15 Charming and Breezy Bedroom Designs with Skylights

15 Charming and Breezy Bedroom Designs with Skylights

One of the essentials for creating a pleasant and relaxed bedroom is the natural sunlight and ventilation that are basically alpha and omega for every interior. Natural sunlight illuminates the bedroom and let it breathe, it filtrates the negative and bad energy and provides the interior with fresh and bright perk. Skylights are the mother of good ventilation and natural sunlight in the bedroom. The skylight in the bedroom will maximize the natural and airy feel and competently boost up the tranquil and refreshing ambiance of the interior. Besides, the architectural appearance of the skylight is utterly bold and can influence in creating a more sharp and advanced visual of the bedroom outlook. In case you were planing to remodel the current bedroom and refresh the appearance of the interior, check out this 15 Charming and Breezy Bedroom Designs with Skylights and get some ideas. Enjoy!

All White Bedroom with Skylight

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The natural shimmery appearance of this overall classic and simple bedroom of course is due to the vaulted attic ceiling and the over sized skylight that burst with natural sunlight and ventilation in this beautiful attic bedroom. We love the position of the skylight, adjusted to maximize the natural and airy appearance of the bedroom.

Attic Bedroom with Skylights

Image Source:Braitman Design

This attic bedroom looks so breezy and charming, right?- The vaulted white ceilings with dark wood beams create nice high contrast and provide the bedroom with charming effect, while the skylights from the both sides of the interior, strike with natural sunlight, bright up the enitre interior and add beautiful feel in the room.

Black and White Bedroom with Skylights

Image Source: Desire To Inspire

The wood paneled wall and the accented skylights surely take all the credits for the super contemporary and architecturally advanced appearance of this monochrome bedroom. The skylight add a lot of sunlight in the bedroom and provide this modern interior with airy and breezy feel.

Boho Chic Bedroom with Skylights

Image Source: Desire To Inspire

We like the eclectic and boho chic setting of this bedroom, but we Love how the skylights, positioned at the ceiling strike with natural sunlight, soothe the heaviness in the interior and provide the place with relaxes and eased ambiance. The skylight and their bold structure have a major influence in creating the bright and cozy feel of this modern bedroom.

Bold Attic Bedroom with Skylights

Image Source: Sf Gate

This attic bedroom surely has an interesting appearance and smart layout. The skylight above the bed, placed on a wood paneled roof ceiling has a bold appearance and act a major role in providing this bedroom with sunlight and super airy and cozy feel.

Chic Bedroom with Skylights

Image Source: Interiorholic

We love the high tone contrast between the fierce black wood floor and cold white wall, it creates bold and dramatic visual effect, while the skylights placed in the middle add the balance between the black and white provide this bedroom with bright and airy appearance and surely bring a super cozy feel in the interior.

Contemporary Bedroom with Skylights

Image Source: Decoist

We love the sharp and straight lines of furnishing and decor in this bright and breezy bedroom, especially the long skylight with natural oak wood frame, which contributes to the light and natural appearance of this beautiful and charming bedroom.

Cozy Bedroom with Skylights

Image Source: My Ideal Home

This cozy and bright bedroom, positioned in the attic has a truly inspiring and creative design. The skylights with absolutely ingenious and creative design are placed opposite of the bed which is really smart and beneficial for illuminating the right space of the interior.

Interesting Bedroom with Skylights

Image Source: Cassineli

This bedroom has a super charming and interesting decorative palette and overall setting. The vaulted ceiling stands awesomely in the breezy interior, while the bold skylight strike with natural sunlight and provide this bright and relaxing bedroom with airy and cozy feel. Just Amazing!

Modern Bedroom with Skylights


Image Source: House To Home

This surely an unusual but bold and super modern bedroom with incredible concept and appearance. The black mansard roof accents the functional and modern appearance of the interior, while the installed skylights accent the airy and natural feel in the bedroom by adding a shimmering natural sunlight in the place.

Natural Bedroom with Skylight

Image Source: Furniture fashion

The leaned attic wall with two bold skylights surely create a really architecturally advanced appearance of this simple modern bedroom, while the skylight bring natural sunlight in the interior, bright up the room and create super refreshing and tranquil feel. Simple and Effective!

Quirky Modern Bedroom with Skylights

Image Source: Desire To Inspire

The all white color scheme enhanced by bold black and white artwork above the bed create a bit gloomy appearance in the interior, but the skylight soothe down the dimness ambiance and bright up the place by adding natural sunlight and airy feel in the all white bedroom.

Scandinavian Bedroom with Arched Skylight

Image Source: My Ideal bedroom

We love this relaxed and cozy Scandinavian bedroom design. The arched skylight not only provide the bright bedroom with natural sunlight and airy feel, but due to the arched design it creates a nice architectural effect which accent the modern and contemporary feel of the interior.

Simple Bedroom with Skylight

Image Source:Decordots

So charming and simple! We love the overall simple setting of this bedroom, but we especially love the skylights that burst with light and open up this bedroom providing it with cozy and airy touch.