15 Marvelous Bedroom Designs with Accent Bookshelf

15 Marvelous Bedroom Designs with Accent Bookshelf

Some people have a way of co-existing with books. There even is a saying that a bookworm is happiest in its natural habitat and no, libraries were not meant to be natural habitats. A living place or a natural habitat should be very comfortable, a haven that will take you to other dimensions when you sit in there and a grab a book and decide to read. Your natural habitat as a bookworm should be a place where everything is accessible and also comfortable which means that you can stay in there for several hours. What better way to design or set-up your book haven than by placing it in the very place where you rest or relax, in your bedroom. Well, for the bookworms out there, brace yourselves for these 15 Marvelous Bookshelf Bedroom Design Ideas that will definitely take your breath away.

Awesome Moroccan Bedroom with Bookshelves and White Sofas

 Image source: Cocozy

This awesome bedroom was designed with a Moroccan fireplace and awesome white furniture. Having a spacious bedroom gives you more opportunity to add accessories to your bedroom. In this design there are plenty of seats for you and your friends to grab a book and read the day away.

Bedroom With Gray Bookshelf And Standing Chair

 Image source: Buck Eye States Blog

If you have a spare corner in your bedroom where you think a bookshelf can fit in, you can transform that corner into something like this nook from Buck Eye States Blog. Add a standing lamp and an metallic shelf and a modern chair and you have the perfect reading spot.

Bookshelf Attic Bedrooms

 Image source: Vissbiz

Some attic bedrooms have these wooden walls that you can actually convert to built in bookshelves. It gives you a lot of storage space so that your bedroom doesn’t look like it’s in the attic with all the junk, but it looks very organized and naturally comfortable. You can even add some modern sofas and invite your friends over.

Bookshelf Headboard Bedroom Nook

 Image source: Our Humble Abode Blog

This Bookshelf Headboard Bedroom Nook is very much possible in small bedrooms. There are online websites which offer custom building of furniture and you can have one customized to the dimensions of your bedroom so that it looks like a headboard and a bookshelf at the same time. Then, you can have a lamp installed on both sides. This design is fantabulous!

Captivating College Bedroom

 Image source: Donghae

A neat room is always conducive for college students. This awesome design from Donghae offers the use of complimentary colors and even has some small shelves under the bed for easy access of reading materials. There also is a television and a nice standing lamp at the corner of the room. We love this area rug where the boys can also lay around studying or just for hanging out.

Cool Sporty Teenage Bedroom

 Image source: Panican

This Cool Sporty Teenage Bedroom has a beautiful study area just next to the bed. We love the retro and at the same time, sporty touch of this bedroom. The design balances it from looking too soft, neither is the peach too bright. Over all, this room offers a warm and conducive room for learning and sleeping.

Modern Bedroom Design With Unusual Wall Shelves

Image source: Guatacrazynight

This Awesome Modern Bedroom Design with Unusual Shelves is one of the best bookshelf bedroom designs for this collection. What do you think? It is a spacious room, has a colorful area rug and the part of this room that we like best is the corner with the reclining chair and the bookshelf. You can definitely spend the afternoon away without having to leave your room, just to prepare a meal maybe.

Girls Bedroom with White Color Scheme Supplemented by Custom Bed with Bookshelf

 Image source: Perio Clinix

This beautiful girls bedroom was customized to make a good use of the bed case. A little girl would definitely appreciate reading her favorite book in the comforts of her bed, with her stuffed toys and with natural sunlight streaming through her bedroom window. Add to that the smell of fresh flowers from the garden outside.

Kids and Young Awesome Contemporary Bedroom Decorating Idea

 Image source: She 777

This contemporary bedroom design is just inspiring. A modern bedroom with modern furniture and a black tile flooring creates a relaxing space for studying and sleeping. The area rug also gives a neutral balance to the vibrant orange color. We’ve seen other bedrooms in the shade of orange but nothing beat the beauty of the big bookshelf that makes organizing easier in the bedroom. Notice that modern bedside lamp as well.

Magnificent Sea Voyage Boys Bedroom Theme with Sailing Ship Headboard Ideas and Fantastic Circular Bookshelf Design in Brown Walls

 Image source: Im Said

Check out how functionality and theme style is achieved in this wonderful bookshelf bedroom design by Im Said. This is a boy’s bedroom in a sea voyage theme design. We believe that this bookshelf headboard was also customized.

Pretty Girls Bedroom with Bookshelves

 Image source: Bloom Bety

Take a look at this pretty girl’s bedroom with a very big bookshelf. In this design, your little girl can read on her study table or bring the book to her bed when she gets sleepy, then she can easily just put it back because the bookshelf is just beside her. This is also a beautiful, space saving bedroom for girls-smart girls in the making!

Sao Paulo Brazil Bookshelf Bedroom

 Image source: Fresh Palace

This design from fresh palace wasn’t meant exactly for reading, we presume. This bedroom could also use some book arrangement but we believe that it’s the design that is prioritized. After all, there is also such a thing as a beautiful mess.

Small Teenage Bedroom with Floating Bookshelf and Green Rug

 Image source: Petagazine

We know that you can match white with any vibrant color to achieve an energetic and vibrant bedroom. In yellow green and white, this bedroom looks big enough and cozy for reading, studying and sleeping.

Teenage Bedroom Layouts With Grey And White Bed And Wooden Bookshelf And Floor Design

 Image source: Nosdrift

This teenage bedroom in grey and white is a minimalist design. You can see that there is a spacious bookshelf but they don’t have sections. A minimalist design usually uses two neutral tones. This room would also look great in black and white but grey gives off a lighter feeling and look to this simple yet excellent looking bedroom.

Under the Stairs Bedroom with Bookcase Concept

 Image source: Laurie Flower

This is a perfect way to utilize the space under your stairs, create a guest room or just a relaxing area for your guests. Those wonderful bookshelves give it a really nice look by using wooden shelves aside from the white ones. As you can see, the first three floating shelves also match the color of the steps in the staircase. This room is mean to be under the stairs.