Subway Tiles in 20 Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

Subway Tiles in 20 Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

Subway tile and its cool and loose appearance can easily help you to create ultra cool and yet traditional ambiance in the bathroom interior. Subway tiled bathroom tend to reflect loose and vibrant ambiance, because of the clean lined nature of the tiles. Subway tiles bring industrial and ubran touch in the interior due to the rectangular shape of the tile, which most likely reminds to a form of a brick.If you tend to create a rather loose and casual setting of the bathroom, then you should consider this cool bathroom tile solution. Subway tiles come in ample of design, size and color, though the concept is basically the same. In order to provide you with cool ideas on this topic, we’ve collected a showcase of the most inspiring and aesthetically bold bathrooms with subway tiles. Check out the round up below and enjoy!

Attic Bathroom with Subway Tiles

The white subway tiles, installed on the aesthetically advanced attic walls. create crisp and urban feel in the natural and breezy bathroom. The contrast between the cool, clean subway tiles and natural walnut floor, creates the balance in the bathroom and as well the natural yet cool outlook.

Bold Bathroom with Subway Tiles

The bathroom hold ultra sleek and effortlessly cool appearance due to the dove gray shade subway tiles. The gray subway tiles work as a magnificent backdrop of the minimalist and ultra contemporary bathroom with industrial charm.

Chic Bathroom with Black Subway Tiles

Black subway tiles are perfect solution for anyone who strive to create simple, traditional and yet bold foundation in the bathroom. The black subway tiles bring dramatic and clean appearance and draw the attention to the mirrored silver tub.

Classic Bathroom with Subway Tiles

White subway tiles bring bold texture and clean, crisp appearance in the small bathroom with sophisticated setting. The black geometric floor tiles strike with color and vivid pattern, providing the bathroom with contemporary charm.

Colorful Bathroom with Subway Tiles

The bold play with color is perfectly done in this lively and refreshing bathroom interior. The light green subway tiles create ecstatic and refreshing foundation, while the pops of neon pink and blue bright up the interior and create a razzle dazzle appearance.

Contemporary Bathroom with Subway Tiles

Gray subway tiles in contamination with oak wood vanity, provide this cool bathroom with both modern and natural appearance. The pops of black motifs create a bold focal point and enhance the decorative palette of the interior.

Cool Bathroom with Subway Tiles

Bare concrete wall, enhanced by a subway tiled statement wall set the extremely cool and industrial concept of this ultra modern bathroom. The white color of the subway tiles brights up soothe the bathroom space, while the clean and sharp texture brings dramatic visual.

Eclectic Bathroom with Subway Tiles

We love this bathroom, it’s utterly cool and refreshing, right?- The sheer simplicity of the creatively applied subway tiles bring a traditional and yet modern feel in the natural white bathroom with reclaimed wood vanity and glass walk in shower.

Fresh Bathroom with Subway Tiles

Clean and crisp outlook is a courtesy of the white subway tiles that bring the traditional charm and cool touch in the beautiful bathroom. The round accent window, additionally creates bold geometric visual effect in the superb interior.

Homey Bathroom with Subway Tiles

We love how the sleek white subway tiles break through the dark gray wall and utterly soothe the entire interior. The white subway tiles create a color blocked appearance in the casual bathroom and set a loose and bright ambiance.

Industrial Bathroom with Subway Tiles

The clean white subway tiles totally adapt in the industrial-urban setting of this narrow bathroom, and work as awesomely sleek and bright foundation. The pops of black copper pedant, create a dramatic contrast and bring contemporary charm in the interior.

Lively Bathroom with Subway Tiles

Here is another great example of how can you soothe and bright up dark colored bathroom with white subway tiles. The dark brown color scheme is superbly soothed with the creamy subway tiles, whole the patterned floor bring pattern and lively visual effect in the bathroom interior.

Minimalist Bathroom with Subway Tiles

Here is a perfect example of how the minimalist’s motto”less is more,” always work as a charm. The subway bathroom tiles work as a perfect backdrop for the black vintage, claw foot tub which creates a high contrast effect in the minimalist bathroom.

Sensual Bathroom with Subway Tiles

Black subway tiles in combination with sleek and modern bathroom appliances has provided this ultra chic bathroom with extremely bold and dramatic appearance. The fierce black subway tiles burst with sensual and sophisticated style.

Sleek Bathroom with Subway Tiles

This bathroom reflect clean and radiant ambiance, due to the neat and superb white subway tiles with simple and yet modern appearance.

Sleek Bathroom with Subway Tiles

The gray subway tiles provide this classic bathroom with sophisticated and profound ambiance. The clean surface of the subway tiles brings refreshing charm in the interior, while the dove gray shade enhance the sustainable ambiance of the interior.

Tall Bathroom with Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are perfect for creating an eclectic setting in the bathroom interior, as you can conclude by the example above. The subway tiles in white shade create clean and bright foundation, while the hardwood floor and black tub bring the vintage and eclectic charm of the place.

Vibrant Bathroom with Subway Tiles

If you want to create a fresh and perky bathroom, but yet keep the cool and urban interior, then follow this example. Turquoise subway bathroom tiles, create ultimately vibrant and refreshing ambiance but keeps the cool and modern feel of the interior.