15 Airplane and Airport Hotel Room Inspired Bedroom Designs

15 Airplane and Airport Hotel Room Inspired Bedroom Designs

When travelling is your thing, you’d definitely would love airports and airplanes- just the sight and smell of it. Sometimes you can’t get over the thought that you will be leaving again soon and will be seeing and feeling the things that make airports and airplanes remarkable. Yes, we’re talking about glass doors, comfortable seats, white walls, square windows, baggage compartments and the neutral scent of the airport. Well, if you just can’t get enough of the comfort and coolness that you get from airplanes and airports, you can actually have your own bedroom designed to look like an airport hotel room or make the interior look like an airplane. Here are some fresh ideas to begin and end with.

Boeing B787-8 Visionary Design

 Image source: Jet Aviation

Design your bedroom in this manner. This is how the interior of Boeing B787-8 would look like if it were a bedroom. You should have small curvy windows and use light grey to white for the color of your sheets. Take note that the walls are white all the time.

Beautiful White Bedroom with Airplane Style Windows

 Image source: A White Carousel

We can’t say that this exactly resembles the look of an airplane but the use of colors does. The rhythmic pattern of square windows also gives you the illusion that you are inside a huge airplane. When your room is located on the second floor, look down and you might think you are about to take off! Well, it takes a little imagination on your part of course.

Black and White Private Jet Design

 Image source: Private Jet Charter

Who wouldn’t want to be sleeping on a private jet plane? Well, if that is among your dreams, you can have your bedroom designed in such a manner. Use grey or even metallic sheets, add some black details and white pillows.

Bright Class Airport Hotel Design

 Image source: Thailand Mice Review

We have mentioned the glass doors right? Well, here they are and just like in the airport, you get to see the view of something. Since this room is next to the beach, you can see the view of the beach from the window.

Classy Residence Bedroom

 Image source: The Design Air

Unlike most airplanes, this airplane inspired bedroom design is designed with black walls and even smaller windows. There is a resemblance to the earlier bedrooms that we’ve seen with the use of light colored sheets for the bed.

Cozy Bedroom Private Jet Interior Design with Soft Brown Carpet

 Image source: Swifts Orchids

Sleeping inside this bedroom will give you so much comfort than you can imagine. The floor is in a soft brown carpet and the bed itself is also in brown. Check out that cool lighting fixture on top of the headboard.

Dubai Airport Hotel Room

 Image source: Time Grand Plaza Hotel

This is how a Dubai Airport Hotel Room would look like. Double layer draperies, thick mattresses for comfort and depending on your taste, you can choose earth tones sheets with rhythmic pattern and match the flooring with your chosen sheet design.

Flora Airport Hotel Interior Design

 Image source: Flora Hospitality

Notice the use of darker wood tones in this bedroom. This is also an example of an airport hotel room which we do not typically see because of the dark shades that it uses. But who cares as long as it’s all been put very nicely to match and give you that airport hotel feeling.

Fresh Black Bedroom Interior Design

 Image source: Wallko

If you notice the interior of international airports, they avoid the use of vibrant colors. Everything looks very formal. The same thing goes for this Fresh Black Bedroom Interior Design from Wallko. It uses black to grey and white only. It looks very executive and formal.

Jet Aviation Timeless Bedroom Design

 Image source: The Design Soc

This Jet Aviation Timeless design definitely is awesome! There is a desk where you can attend to your business which has a chair you can see in the first class section. The bed looks very comfortable and we admire the compartment to the left where you can store extra things.

Prestigious Airplane Bedroom Design

 Image source: Lizmoscrop

Back to Brown. This room is mostly in brown. We can see the soft brown carpet, the walls and the wh0le room looks like caramel. The airplane windows look amazing when the sun hits them. Take a nap and you’ll arrive in your next destination in no time.

Spacious and Luxurious Suite

 Image source: Flora Hospitality

A classic hotel looks like this. But most hotels do not have modern type of beds like this one. There is a wall mounted flat screen tv and the draperies contribute to the warm colors of the bedroom.

Wooden Airplane Cabin Design

 Image source: Travel News

Perhaps you haven’t seen a wooden airplane until now. Well, that is the beauty of interior design, you can design it in a way that you want even if the nobody has ever seen that kind of design. Perhaps the designer of this room definitely loves the warmth that wood color offers.

Yellow and Polka-Dotted Airport Hotel Room Interior Design

 Image source: Time Grand

Almost similar to the bedroom we saw earlier, this bedroom also has polka dotted flooring whose base color matches the color of the sofa. This place looks really comfortable for a meaning or for doing your homework.

Barcelona Hotel Room Design

 Image Source: Guide Pal

This amazing peaceful design looks very clean and smooth just like how it feels when you are in the airport. That bed is surely soft enough to bring you to dreamland in no time.