14 Decorous Polka Dotted Bedrooms

14 Decorous Polka Dotted Bedrooms

Bedrooms can come in any shape or size. Architecture is a number one consideration in bedroom construction, next to that would be the interior. First of all, you have to consider who is staying in the room that you are about to design, what the person’s personality is, and what do you want to achieve? Using a wallpaper doesn’t sound too easy, but paint does seem easier. Have you tried using stencils to design your room? Room design can range from simple to the most colorful and complicated designs. In fact, you can even make your own shapes and sizes to fit you or your child’s personality. Circles and dots are easy to do. Therefore, we have gathered some eye candy for you that, with the right tools, are not expensive and too difficult to do. Well, you might need a lot of time, patience and even a hand to complete your polka dot room design.

Handmade Neon Polka Dotted Room

Image Source: Ivillage

Children generally love bright colors. This wall can be done manually with children’s paint. The circles have different inner and outer colors to achieve a brighter and more artistic effect. What’s great is you can work with your youngster as if the two of you are painting on a big canvas.

Polka Dot Mosaic Pink Bedroom

 Image Source: Stupic

The walls of this bedroom definitely look like the music video effects we see on MTV. Due to the volume of small circles in this room, it appears like a mosaic. If you are into pop, kpop, loves the idea of parties and disco balls, then this can serve as an inspiration for your bedroom. Remember that the circle’s colors vary and observe the right amount of transparency from white to gray. Use two separate base colors for each wall.

Pink Dotted Two Man Bedroom

 Image Source: Zomdai

Here is another pink bedroom with polka dots but this time, it is pink on pink. The base color is baby pink and the dots are hot pink. In this type of bedroom, you can easily switch themes because only the sheets are polka-dotted. The rest of the room is neutral. You do not always have to stick to one when it comes to interior design.

Pink and Purple Polka Dotted Bedroom

 Image Source: Iidudu

Similar to the previous picture, this bedroom is also a “polka dotted bedroom attack”. This makes it easier to just switch themes and inspiration for your bedroom. The dominant colors of this room are brown and pink.

Pastel Colored Dots Bedroom

 Image Source: Bedroom Wise

This room from bedroom wise looks very neat and clean because it uses light colors. We can see a play of pink and purple. The simple horizontal bookshelf also adds to the neatness of this room. It uses baby colors and makes the room very relaxed.

Grey and White Polka Dotted Bedroom

 Image Source: Skinny Meg

The bed, floor lamp and walls make this bedroom very simple and relaxing. The mix of grey and white dots in uniform shape make this room neat and clean but not excessively simple.

Gold Over White Girl’s Bedroom

 Image Source: Down That Little Lane

This bedroom is perfect for your little girl. The wall is designed with gold dots of uniform shape. The key here is to initially choose a bedroom with white walls so that all you have to do is to create the uniform gold circles and add the right furniture. As you can see in this room, the furniture are all in shades of pink. Really girly!

Dotted Princess’ Bedroom

 Image Source: Down That Little Lane

This bedroom is just fantastic! A little girl would probably not get out of it because it definitely will make her feel like a real princess. This room has a wall division and isn’t exactly a separate room. The wall is designed with big and small dots and when the other side of the room is lit up, it gives a glowing effect to your girl’s bedroom and tells her that her parents are still awake. She doesn’t have to feel “divided”.

Black and White Mini Polka Dotted Bedroom

 Image Source: Spearmint Baby

With the use of uniform small black dots, the walls of this room match the bed sheets achieving a classic look. The color scheme is also limited to black and white only.

Gold Over White Country Bedroom

 Image Source: Breakfast at Gigis

This bedroom has a metallic touch to it. It seems to have a touch of white Christmas as well. The circles are made of metallic paint and reflects sunlight giving the room some classiness. What a perfect way to design your room in preparation for white Christmas! This design can be made simpler by modifying the circle colors to a solid one.

Lavender and Pastel Colored Dotted Bedroom

 Image Source: Zomdai

This lavender bedroom from Zomdai looks very playful and relaxing at the same time. Notice the use of unique lamps to add to the creativity of the room. The sheets are also a mix of light colors to complement the entire room. The colors on the wall are also reflected on the sheets and the ceiling. The ceiling lamp is also an outstanding piece.

Pink and Zebra Patterned Dotted Bedroom

 Image Source: Azomic

The dots on this bedroom consist of a solid pink and zebra pattern which look good when put side by side. They are in uniform pattern. The zebra pattern balances the look and feel of the room to avoid making the room look to girly and dominantly pink.

Red and White Dominant Dotted Bedroom

 Image Source: Evollt

This polka-dotted wall design from Evollt is also one of those girly types. You would probably see the same design inside a doll house. With the right stuff in this room, your little girl can host a tea party! In fact, the cupcakes are ready.

Shades of Orange Dotted Bedroom

 Image Source: Community Baby Center

This bedroom has shades of orange for the dots and come in decreasing sizes. First, there are large circles from the bottom and they decrease in size as you look upward until they fade away. Orange is actually a very vibrant color which stands for energy or hyperactivity.