10 amazing contemporary bedroom design ideas

10 amazing contemporary bedroom design ideas

The bedroom is a personal sanctuary – a place where we not only relax, but spend some of the most private moments of our life. This makes the bedroom almost a sacred space in the private zone of the home. Aside from being a refuge, a bedroom is also a reflection of one’s personality; the décor of your bedroom can very well define the kind of person that you are. Inevitably, a bedroom interior is quite interlinked with the personality of the person it is being designed for; you always have to keep the client’s aesthetic in mind and merge it with a strategic design scheme. No two bedroom designs can be completely similar, so today, we will be taking a look at 10 amazing bedroom design ideas.

The Contemporary Neo-Classic Scheme

Golds and browns are classified as warm, but rich colors, so combining some very specific hues of these colors will definitely result in a cozy ambiance. This bedroom design combines the cozy intimacy of its color scheme with a rather classical edge, but still manages to keep the modernity alive. Overall, this scheme is elegant and sophisticated with just the right amount of classy and authoritarian.

The Advent of Grecian

This bedroom is the stuff of Grecian dreams. Combining all the major components of classical interiors – wainscoting, beading, curves – with a high dose of modern simplicity, this design manages to articulate the perfect neo-classical interior. Its firm color scheme is seamlessly amalgamated with a modern vibe, which creates a neat, chic ambiance that reinforce style and the best of contemporary vogue.

Simple and Sweet

If ever there was a bedroom that was partially minimal and partially traditional, then this would be it. The juxtaposing styles have been applied in a way that they complement each other, instead of leaving the entire ambiance bereft. The contemporary furniture style seems to be the main attraction, and synthesizes with the minimal aspects of the bedroom exceptionally well. All in all, this bedroom is one of the best renditions of a modern contemporary design.

The Artistic Expression

The global trend of applying titular stickers to the wall is all the rage in the interior design genre these days. This bedroom sticks to that vogue and merges the simplicity of the concept with intriguingly contemporary furniture style. The artistic nature of the walls is extremely one dimensional, though, and has to be compensated through stylistically vocal furniture, which creates an intriguing tonal disoonance.

Level Up

Double level beds are an advent of the minimal design genre. It majorly consists of a hardwood floor that is leveled up a food or so to create a different spatial archive for the bed – which consists of nothing but the mattress. It is a clever design that allows for storage space underneath the mattress while keeping the design fluent.

The Rustic Artsy Type

The contemporary rustic style thrives on the concept of shabby chic – which allows for a small amount of distressed archetypes within the context of the scheme. That is the conceptual scheme of the bedroom, which has been artfully articulated in the form of a rustic-country style painting over a contemporary style bed.

The Studio Apartment Strategy

A single room apartment is not a novel idea these days. The apparent lack of real estate has led to innovative designs in this genre, and this apartment interior is one of the best. The transparent integration of the bedroom with the living room allows the user a psychological freedom that allows the designer to cut space from the bedroom without making it seem tiny. The otherwise minimal design scheme is the cherry on top.

The Master Bedroom Vibe

Master bedroom commands a large amount of space and makes it seem efficient and alluring. The circulation of the layout needs to make sense, or the entire design can seem redundant. The image below shows one of the best bedroom schemes – not only does the dull color scheme manages to stand out, but the material application enhances the ambient integrity of the design itself.

Dual Purposed Bedroom

Open floor planning has managed to invent dichotomous layouts within apartment and home interiors. The image below showcases one such expertly designed dual interior – the office come bedroom. The clean, modern design of this interior only enhances the transparency of the overall design, making it seem clever and unique at the same time.

The True Minimal Aspiration

Minimalism s all about decluttering, and this grey-white bedroom interior is the epitome of this concept. The neat, distinguished lines reinforce modernism, while the frumpy, single minded uniqueness of the bed is all things nominal.

This article was all about establishing an acute genre of bedroom design, and we hope that it inspires you to redo some of your own bedroom interior designs.

image source: Pinterest