

Refreshing Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Jebiga

The marble platform reserved for the oval contemporary tub and glass shower enclosure sepearted the sleek part of the bathroom from the cozy and warm part with dark wood floor which reflects with utterly warm and radiating charm.

Rustic Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: hgtv

So contemporary and spa inspired, right? The glass enclosure divides the concrete tub and the relaxing part of the bathroom decorated with rattan rocking chair and super contemporary and modern appliances.

Serene Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Dekris Design

The airy ambiance of this bathroom is due to the glass wall that provides the white and gray interior with natural sunlight and beautiful from the exterior and sets the dazzling and awe inspiring visual of the place.

Sleek Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: designboom

We love the refreshing and clean appearance of this beautiful minimalist bathroom. The fresh blue mosaic bathroom tiles along with the glass enclosure set up the minimalist, clean and contemporary appearance of the bathroom.

Small Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Jebiga

A rustic log sued as a table is a truly a unique and creative way to furnish a bathroom, right? We love the loose charm of this elegantly minimalist and neat bathroom.

Spacious Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Hub Homes

A variety of texture, color, pattern sets a lively noise in a really clean and precise minimalist setting which breaks through with cozy and perky feel in the contemporary and sleek ambiance.

Stunning Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: Vangviet

We love the contemporary and yet the cozy feel of this minimalist bathroom. The layout is beautiful and smart and the decorative palette low keys but distinctive and incredibly bold, which resutls with unique and dazzling appearance.

Superb Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source:alexsrl

The variety of texture and visual effects that come from the white brick stacked wall and the noisy wood from the floating white vanity provide this bathroom with an ultra clean and neat appearance.

Well Organized Minimalist Bathroom

Image Source: trendecoration

The well organized storage provides the clean and white minimalist bathroom with neat and functional appearance. The glossy floor with fair glare sublimes the appearance of super clean and contemporary minimalist bathroom.

White Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom Design

Image Source:Jebiga

The setting and appearance of this minimalist bathroom is utterly breathtaking, right? The bathtub built in the rustic oak wood floor, the built in modern fireplace and the side wood log storage, every detail of this bathroom is completely awe inspiring and captivating.