15 Enchanting Gothic Bedroom Design Ideas

15 Enchanting Gothic Bedroom Design Ideas

The moment when we decide to write about Gothic Interior, at Rilane we talked about how this term is brought out of its proportion. For instance, we concluded that when we hear the term “Gothic” or “Goth” at the same instance two things come in front of us as association: the Raven from Edgar Alan Po and Morticia from Adam’s Family, which is not so far from the term. Anyhow the Gothic culture and Gothic Bedroom Design is much more elegant and proficient then the stereotypes that are related to this style. Gothic style is not first interior choice for everybody, because the goth culture is often related with dark ambiance and unconventional religious cults, which is pure misconception of the style. Even though the Goth style features a lot of black color in the interior it can be utterly elegant and sensual style. In order to show you that Gothic Bedroom Design can look truly astonishing and inspiring, we’ve gathered a list of 15 Enchanting Gothic Bedroom Design Ideas. Enjoy!

Amazing Gothic Bedroom

Image Source: Becki Peckham | The Uncommon Law

The dramatic elegance of this utterly Gothic bedroom design is simply astonishing, right? At first glance you get a little dizzy from the all opulent patterns and sensual colors that are daringly applied in this gorgeous bedroom. The black damask wall surely sets a nice Gothic statement and along with the black, classy chandelier creates a bold and unique appearance of this extremely sensual Gothic bedroom.

Antique Gothic Bedroom

Image Source: Charls Neals

There is some specific mystique ambiance in this bedroom. We love the hot pink canopy bed with velvet curtains, and how the hot pink patterned wallpaper totally adapts the sensuality of the curtains and creates super sensual backdrop in this diminish and beautiful Gothic Bedroom.

Beautiful Gothic Bedroom

Image Source: Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

We love the nonchalant perk of this super modern Gothic bedroom. Even though all the attention is focused on the dazzling, outstanding wrought iron bed with sharp structured post and accented roof, we also love the brick wall and how it works as a striking complement to the bed. Simply astounding right?

Bold Gothic Bedroom

Image Source: Hoge Architectural Development

Here is another Gothic bedroom design with awesome Gothic Bed. We love that designer does not apply excessive color or decorative palette, since the bed with the bold posts is enough for providing this bedroom with the elegant, bold and daring ambiance.

Bright Gothic Bedroom

Image Source: The Interior Place

As you can notice, wrought iron beds with distinctive design are the most used item for creating a Gothic Bedroom. The wrought iron bed, totally stands out in the white colored bedroom and provides the place with bold, dramatic and dynamic appearance.

Charming Gothic Bedroom

Image Source: Edwin Pepper Interiors

This is one of the Gothic themed bedroom designs that also hold the adjective glam or stylish goth. The damask black and white wall is great as a focal point and backdrop of the black velvet antique bed that stands out as a striking complement in this amazing Gothic bedroom.

Contemporary Gothic Bedroom

Image Source: Taylored Interiors

The hot pink on the wall creates a dynamic and sensual foundation for the Gothic setting in the interior which is followed by over sized antique, black bed and a lot of Gothic decorative elements, such as the candle holder and the black accent mirror on the wall.

Dramatic Gothic Bedroom

Image Source: Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

Not only that this canopy bed with black curtains and valued rooftop is accent in this Gothic bedroom, but it is also displayed on a three floor platformed decorated with shag carpets and illuminated light. How gorgeous and dramatic is that, right? We totally choose this Gothic Bedroom Design as our favorite.

Elegant Gothic Bedroom

Image Source: Bill House Plans

The Bed! Black Ironed Canopy bed in a form of a Gothic Cathedral with brown tufted headboard and enormous size is the king of beds and bedrooms, we absolutely love this bed. The Gothic Ambiance surely comes from the bed and it is a good thing that the designer of this bedroom has applied a light color scheme and low key decorative palette in order to focus all the attention on the bed.

Modern Gothic Bedroom

Image Source: Freshome

The black monochrome ambiance in this super modern Gothic Bedroom is broken through with some gold details which adds a sensuality and really vibrant and decadent element to the place, which is outstanding and gorgeous.

Monochrome Gothic Bedroom

Image Source: Homedit

The designer of this Gothic bedroom, has used the method black on black, and has obviously attained a miraculous and gorgeous ambiance in this beautiful bedroom. The matted golden lamp nicely breaks through the excessive blackness and adds nice vibe in the place.

Outstanding Gothic Bedroom

Image Source: Home My Design

Here is another black Gothic bedroom that is appearance is purely divine. The soft textures and monochrome black color scheme has provided this bedroom with bold and dramatic ambiance.

Sensual Gothic Bedroom

Image Source: Martha Stewart

The giant canopy bed, decorated with velvet black curtains creates an amazing ambiance in this black Gothic bedroom. We love the black wooden panel in the bedroom which acts as a great backdrop.

Sleek Gothic Bedroom

Image Source: gq

Here is an example of modern and contemporary Gothic bedroom. The shag black area rug provides the room with soft texture and adds a nice visual effect in the place. The quirky artwork surely sets the unique and bold aspect of the bedroom and provide the interior with awesome note.

Stylish Gothic Bedroom

Image Source: Oh Velveetina

We love the elegant and soft touch that the designer has used to soothe down the excessive blackness. Even though black and dark this Gothic bedroom has a specific soft and gentle ambiance.