15 Dreamy Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

15 Dreamy Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Regarding to the intimate and private nature of the bedroom, we have to conclude that windows and a proper window treatment are essential for creating a nice ambiance in the place. The window treatment in the bedroom includes dressing up the windows according to the style of the place in order to adapt the bedroom setting. The window treatment in the bedroom should provide the place with enough natural sunlight and yet block the exterior and allow a privacy in the room. Just as everything the windows require a proper attention and decorating. Drapes, curtains, shades or plain blinds will add a character and identity to the windows and provide your bedroom with specific mood and energy. Dress up your windows properly, and check out the showcase of 15 Dreamy Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas. Enjoy!

A Curvy Bedroom Window Cornice

Image Source: Decropad

The creative touch of the curve window cornice adds a great visual effect in this elegant and classy bedroom. To merge the style of the window drape with the classy setting of the bedroom, the designer has decided for the drape to be plain and white just to adapt to the dreamy white palette of the bedroom.

Bedroom Window as A background

Image Source: Hgtv

Although is not the best idea to arrange the bed against the window, since it’s not advisable to turn back to the sun and block the sunlight with a drape the treatment of this window is decent and modern. The wide drape goes with the creamy beige color and adopts the formal style of this light and creamy bedroom.

Bold Blue Drape

Image Source: House to Home

This is how you create a bold and modern window treatment. The bold wooden paneled cornice is a great setting point and matched with the vibrant plain blue drape adds a deep and profound feel in this distinctive bedroom.

Bold Patterned Drapes Window Treatment

Image Source: Traditional Home

The window is a great focal point which is a perfect place to make a statement with, such as this floral and lively patterned drape is providing this country -like bedroom.

Colored Drapes for Bedroom WIndow

Image Source: Hgtv

If you enjoy colors, then embrace colors. The bright and playful colors of these window drapes add a perky and modern touch in this eclectic, bright bedroom. The identical two windows placed perfectly on each side and decorated identically to create an amazing and a symmetrical visual effect.

Contemporary Bedroom with Modern Black Drape

Image Source: Homes and Gardens

The window treatment should add to the style of the bedroom, but should also dictate the ambiance such as this bold and daring black drape does. A black drape will attract the sunlight, but it will block the excessive light and let only enough to create a natural and bright ambiance in the bedroom.

Dramatic Bedroom Window Treatment

Image Source: ELLE Decor

A velvet, sensual brown drape for a window is just as a little black dress for a woman is, it’s sexy, subtle and elegant. This allure and elegant drape main charmer in the room for sure.

Elegant Goldish Drapery

Image Source:  Homes and Gardens

The goldish, patterned drapes with a full treatment make a statement in this bedroom and provide the place with super elegant and classy note.

Little White WIndows with Big Black Drapes

Image Source:  Ideal Home

A dramatic setting of the bedroom requires a dramatic bedroom window treatment as well, and this bedroom has done its job properly. The black plain drape adds a bold and modern touch in this exquisite and distinctive bedroom.

Master Bedroom Window-and-Wallscape

Image Source: Traditional Home

A matching drapes with the bedding is a great idea for a dramatic and bold bedroom window treatment. The serene ambiance in this bedroom is due to the elegant and allure platinum drapes.

Modernized Roman Shades

Image Source: Hgtv

Roman shades are great bedroom window treatment idea for contemporary and minimalist bedroom with a tendency for stylish appearance. The geometrical pattern of the roman shades makes a statement and works for a focal point in the room.

Pastel Drapery

Image Source: Traditional Home

The pastel yellow drapes matches perfectly with the blue pastel color of the bedroom and creates amazing and romantic ambiance in the place.

Serene Wide Bedroom Windows

Image Source: Hgtv

This is a really high end bedroom window treatment idea. The wall windows are wide and tall and integrate the nice view from the exterior and the linen white drape is a beautiful detail and perfect privacy provider.

Sleek and Wide Window with white blinds

Image Source: House to Home

The serene ambiance in this bedroom is due to the plain white window that come in big and wide size. The simple and traditional shades are creating a formal and light-hearted feel in this French inspired bedroom.

White-and-Peacock-Blue Drapes for the Window

Image Source: Ideal Home

The bright and plain appearance in this bedroom is perfectly broke through with the exotic peacock blue and green floral drape that brings the exotic and lively note in this serene bedroom.

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