20 Awe-Inspiring Bedroom Design Styles

20 Awe-Inspiring Bedroom Design Styles

The bedroom is the one place in your home, that is only your territory and your private land. Therefore, you have the freedom to express yourself , decor-wise in the way you want. The bedroom is the room where you should feel completely relaxed, pleasant and perky, since you are starting and finishing the day in this room. The style of the bedroom will surely have a major impact on your mood and energy, therefore is advisable to choose a style that you are most comfortable with. In general, the bedroom should reflect your energy and your style. Choose the style of your bedroom wisely, and get some inspiration by checking the following list of various bedroom design styles.

Antique Style

Image Source: Thom Oppelt.

A wrought iron chandelier, wooden sleigh bed and exposed roof beams are one of the elements that an antique inspired bedroom should have. A bedroom decorated with antique touch, reflects intrigant, elegant and really decadent ambiance, most likely suitable for people with sophisticated and distinctive taste.

Bohemian Bedroom

Image Source: David Bromstad

A splash of colors, patterns and materials matched in one room describes a Bohemian Bedroom. The boho chic bedroom is decorated with a variety of styles and with a big influence of the Ethnic culture. Boho Bedroom matches free-spirited, emotional and artistic souls.

Chic Design

Image Source: Colin Poole

A bedroom with a mirror cabinet and chandelier is a definition for a chic bedroom. The chic style fits fashionable, dynamic people who follow trends and enjoy in dramatic and bold interiors.


Image Source: House to Home

The sea inspired bedroom most likely reflect fresh and cool, light ambiance. Coastal bedroom should be a winning style choice for your bedroom, if you are adventurous, wild-spirited person who enjoy in the calmness of the sea.


Image Source: Andreas Charalambous

The contemporary style features everything that is modern, new and bold such as a minimalist statement wall or a floating bed. Contemporary bedroom is perfect for dynamic and fashionable people.

Country Inspired

Image Source: James Gardiner

Take me home, country road. The country- inspired bedroom is specifically in decorating and reflects the warm and cozy country ambiance. Country inspired bedroom usually features ample of floral details and mix match of different pattern.

Eclectic Modern

Image Source: Paul Raeside

Eclectic bedroom is perfect for modern people who enjoy in art and graphic design, people with dynamic spirit and unique opinion. Eclectic modern bedroom includes statement walls, accent furniture and lively, bold colors.

Elegant Style

Image Source: Colin Poole

The Elegant style is perfect for the romantic souls with a sophisticated taste for decorating. If you feel like you want to wake up in a room that most likely is described in the Jane Austin book, then you should choose an elegant style for your bedroom. This style includes a lot of pastel colors, floral patterns and classy furniture.

French Inspired

Image Source:  Lizzie Orme

The French-inspired bedroom applies for a room decorated with a Baroque and Avant-garde influence. This style features white and creamy foundation colors, classy antique furniture and shag materials.


Image Source: Ashley Astleford

Mediterranean bedroom is perfect choice for changing, dynamic people who want to travel and integrate a piece of every culture in their home.

Mid-Century Modern

Image Source: Colin Poole

The mid-century modern bedroom include plain light wooden furniture and sophisticated, live decorative element for instance, statement bed linens.

Minimalist Modern

Image Source:House to Home

Less is more! If you are a follower of this philosophy, then you should stick to minimalist decor for your bedroom. Minimalist bedroom is perfect in terms of energy flow. The minimalist bedroom features plain walls, minimal furniture and usually one focal point.

Modern Design

Image Source: David Bromstad

Dramatic bed headboard, accent ceiling treatment, bold light fixtures and a variety of pillows are the essentials to modern bedroom. Dynamic and trendy people associates with this style of decorating.

Orient Inspired

Image Source: Jeroen Van Derspek

If you enjoy the mysterious spice of the Orient, then this style of decorating is perfect for you. Full draped canopy bed, ethnic patterns and wicker rattan are usually the elements of an oriental bedroom. Oriental bedroom reflects mysterious and yet warm and sensual energy.


Image Source: Lizzie Orme

Romantic Bedroom reflect a pleasant and dreamy ambiance, and is perfect for the gentle souls who love the sentiment. Romantic bedroom features gentle, pastel colors and vintage decorative elements.

Rustic Design

Image Source: Sarah Richardson

Nature lovers, this is a style for you. People who love waking up and feeling like they are in a cottage , then this is a style that should prevail in your bedroom. Natural wooden materials, calm and earthy colors are fundamentals of a rustic bedroom.

Stylish Chic

Image Source: House to Home

Disco ball as a ceiling light, satin beddings and a lot of purple are the elements of a chic stylish bedroom.

Traditional Design

Image Source: Tina Mellino

Traditional bedroom usually features oak furniture set and dark, warm colors. Traditional bedroom is an eternal style and will never go out of fashion.

Vintage Design

Image Source: Jon Day

Patchwork pattern, perky colors and old furniture are the definition of a vintage decorated bedroom. Vintage bedroom should be a perfect choice for perky people with a free and cheerful spirit.

Retro Classic

Image Source: David Parmiter

Nostalgic for the 80s? – You don’t need a time travel machine, just monochromatic wallpaper and vintage table clock. The retro Classic bedroom is a match for people who miss the epic era of the 80’s.

The style of your bedroom will determine the energy and ambiance of the place, therefore is crucial to choose the one that is close to your spirit and personal taste. Read more tips for decorating the bedroom Essential Interior Decorating Tips for Bedroom.