Psycho Shower Curtain Ideas

Psycho Shower Curtain Ideas

The epic and of the first horror movies in the history of motion film, the Hichkocks classic Psycho is a movie that we all have watched and was scared as hell. This ever green movie classic is well known to every person who watch movies, because its epic. The movie is popular by the shower killing scene, that scene is the highlight of the movie. In case you are a big fan of this movie we have a pretty awesome news for you: you can recreate a scene of this movie in your shower. Psycho shower curtains usually come in a print of the killing scene and are pretty awesome. Psycho shower curtain will surely add a creepy and yet fun and creative note in your bathroom. Check out the below psycho shower curtains and don’t be to scared, is just a shower curtain with a bloody hand prints.

Bloody Hand Prints Psycho Shower Curtain

Image Source: Spining That

We have to admit that this is a sort of creepy but immensely creative and fun shower curtain. The blood hand print sets up a really spooky and fun character to this shower curtain. It will be really fun and unique to have a shower curtain like this.

Hand Shadow Print Shower Curtain

Image Source: Zombies

The hand shadow print is inspired by the famous scene from Psycho where the girls is taking a shower and you can see only the shadow of her silhouette. The hand shadow print on this shower curtain looks fun and spoooky.

Killer Print Psycho Shower Curtain

Image Source: Coffee Press

A shower curtain with the print of the killer waiting for his kill is a really innovative and unique. The black print of a man silhouette makes this shower curtain creative and dramatic.

Killer Shadow Print Psycho Shower Curtain

Image Source: fantastic Frank

This is a really well designed shower curtain with a realistic print of a shadow of the killer with a knife. This is a really bold and creative shower curtain which will add fun and unique character in your bathroom.

Psycho Shadow Shower Curtain

Image Source: Amazon

This is an another example of a shadow print shower curtain with focus on the hands as a focal point of the shower curtain. This can be a really big striking complement to your bathroom.

Psycho Inspired Shower Curtain

Image Source: Quoeteko

This shower curtain is completely inspired by the killing scene of Psycho. The shadow print and blood print make this shower curtain fun and unique.

Psycho Shower Curtain

Image Source: target

This shower curtain has a really realistic and complete layout of the psycho killer. This is a really fun and creative shower curtain.

Red Psycho Shower Curtain

Image Source: Bed Bath and Beyond

This is a really unique and fun Psycho Inspired Shower Curtain. The transparent part in form of a silhouette of the killer and hands of the victim may allow you to fun recreate the scene.

Shadow Print Psycho Shower Curtain

Image Source: Direct

This is another shower curtain inspired by Psycho, printed with a woman shadow this curtain works for providing your bathroom with fun and cool note.