15 Amazing Bedroom Designs with Wood flooring

15 Amazing Bedroom Designs with Wood flooring

Wooden floors inside the bedroom provide a certain kind of charm and warmth that we don’t usually see in ordinary types of flooring. Wood is also a good material to maintain the coolness of the room. With wooden flooring as your option, you have more freedom when it comes to designing your interior because wood is a neutral color that will match any kind of fabric and even neutral to strong and vibrant colors. Wood is also easier to sweep and wax. Also, wooden flooring is a good choice when using area rugs because you know that the dust under the rugs will not stick on the floor. You can simply lift the rug or carpet and sweep the dust away. Can you already imagine a bedroom with wooden flooring? Here are some examples to tickle your imagination.

Airy White Bedroom with Wooden Floors

 Image source: Decosee

This beautiful Airy White Bedroom with Wooden Floors looks bright and relaxing. The are rug under the bed is consistent with the color of the wood. The bed and dresser and even the giant wall painting is in wood. It basically uses two tones, white and neutral tones.

Beautiful Wooden Bedroom Set

 Image source: Ariokano

You wouldn’t make a mistake with a Beautiful Wooden Bedroom Set. The furniture is consistent with the wooden flooring and as we mentioned, you can mix and match whatever colors you like for the curtains or sheets. Anything goes! In this bedroom, there is also a white dresser, a white lamp and mirror.

Calm and Neutral Bedroom

 Image source: Taees

This Calm and Neutral Bedroom looks very cozy. We know that lighting has a very big impact on the over-all look of the room. The sheets also match the color of the floor, lamp and beside tables.

Comfortable Children Bedroom with Special Wooden Floor

 Image source: Osusinc

Take a look at this modern Children’s bedroom with wooden flooring, and you thought that wasn’t possible? Wood also adds some chic look to a modern bedroom and looks great with many colors in it.

Elegant Black and White Bedroom and Wooden Flooring

 Image source: 3d House Download

Wood also comes in different variations and if you prefer a darker shade of wood, then you can go for mahogany. This bedroom from 3d House Download has a darker shade to it.

Entrancing Honeymoon Bedroom Idea

 Image source: Petagazine

This Entrancing Honeymoon Bedroom Idea looks very neat. The bed area is elevated with two steps and the colors of the furniture are also consistent with the theme of the room.

Exciting White and Purple Bedroom with Wooden Floor

 Image source: Bcanes

This modern White and Purple Bedroom with wooden floor looks very sleek in design. The wooden flooring balances the color of the room so as to avoid too much purple in it. We love that crystal ball light on the bedside table and the study chair.

Lavender Walls and Wooden Floor Bedroom Decoration

 Image source: House Arquitectura

This amazing bedroom would be a teen’s favorite. It has lavender walls and a giant full body mirror. This time, we can see a perfect mix of three colors, red, lavender and sky blue and a little white on the bed. There is a balance of colors in this bedroom.

Minimalist Interior Tuscany Italy Wood Flooring

 Image source: Omsync

This minimalist bedroom from Omsync looks very sleek and clean. It doesn’t have a lot of elements in it but the designer has made a beautiful headboard lighting and a built in wall air con system. Are you also wondering if there’s a flat screen TV in front of it. Definitely, it would be the perfect place to sleep in on a weekend.

Modern Vintage Bedroom Design with Exposed Stone and Brick Wall Ideas Laminate Wooden Floor

 Image source: Haybert

We’ve featured bedrooms with natural stone but this time, lets draw our attention to the wooden flooring. We love how the wooden floor also matches the side table and the wooden base of the bed. The natural stone and wooden flooring makes the room look natural and bright.

Nordic Bliss Scandinavian Style Wood Floor Dinesen Bedroom

 Image source: Nordic Bliss

This Scandinavian Bedroom with wooden flooring looks chic and clean. We love the idea of using white as the dominant tone of the room since the wooden floor is also of a lighter wood variant.

Parquet Wooden Floor Bedroom with Wall Cupboard, Drawers and Shelves

 Image source: Haybert

This Parquet Wooden Bedroom looks classy. The closet, the bed and the side table are very consistent with the materials used in the bedroom. We also love that small, modern vase which looks very modern.

Solid Natural Wooden Floors

 Image source: Tazatek

In this bedroom by Tazatek, we love the idea of the wide rectangular window which makes the room look very airy and bright. The mahogany also adds a darker tone to the room.

Spacious Travel Bedroom Ideas with Laminate Wooden Floor

 Image source: Imagefs

This Spacious Travel Bedroom with Laminated Floor looks classic! The sleeping area is separated from the working area by a wooden panel. We admire that overhead bookshelf in the sleeping area and the idea that the mattress is placed immediately on the floor. As for the working area, the use of a map design and the overhead storage in white color looks stunning.

White Modern Bedroom in Wooden Floor

 Image source: Guata Crazy Night

We love the use of black and white in this bedroom. The sheets look elegant and the wooden flooring and area rug, which is placed slightly sideward strike a balance of colors inside the room.