15 Beautiful Bedroom Designs with Wooden Panneling

15 Beautiful Bedroom Designs with Wooden Panneling

In the past couple of articles we have shown you various ways of how can you decorate the walls in the bedroom by using specific material that will cover the cold concrete. The same way exposed brick walls can completely change the concept and layout of the bedroom, the wood paneling has a similar effect to the bedroom. Bedroom with wood paneling tend to have a warm and natural appearance due to the soothe effect of the wood panel. Wood Paneling is a great idea in the bedroom that tend to attain a contemporary and modern appearance, but want to avoid a cold and dull ambiance. The wooden panel is the ultimate choice for creating a great visual effect in the bedroom and providing the place with bold texture. Below you can check a showcase of 15 Beautiful Bedroom designs with wooden paneling.

Bold Bedroom with Wood Panel

Image Source: Groundswell Design Group, LLC

This modern glam bedroom has actually used the wooden panel not only as a statement wall but also as a headboard striking on the indigo blue wall and providing the place with interesting and natural scent. The rustic and uneven nature of the wooden panel create interesting visual effect in this bedroom.

Chic Bedroom with Wooden Panel

Image Source: John Maniscalco Architecture

The light oak wooden panel goes perfectly with the loose modern setting of this bright bedroom. The wooden panel has set an easy going and light ambiance in the bedroom and works as a great backdrop in combination with exposed roof beams and lose color scheme.

Contemporary Bedroom with Light Wooden panel

Image Source: Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

The light oak wooden paneling in combination with the high ceiling and the wooden platform bed has created a super contemporary and sleek appearance of this beautiful bedroom. The wooden paneling is breaking through the white concrete walls and provides the place with warm and natural appearance.

Cottage Inspired Bedroom with Unfinished Wooden panel

Image Source: Crystal Ann Norris

This beautiful warm bedroom with a country setting has a specially charming and lovely appearance due to the rustic and unfinished wooden paneling which provides this bedroom with cottage and warm scent. the rustic adn uneven structure of the wooden panel adds a great visual effect and breaks through the plain white walls.

Country Chic Bedroom with White Wood Panel

Image Source: Kate Davidson Design Inc.

The white painted wood paneling is a great foundation and backdrop of this breezy country chic bedroom. The bold structure and clean lines of the white wooden paneling add a fresh and clean appearance of this bedroom providing it with smooth and vibrant feel.

Dark Wood Paneled Bedroom

Image Source: Vogue

This bedroom has a dazzling and extremely chic appearance with sort of an earthy scent due to the chocolate brown wooden paneling with a glossy and sleek appearance. The dark wooden paneling is creating a truly bold and dramatic setting in this bedroom and providing it with deep and profound ambiance.

Dramatic Bedroom with Wood Paneling

Image Source:Freshome

This shabby chic bedroom has attained this loose and breezy character due to the beautiful and rustic wooden panelling which take first place in enhancing the aesthetics of this gorgeous bedroom. The wooden paneling with rustic and fresh nature stretching through the valued ceiling and walls create an interesting and unique appearance of this amazing bedroom.

Fresh Bedroom with Light Wooden panel

Image Source: John Maniscalco Architecture

The sleek wooden paneling takes a great place as a statement wall in this super contemporary and bright bedroom with chic and modern appearance. The wide and big windows along with the skylight provide this bedroom with natural sunlight and beautiful earthy and breezy feel.

Modern Bedroom with Grey Wooden Panel

Image Source: Imagine Living

This bedroom with a contemporary setting has a really clean and sleek appearance due to the smart arrangement of monochrome and dark colors and the installation of gray wooden paneling that fits perfectly in this modern interior. The rustic wooden panel works as a great backdrop in the sleek and contemporary place and provide this bedroom with modern and clean texture.

Modern Bedroom with Light Wood Panel

Image Source: House Beautiful

The light oak wood paneling works as an amazing backdrop and statement wall in this light and breezy bedroom. The overall easy going concept of this bedroom adapts with the oak wood paneling and creates a super relaxed and cheery ambiance in the place. The shag area adds a soft texture and provide the place with warmth and soul.

Natural Bedroom with Maple Wood Panel

Image Source: Cornerstone Architects

The caramel brown wood paneling is what made this bedroom to look warm and cozy. In addition the floor to ceiling wall provided the place with natural sunlight and contributed to the natural and earthy ambiance in the place. The minimalist setting goes perfectly with the natural wood paneling and big wide windows.

Simple Bedroom with Grey Rustic Wooden Panel

Image Source: Capital Building

The gray rustic wooden paneling works as a headboard and statement wall in this contemporary white bedroom. The rustic wood paneling breaks through the plain white appearance and prevented the cold and dull appearance, therefore provided this place with modern and natural feel.

Splendid Bedroom with Textured Wooden Panel

Image Source: Olesya Kubiv

It is a rare example to see a luxurious hotel a like bedroom with a wooden panel, thought the wood paneling here is also with a glossy and texture rich nature. The wood paneling provides this bedroom with sumptuous and bold character and adds a natural and warm feel to the place.

Sumptomous Bedroom with Wood paneling

Image Source: Pottery Barn

This bedroom has a specific classy and sumptous character but the dark wooden paneling has broken through the cold and snobby appearance and added a nice, warm feel to the place. The wood paneling acts as a striking complement of this white splenind bedroom and provides the place with warm and cozy feel.

Beautiful Bedroom with Wood Panel

Image Source: Sukio

This is our favorite wooden paneled bedroom, because we at Rilane are a big fans of Mid Century setting in the interior. So this super chic Mid- Century bedroom has used a sleek and warm wooden panel to create a beautiful and natural appearance.