10 Gorgeous Tufted Headboard Ideas for Stylish Bedroom

10 Gorgeous Tufted Headboard Ideas for Stylish Bedroom

The bedroom and its minimalist nature, most often require a statement headboard in order to provide the place with opulent and dramatic ambiance, and what can provide more dramatic and chic ambiance than a tufted headboard, right? There is something about tuft design that screams modern and chic, and if you are into interior design trends, then you surely already know this. The tufted headboard is perfect for creating a classy and chic setting in the bedroom and it can also fit in any bedroom style. The best thing about tufted headboard is that you can customize them and pick your own design, color and size. We have gathered couple of super chic and classy tufted headboard ideas in order to inspire you.

Velvet Blue Tufted Headboard

Image Source: Qominet

We are not going to talk about the cute and adorable baby on this picture just not to go off topic and ignore the super fabulous velvet headboard with tufted design. The headboard has a ravishing design and surely is the focal point in this bedroom.

Velvet Yellow Tufted Headboard

Image Source: Decoist

The distinctive yellowy orange color in combination with the tufted design of this headboard works as a great statement and provide this bedroom with opulent and modern ambiance.

Stylish Pink Tufted headboard


Image Source: Manning Marable

This pink, big and tufted headboard is just remarkable and totally the focal point and main charmer of this chic bedroom. The vibrant nature of the headboard provide the bedroom with super chic and modern appearance.

Purple Tufted Headboard

Image Source: Target

We love the subtle luxury that this pink framed headboard with tufted design provide to this bedroom. This velvt pink tufted headboard is totally lovely and super stylish.

Pastel Pink Tufted Headboard

Image Source: This Glamorous

How awesome and dramatic is this pastel pink tufted headboard, right? Is a good thing that the designer has picked a light color for the headboard, because in a dominant color and that size it will look excessive and predominant .

Light Brown Tufted Headboard

Image Source: Thirthy Decor Chic

This tufted headboard is super chic and stylish due to the yellow, perky color and appropriate size. A headboard like this will surely help you to create a modern and chic ambiance in the bedroom.

Contemporary Black Tufted Headboard

Image Source: Sita House

The black colored headboard with a stylish tufted design is a perfect choice for a headboard if you want to create a contemporary bedroom.

Classy Beige Headboard

Image Source: Wallmart

We love how classy and elegant is this beige, tufted headboard. This headboard provide the bedroom with soft and yet classy and modern ambiance.

Brown Tufted Headboard

Image Source: Portlandries

The curvy form of the headboard in combination with the brown color and tufted design has make it a perfect focal point in this beautiful bedroom.

Amazing Green Headboard

Image Source: Hgtv

The opulent green color in combination with the velvet fabric and tufted design has made this headboard a perfect element for creating a chic and modern bedroom.