15 Charming Bathroom Designs With Wood Beams

15 Charming Bathroom Designs With Wood Beams

Using natural materials for getting a more rustic and warm appearance of the bathroom is the ultimate way to enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom and avoid a cold and dull appearance of the place. Decorating with wood beams has shown a miraculous effect in every interior, so it’s the case with bathroom. Bathroom with wood beams looks architecturally advanced and reflects warm and relaxing ambiance that the bathroom requires. Applying wood beams in the bathroom is a great idea if you want to avoid a cold and sterile appearance of the interior and add a specific warm and relaxing vibe in the place. The wood beams as a natural material with a rustic nature has the tendency to add a natural and breezy vibe in the bathroom interior. If you feel like your bathroom lacks a natural feel, then we guess is your lucky day, cause we have selected a showcase of 15 bathrooms with wood beams that may give you the idea.

Attic Bathroom with Beams

Image Source: Decoist

We just love how the bold wood beams strike through the white appearance of this attic bathroom and provide it with interesting, rustic appearance. The arrangement of the wood beams is straight and symmetrical which sticks to the contemporary setting of the bathroom but adds a warm and natural note in the place.

Beautiful Bathroom with Beams

Image Source: Right Move

Wood beams in combination with brick walls are the right materials for creating a warm, cottage inspired bathroom. The standalone copper bathtub adapts in the craftsman setting of this interior. The valued ceiling with beams creates an opulent and cozy feel of the interior, while the rustic nature of the beams create bold visual effect.

Bold Bathroom with beams

Image Source: House to Home

These wood beams have the major influence in providing this bathroom with architecturally advanced and unique appearance. The bold and opulent beams add charm and warmth in the modern rustic setting of the bathroom with stand alone cooper bathtub. The display of the beams is dramatic and acts as a striking complement of the interior.

Breezy bathroom with beams

Image Source: InteriorHolic

This bathroom has got the breezy and charming feel as a courtesy of the wood beams in a light oak wood and rustic, noisy texture. The exposition of the beams, arranged in a vertical display on the walls and horizontal on the ceiling creates an advanced visual effect and strikes through the plain white appearance of the walls.

Calm Bathroom with Beams

Image Source: House to Home

Imagine this bathroom setting without the beams, it would look cold and sterile right?– So the beams in this case are the game changer and has transformed the overall concept of this white monochrome bathroom. Their rustic and bold nature provides this bathroom with relaxing and natural vibe.

Classy Bathroom with beams

Image Source: Bhg

The setting of this bathroom is rather eclectic, but the wood beams add a cottage inspired feel and rustic ambiance. The beam on the black ceiling work for providing this bathroom with balancing and relaxed ambiance, striking on the black and white chess floor.

Contemporary Bathroom with Beams

Image Source: Kohler

The wooden beam with a rustic nature and noisy texture strikes through the sleek and contemporary setting of the bathroom and brings a natural and relaxing feel to the place. The beams create a bold and dramatic ambiance in this white monochrome bathroom.

Cool Bathroom with Beams

Image Source: Top Home Designz

The appearance of this rustic eclectic bathroom is sublimed with the exposition of oak beams that add a breezy and natural appearance to the bathroom. The white clawfoot bathtub with silver foots stands out and set the modern aspect of the interior and yet the beams with a rustic nature add the warm and cozy feel in the place.

Cottage Bathroom with beams

Image Source: Examiner

Here is another bathroom design that has used the combination of brick walls and wood beams to create an earthy feel and cottage inspired appearance of the interior. The wood beams with a noisy texture, displayed in a bold and dramatic order create a nice visual and bring warm and cozy feel to the place.

Country Bathroom with Beams

Image Source: House to Home

The wood beams have saved this bathroom of the dull and cold white appearance and provided it with homely, warm vibe. This attic bathroom with the beams striking through the white walls look antique and rustic, reflecting warm and cozy ambiance.

Elegant Bathroom with beams

Image Source: Shelternes 

This bathroom receives a plenitude of natural sunlight coming through the skylights placed on the ceiling, while the sleek wood beams bring natural and cozy feel to the place.The beams along with the natural sunlight soothe the heavy ambiance that comes from the elegant setting and provide this bathroom with balanced feel.

Luxury Bathroom with Beams

Image Source: Decorpad

The gorgeous appearance is due to the spacious space of the interior, magnificent furnishing, wide window that brings natural sunlight and integrates the exterior with the interior and as a sublime the wood beams that enhance the overall appearance of this bathroom and provide it with cozy and natural feel.

Minimalist Bathroom with Beams

Image Source: One Kind Design

This bathroom is sleek and contemporary and due to the bold wood beams it looks natural, relaxing and calm. The beams have a big merit of this bathroom being charming and beautiful.

Modern Bathroom with Beams

Image Source: Rightmove

The dramatic and bold display of the painted black beams made this bathroom utterly modern and unique. The ceiling beams creek through the white walls and set the opulent and modern ambiance in this bathroom.

Rustic Bathroom with Beams

Image Source: Right Move

The distinctive, rustic ambiance in this bathroom is sublimed with the noisy beams that provide this place with magnificent appearance. The rustic nature of the beams, additionally brings warm and cozy feel to the place.