15 Light and Airy Bedroom Design Ideas

15 Light and Airy Bedroom Design Ideas

The bedroom is the place where you should feel relaxed and calm, the energy should be clean and sleek and the ambiance ecstatic and at the same time calm. We are sure that this is not the first time to hear the term airy and natural bedroom design. This way of decorating the bedroom does not particularly goes under some specific style with specific rules. The airy bedroom includes natural and clean colors that reflect pure and infinite energy and usage of natural wooden materials. Natural bedroom is a perfect choice for people who enjoy the airy ambiance and fresh, clean spaces. Take a look at the bellow Light and airy bedroom design which you may find interesting and inspiring.

Airy Bedroom with Huge Bed

Image Source: Polly Eltes

The pastel blue bed in an enormous size is the focal point of this airy, white bedroom. This is an example how you can create a natural and calm ambiance in your bedroom just by adding one element and choosing the right colors.

Amazing Natural and Airy Bedroom

Image Source: JudithMackin

A big bed without a headboard is really making a statement in this snowy white bedroom with airy and peaceful ambiance. The natural light that comes through the big and wide windows just adds to the natural beauty of this calm and tranquil bedroom.

Calm Airy Bedroom

Image Source: Trevor Richards

This white and airy bedroom radiates truly calm and peaceful ambiance. The white wooden sleigh bed makes a statement in the room and the neutral and delicate materials provide the place with soft and relaxing note.

Calming White Bedroom

Image Source: Brent Darby

This bedroom is a mix of natural and airy style with a traditional touch of decorating. The dominance of the white color in combination with the dark brown wooden bed and ethnic area rug are creating airy and beautiful ambiance in this bedroom.

Neutral tranquil bedroom

Image Source: David Giles

The quirky artwork in combination with the white prevalence is creating a really peaceful ambiance in this bedroom . The tree inspired bedding and curtains are adding a natural and rustic vibe in the place.

Dreamy White Airy Bedroom

Image Source: Tim Young

This monochrome white bedroom is really amazing and adorable. The white wooden panel in combination with the white iron bed is creating a vintage airy appearance of this bedroom.

Earth Tone Bedroom

Image Source: Ilya Postnikov

Sleek white furniture in combination with warm wooden materials is providing this airy bedroom with modern and yet airy and cozy touch.

Light White and Pink Bedroom

Image Source: Chris Everard

The pastel striped wall and the gentle and soft materials are providing this bedroom with airy, natural and adorable tone.

Light and airy bedroom

Image Source: House to Home

This airy bedroom reflects light and clean energy thanks to the smart furniture arrangement and great usage of the white and pastel colors.

Light Bedroom with Accent Artwork

Image Source: Cece Wilden

The perky decorative elements in combination with the plain white wall decorated only with modern art work is providing this bedroom with airy, natural and beautiful note.

Neutral Airy White Bedroom

Image Source: Tim Young

The vintage sleigh bed in combination with the white, clean colors is creating an amazing appearance of this fresh, airy bedroom.

Neutral Bedroom with Roof Beams

Image Source: David Parimeter

This bedroom reflects an airy and natural ambiance. The lack of colors and details is creating more beautiful and calming ambiance. The kid artwork on the wall is the real charmer of this bedroom.

Neutral White Bedroom

Image Source: Robert Sanderson

The patterned headboard in combination with the white walls and the wooden beams is providing this bedroom with natural and airy ambiance.

White French Style Bedroom

Image Source: Brent Darby

This is an airy and a beautiful bedroom, decorated with distinctive French style.

Bedrooms with natural and airy appearance will reflect nice and calming energy. See more bedroom ideas on 20 Awe-Inspiring Bedroom Design Styles.