15 Classy Bedrooms with Striped Walls

15 Classy Bedrooms with Striped Walls

We have already established the fact that patterns and texture have a major influence in enhancing and improving the aesthetics of any interior, especially the bedroom. When we say: especially the bedroom, we mean that this interior has a delicate nature and main aim to look relaxed and calm and the pattern such as the stripes can provide the place with advanced and interesting visual effect. Striped walls are perfect way to decorate the bedroom walls and provide the bedroom interior with bold and dramatic visual effect. Moreover, the striped walls can visually enlarge the space, so its beneficial for small sized bedroom. Bedroom with striped walls tend to reflect ecstatic and relaxing ambiance and aesthetically look classy and sophisticated. Below you can check a showcase of 15 Classy Bedrooms with Striped Walls which could serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Blue Striped Walls

Image Source:Vancouver Sun

“The wider the stripe, the smarter the effect”– proclaimed the eminent American decorator Dorothy Draper who practically invent the stripes in the interior. So as the Draper said the smart effect in this bedroom is attained by the boldness of the stripes but also by the blue vibrant shade that adds extra inviting and refreshing vibe to the interior.

Bold Bedroom with Vertical Yellow Striped Walls

Image Source: Hgtv

Yellow Bedroom with white stripes or a white bedroom with yellow stripes, which is not that important, the important thing here is that the vertical design and the deep yellow color adds a graphic punch in this texture rich bedroom and creates enhanced and dramatic appearance with modern and sensual nature.

Charming Bedroom with Purple Striped Walls

Image Source: Elle Decor

The purple vertical wide stripes create soft and charming visual in this obviously romantic and loosely bedroom. The light shade of the purple stripes was the right color in terms of preventing a heavy and excessive ambiance in the bedroom.

Chic Bedroom with Blue Striped Walls

Image Source:Kiwi Collection

This bedroom looks like a perfectly wrapped present ready to be gifted, right? The distinctive blue shade with extremely dynamic and vibrant nature in combination with the narrow design of the stripes create a marvelous visual effect in the place and works for creating a classy and chic setting in the bedroom.

Classy Bedroom with Vertical Striped Walls

Image Source: The Decadent Project

Not only that, this narrow navy blue vertical stripes totally match the overall setting of this bedroom, but they work as a foundation, focal point and great backdrop of the same. The golds strike on the navy blue stripes and create a super sophisticated and chic vibe in this modern bedroom.

Contemporary Bedroom with Black and White Striped Walls

Image Source: Aspa1984

The black vertical stripes with narrow design applied on a wall in a highly contemporary bedroom with a floating platform bed and glossy walnut floor add a dashing complement to the interior and creates the dynamic ambiance that is obvious in the place. The black and white artwork above the bed strikes as focal point and draw the attention to the stripes.

Country Bedroom with Green Striped Walls

Image Source: The glam pad

Country bedroom and pastel colored stripes almost always goes together, so if you were setting your mind on applying a Country Theme in the bedroom, do it like a pro and use the technique of pastel green stripes to attain the charming and effect of a romantic Country Bedroom.

Eclectic Bedroom with Striped Walls

Image Source: Shelterness

The color scheme of black, orange, gray, blue and white applied in a form of a narrow stripes reminds of the early 19 Ceuntry decorating and totally indulge the eclectic and a bit moody setting of this bedroom. The striped walls in this bedroom creates a bit of a serious mood but surely it looks extra mod.

Gray and Yellow Striped Walls

Image Source:Sherwin Williams

Striped wall in wide design and pastel yellow and gray shades, applied on a plain pastel gray wall totally stands out and act as a striking complement in this mod bedroom decorated in a precisely manner with chick and stylish elements such as the poster pink bed which is the focal point of the bedroom.

Master Bedroom with Pink Striped Walls

Image Source: Sarah Richardson Design

The soft pink stripes in a wide design are the cherry on the top of this incredibly soft white bedroom. The touch of pink stripes acts as a great mood booster in this bedroom and are responsible for the sweet and charming appearance of the interior.

Purple Striped Bedroom

Image Source: House To Home

Vertical Purple Stripes with narrow design create a bit geometric and super symmetrical appearance of this traditional but charming bedroom. The purple striped wall has surely enhance the aesthetic of this bedroom and is a perfect backdrop in a formal setting of the bedroom.

Small Bedroom with Striped Walls

Image Source: A Design Story

What has provided this bedroom with contemporary appearance, bigger outlook and symmetrical charm are the gray stripes with various bold and narrow design, creating a sophisticated and modern setting in a small and simple bedroom.

Soft Bedroom with Creamy Striped Walls

Image Source: Some Kind Of Lovely Bride

The narrow gray stripes applied on a white wall create a soft and profound appearance of this chic bedroom. Additionally the architecture of the walls has allowed to this bedroom to have a more advanced outlook with distinctive and profound overall outlook.

Stylish Bedroom with Colorful Striped Walls

Image Source: My Bedroom Decoration

The walls are screaming fun, playful and stylish. If you are up for creating a bedroom with light motifs and perky appearance, here is an idea: narrow stripes in splash of colors may work for you.

Vibrant Bedroom with Blue Striped Walls

Image Source: My Home Ideas

The ombe effect of two blue shades arranged in wide stripes was the right choice for creating a refreshing, vibrant and modern bedroom. This bedroom radiates fresh, pure and vibrant energy due to the striped blue walls.