15 Modern Classic Bedroom Designs

15 Modern Classic Bedroom Designs

We’ve seen modern bedrooms that take our breath away. With the use of vibrant colors and very unique shapes, modern bedrooms offer comfort and style. We have also gotten a glimpse of classic bedrooms which are characterized by carved wood, some curves and tails and the use of metal. These styles give more class and shape to an ordinary kind of furniture. But what if we put classic and modern together? We can only imagine how awesome and eye-catching that would look like. To prove to you that modern classic is one style you’d definitely want to try, here are some modern classic bedrooms that caught our attention.

Awesome Modern Classic Beige Oak Bedroom

 Image source: Tn173

If you take a look at this bedroom, it almost looks totally classic, but then again, remember that contrasting dark to light is more of a modern technique. In this bedroom, oak is contrasted with white, just take a look at the ceiling and the color of the furniture against the wall. Notice that the shape of the mirror is also modern although the dark color adds to it being classic.

Black and Gold Modern Classic Spacious Bedroom

Image source: Cgarchitect

Black and gold- two colors that will always look classy when put together. Yet what actually makes this bedroom modern classic is the use of black and grey and a modern taste for art pieces.

Black and Grey Modern Classic Bedroom

 Image source: Tn173

With the use of black and grey, this room looks modernized yet, if you look at the furniture, there is a lot of curvy detail to it and the bed headboard and footboard also features a lot of classic detail.

Classic Country Living Bedroom Design with Fuschia Area Rug

 Image source: 900house

Here is a nice country bedroom from 900house. It features a wooden floor and a totally classic wooden bed but because of the added fuchsia area rug and couch, it gives the bedroom a modern taste.

Exciting Blue Color Bedroom Design

 Image source: Koverkrete

You can never go wrong with blue as the color of your bedroom. Blue gives off a very cool feeling to the room. This bedroom uses a light blue classic wall paper and has a furry area rug.

Fabulous Classical Bedroom With Unique Neutral Carpet For Classic Bedroom

 Image source: Gmindy

This bedroom is a perfect example of classic however, the bed which is the centerpiece of the bedroom is actually in a regular rectangular shape so that this room doesn’t look too traditional or classic. Remember that you can also play with shapes and you can do that with the choice of your bed. If not, play around with the sheet colors.

Grey Modern Classic Bedroom Design

 Image source: Designdeviebyvarent

Grey is a naturally relaxing color that you can use for your modern bedroom. However, if you cannot totally achieve a modern look because sometimes furniture can also be costly and you need to invest on good modern furniture, then you can have classic and modern meet halfway. You can mix and match wall papers such as how this room is designed. There is a classic wallpaper and there is a solid color.

Luxury Modern Classic Bedroom

 Image source: Ciiwa

That ray of sunlight is just beautiful. This bedroom also has some classic detail on the bed but if you could just observe closer, there are linings on every furniture and most of them are in regular shapes.

Pretty White Brown Modern Classic Bedroom

 Image source: TopicUSA

This nice modern classic white brown bedroom from TopicUSA definitely mixed classic to modern by using brown colored sheets over a regularly solid white bed that looks almost floating. One look at the bed and the closet and you can definitely say that those furniture are modern.

White Modern Classic Style Bedroom

 Image source: Housearquitectura

This bedroom features a classic design rug using gold and black. We love how that big soft headboard matches the curtains. This design is perfect for airconditioned rooms and hotel room designs.

Groovy Modern Bedroom Decoration

 Image source: Housefm

Check out the wonderful circular shape of these modern bed. The classic touch is the color of the headboard which also matches the area rug. Modern Classic it is!

Modern Classic White and Purple on Wood

 Image source: Inmagz

Mix light colors with wood and you can achieve modern classic design in less than hours! Remember that all the elements count such as the shapes and the colors that you use. Vibrant colors represent the modern touch.

Attractive Modern Space Bedroom Interior

 Image source: Madvilla

If you simply consider the choice of furniture, you’d definitely say that the designer has a great taste for classic but add the over all color and paint of this bedroom, it gives you a modern classic design which, we must say, strikes a balance to everything. Don’t forget to add modern art to your bedroom!

Trendy Modern Classic Bedroom with White Carpet

 Image source: Bedroomkitchen

The walls of this bedroom from Bedroomkitchen reminds you of the walls you’d see in traditional houses. The shape of the area rug though is very modern in style with the use of curves. The carpet is in contrast with the black flooring.

Vertical Brown Walls Modern Classic Bedroom

 Image source: Inmagz

This awesome irregularly shaped area rug and the really modern bed shape gives this room some elegance and perfection. The floor and the walls are almost all wooden but most of the furniture are modern.