15 Bold Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas

15 Bold Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas

Industrial decor is a style that takes the best from several styles and compress it with urban and bold signature. The industrial bedroom should be a mirror of an open minded person with contemporary taste of style and dynamic life tempo. Aesthetically, Industrial bedroom looks dashingly cool and inspiring, bare concrete walls decorated with exposed vents and gloomy artwork are the essentials for this interior style. The industrial bedroom holds and reflects some kind of specific gloomy charm that looks just astonishing in the bedroom. In case you want to experiment with the bedroom interior and you want to do something exciting and bold in the place you are in luck today. We decided to show you the most inspiring and captivating Industrial bedroom designs. Dig in and Enjoy!

Beautiful Industrial Bedroom

Image Source: Fg Ideas

This bedroom is astonishingly beautiful and holds specific mystic and intriguing note inside due to the bold combination of bare concrete wall and beautiful framed photo portrait as a focal point above the bed. We love the bold and creative furniture in the bedroom such as the bed without a platform and creative log used as a night stand.

Bold Industrial Bedroom

Image Source: Vintage Industrial Style

Hats off to the bold designer that has managed to create super comfortable bedroom with astonishing modern appearance in warehouse alike room. The dark gray color palette is soothed down with the white wood ceiling that totally open ups the kind of gloomy ambiance in this bedroom.

Charming Industrial Bedroom

Image Source: D Balde

How cool and daring, right? This bedroom positioned in fairly small space has a super light and interesting ambiance due to position of the bed next to the wide industrial windows with bold iron frames. The white bed soothes the heaviness and provides the place with charming and relaxing ambiance.

Chic Industrial Bedroom

Image Source: Ramon Zancanaro

We have to admit that this is our favorite industrial design among this list, is because we love the bold blend of industrial and chic, is jut so inspiring and bold. Everything in this bedroom is on its right place, the special accent goes to the interesting and incredibly unique decorative elements that take a big place in this beautiful chic bedroom.

Cool Industrial Bedroom

Image Source: Desire To Inspire

This dark industrial bedroom has an utterly cute and lively appearance due to the combination of the dark concrete wall and striking complements such as the bright iron bed, ethnic area rug and pops of yellow and gray. Perfect disposition of the colors.

Dark Industrial Bedroom

Image Source: House and Home

This bedroom is so gloomy and so lively at the same time, its really fun paradox, right? – The concrete walls and bold exposed concrete beams create the dramatic ambiance with a sharp and dynamic ambiance, while the wide framed windows fill the place with natural light and open up the gloomy space.

Eclectic Industrial Bedroom

Image Source:Adrienne DeRosa

This is a fairly bright place for an industrial bedroom. The lively and ecstatic ambiance is due to the usage of wide and sharp decorative palette and distinctive color scheme in the place.

Glam Industrial Bedroom

Image Source: Renovation Design Group

It is really interesting to see how the designer has managed to merge so different style with radically different nature such as the glam modern and industrial. The perky floral pattern contrasting the metallic ceiling really creates an interesting and fun ambiance in the bedroom.

Gloomy Industrial Bedroom

Image Source: Shelterness

We love the appearance of this gloomy bedroom, we just love it. The dark appearance is totally successfully applied in a cool and nonchalant way. The exposed brick walls in combination with the brown velvet headboard and blue plaid quilt create a modern and bold note in the superbly industrial bedroom.

Industrial Loft Bedroom

Image Source: Maxim Zhukov

This cool industrial bedroom has a really astonishing and super bold appearance. The bare concrete wall in combination with the statement headboard and the additional storage below the bed are responsible for the bold and cool appearance of this industrial bedroom.

Minimalist Industrial Bedroom

Image Source: Style Juicier

The effortlessly charm of this cool industrial bedroom is just outstanding. The minimalist style is superbly applied, while the bare concrete wall create dynamic and interesting ambiance in the utterly rustic industrial bedroom.

Modern Industrial Bedroom

Image Source: Index

This spacious industrial bedroom has a really modern and contemporary appearance due to the perfect statement wall consisting of exposed bricks painted white and decorated with modern artworks.

Serene Industrial Bedroom

Image Source: Space Furniture

How cool and serene is this industrial bedroom, right? The dark granite wall creates a really dramatic and bold ambiance in this beautiful bedroom interior.

Sleek Industrial Bedroom

Image Source: Igor Sirotov

Notice the sleekness and contemporary style that is ingeniously applied in this gorgeous industrial bedroom. We love the usage of two tones and their arrangement, it is totally industrial and super cool.

Stunning Industrial Bedroom

Image Source: Jelanies Shop

This bedroom looks so bright and so beautiful and is fairly industrial and cool. The wide windows, the platform less bed and the stand alone cool artwork create the distinctive and utterly beautiful ambiance in the bedroom.