15 Inspiring Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

15 Inspiring Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

The bedroom as your sacred territory and your land should be all about you and your energy, therefore the dominant color in the place is crucial for your mood and energy. The paint color in the bedroom will determine the atmosphere of the place and which energy will be dominant. Regarding to the fact, that the bedroom is the place where you rather should feel relaxed and calm, you should choose the paint color according to your energy and which color you find most relaxing and pleasant. If you can’t decide your mind for the bedroom paint color, look at the color ideas below which you may find interesting.

Aquamarine Blue

Image Source: House Beautiful

When you hear the word Aquamarine, the first thing that comes to your mind is an enormous way of freshness. This color, will not just aesthetically create ecstatic and vibrant appearance, but it will also reflect fresh and radiant energy. Aquamarine is a color that is most suitable for sea enthusiasts.

Azure Blue

Image Source: House Beautiful

Blue as the azure sea is perfect for people who are fans of the Mistique and profound things. Azure blue in the bedroom will create fresh and yet intriguing and deep ambience.

Blossom Pink

Image Source: House Beautiful

The blossom pink asscoiates with fresh, radiant and serene ambiance. This shade of pink will reflect positive and clean energy, and aesthetically will provide the place with a charming and adorable note.

Caramel Brown

Image Source: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

The caramel brown color is suitable for people who strive to attain a formal and warm ambiance in the bedroom. This warm and emotional color has the power to generate cozy and warm energy.

Crystal White

Image Source: Joie Wilson

Crystal white is a color of people with elegance and style, people who enjoy in classy and sophisticated things. The white color as a tone has a major impact in creating a dreamy and dazzling ambiance. White also associates with clean and pure energy and will allow optimal amount of energy flow in the bedroom.

Deep Orange

Image Source: Lawanna Wood Designs

Are you an optimist and a glass full person? – If yes, this is the color that is most welcome in your bedroom. Deep orange will provide the bedroom with vibrant and cheerful ambiance and will additionally bring a bright and modern note in the place.

Earthy Beige

Image Source: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Beige is natural and earthy color, and as a dominant tone in the bedroom may create airy and cozy ambiance. In terms of energy, this color reflects clean, pure and positive vibes.

Light Purple

Image Source: Alison Duke

The purple bedroom should be a winning choice for people which are passionate and enjoy in stylish and chic decor. The light purple will most likely create a serene and sensual ambiance in the bedroom.

Mellon Yellow

Image Source: SIMON WATSON

Paint the bedroom in sunny yellow, if you want to wake up everyday with a smile on your face, since this color generates really calming and positive energy, and has a big role in creating a cozy and yet modern bedroom.

Mistique Black

Image Source: Simon Watson

Black is not the first choice for most of the people, but if you are passionate, bold and daring and generally enjoy sensual and modern style, then the black color should be the first choice for your bedroom. Black is very powerful tone, and will create a really modern and contemporary appearance in the bedroom.

Olive Green

Image Source: House Beautiful

Olive green or also known as jade green is a combination of exotic, oriental , fresh and vibrant. This color may create a perfect balance in the bedroom and acts as a calming and relaxing color in the bedroom.

Peach Pink


The peachy pink will help you to create a vibrant and elegant ambiance in the bedroom. This charming color may provide the bedroom with serene and sumptuous ambiance.

Serene Green


The serene green is perfect for the people of nature. Green bedroom may be a perfect choice for you if you enjoy peaceful and yet fresh energy.

Sumptuous Deep Blue

Image Source: REED DAVIS

Deep blue is a color that most likely will provide the place with a serious and vibrant note. Blue associated with bad mood is just a misconception and that does not mean that this color will affect your mood in a negative manner.

Vibrant Indigo

Image Source: Icon Interiors Ltd

Indigo blue is a color that generates dynamic and powerful energy. This color will create calming and appealing ambiance in the bedroom, and is perfect for people who enjoy the class.

The color in the bedroom will consequently have a major influence on your mood. We hope that this idea were inspirational enough for you and that you are ready to paint the bedroom with your favorite color. Additionally, if you have lack of color inspiration for the other rooms in the house , check 15 Refreshing Kitchen Paint Color Ideas for more ideas. Have a great day!