Wooden Floor In 20 Natural Bathroom Designs

Wooden Floor In 20 Natural Bathroom Designs

Choosing the floor in the bathroom is one of the essential elements in the interior, because solid ground is a base to a functional and aesthetic bathroom. The floor solution will have a big influence on the further functionality and appearance of the bathroom, therefore choose wisely. Even though the most common floor solution for the bathroom is ceramic bathroom tiles, wooden floor is the new uprising trend in the modern and the natural bathroom. The wood floor in the bathroom creates a natural and cozy feel, preventing the interior from cold and sterile appearance that usually bathroom tiles provide to the place. Check out the below round up of Natural and Cozy Bathrooms with Wood Floor which could surely inspire you and provide you with cool ideas for your bathroom. Enjoy!

Airy Bathroom with Wood Floor

The dove gray colors scheme in combination with the noisy oak wood floor creates a blend of ultra modern and natural which provides this bathroom with balanced and breezy ambiance. The skylights of the attic wall elevate the aesthetics and bring natural sunlight in the interior.

Artistic Bathroom with Wood Floor

We love the chic and yet cozy setting of this magnificent bathroom with wooden floor. The colorful and noisy surface of the walnut wood provide this bathroom with utterly warm and cozy ambiance.

Attic Bathroom with Wood Floor

The glossy mango wood floor brings a specific fruity and warm feel in this surely modern and contemporary bathroom. The opulent and rich nature of the wooden floor, bright up the bathroom and provide the interior with warmth and natural touch.

Beautiful Bathroom with Wood Floor

We love the light, bare oak wood floor which strike with utterly natural and bright ambiance in this white and super contemporary bathroom. The oak wood floor with light shade and breezy nature provide the bathroom with perky and cozy feel.

Bold Bathroom with Wood Floor

Notice how the hearty and sustainable nature of the hardwood floor strike through the dark bold walls and transform the uber sleek, cold bathroom into a modern warm bathroom with sophisticated style and outlook.

Bright Bathroom with Wood Floor

Combination of brick walls and light oak floor is just perfect for creating a bathroom with both urban and cozy appearance. The light oak wood floor boost up the warm and homey feel of the cool and urban brick walled bathroom.

Charming Bathroom with Wood Floor

Here is another great example of how can wood floor transform an all white cold bathroom into a light and beautiful interior with warm and cozy feel. The oak wood strikes through all the whiteness and provide this bathroom with warm and balanced touch.

Contemporary Bathroom with Wood Floor

The rustic, noisy nature of the wood floor has a major role in creating the perfect balance and harmony in the overly cool and urban bathroom with industrial and chic setting. The hardwood floor brings texture and warm feel in the white cool bathroom.

Country Bathroom with Wood Floor

A warm wood floor is perfect solution for creating a Country themed bathroom in the attic. The wood floor work as magnificent balance between the dim pink walls and the splendid setting in this bathroom interior, ergo setts a tranquil and relaxed ambiance.

Dramatic Bathroom with Wood Floor

The light shade and clean lines of the oak wood floor creates a nice foundation and bright appearance in the overall modern and urban bathroom with brick walls. The matching wood covered tub creates and nice symmetry and sublimes the beautiful and modern appearance.

Eco Inspired Bathroom with Wood Floor

So lush and modern, right? The raw wood floor totally adapts the all Eco inspired setting that is going on in this beautiful refreshing bathroom and additionally brings breezy and natural feel in the lush interior.

Modern Bathroom with Wood Floor

The dove hay shade of the wood floor creates a gloomy but yet natural and super contemporary feel in the white gray bathroom, positioned in the attic with rather formal and classic setting.

Sleek Bathroom with Wood Floor

The wooden floor along with the wood panel strike through the contemporary and modern setting of this incredibly sleek and bold bathroom and bring earthy and natural feel in the bright beautiful interior.

Small Bathroom with Wood Floor

The light oak wood floor totally works as a buzz in the sleek and white bathroom and provides the interior with vibrant and radiant ambiance.

Spa Inspired Bathroom with Wood Floor

The all wood bathroom is just perfect! You can feel the warm, cozy feel just by looking at beautiful and warm wood that creates the charming and cottage inspired ambiance in the bathroom.

Stylish Bathroom with Wood Floor

The warm essence of the walnut wood floor in the overly classy and splendid bathroom creates the balanced and relaxed feel of the place.

Ultra Chic Bathroom with Wood Floor

The extremely chic setting of this opulent bathroom is soothed by the natural wood floor that brings balance and warm feel in the super chic interior.

Vintage Chic Bathroom with Wood Floor

The hardwood floor is very common for the vintage styled bathroom and stands just perfectly in the all pastel and chic setting of the interior. The pastel green tone in combination with the hardwood floor gives a bold and dramatic outlook of the vintage bathroom.