Social Shower Curtain Designs

Social Shower Curtain Designs

The best way to provide your bathroom with a splash of creativity and completely change the concept of traditional, formal bathroom into super creative, fun bathroom, you should think about adding a creative shower curtain. Nowadays, thanks to the immensely fast increased popularity of the social media live, we are about to face new trends in the way of decorating in the bathroom. For instance, now you can find a shower curtain in a really fun and creative design inspired by some of the super popular social media websites. Social Shower curtain is super creative and fun way to light up your bathroom and bring a note of creativity and lively fun appearance. The social shower curtain will provide your bathroom with new trends and will surely add a fun and playful ambiance in the place. Without any further ado, we are going to present you some of the most creative and fun social shower curtain designs. Enjoy!

Facebook Shower Curtain

Image Source: Inspirito

Facebook as the most pouplar social media network in the world will work as a super creative shower curtain in your bathroom. The design of this super creative shower curtain is inspired of a typical Facebook profile, but to be more fun this profile is on the shower curtain, so the layout of the shower curtain is a profile of the activities that your shower curtain will do on Facebook. So fun!

Page Not Found Shower Curtain

Image Source: Caffe press

This is a page that we all hate to see on the internet, but it will be pretty fun to see a shower curtain like this in your bathroom. The page not found shower curtain is surely a great idea for providing your bathroom with cool and creative appearance.

Smart Phone Apps Shower Curtain

Image Source: Home Decorators

The social application as a shower curtain is really cool and fun layout for a shower curtain. This shower curtain inspired of I phone applications may work as a super creative and fun provider in your bathroom. It will be pretty cool to see a bathroom with app inspired shower curtain in the bathroom.

The Social Shower Curtain

Image Source: Spinin Ghat

Here is another example of Social Shower Curtain inspired by the social network Facebook. The traspaneret part in the profile pic is really innovative and creative element of the shower curtain.

Translated Facebook Shower Curtain

Image Source: pinterest

This is a Social shower curtain specifically made in a translated language. So, if you are not an English speaker you should try to find a social shower curtain made on your native language.

You Tube Shower Curtain

Image Source: Amazon

You Tube Inspired shower curtain with the adopted name Bath Tub is a really fun and creative design of a shower curtain. The Bath tub shower curtain will provide your bathroom with fun and creative appearance.

So which social shower curtain do you like the most?