20 Bold Bedroom Designs with Concrete Walls

20 Bold Bedroom Designs with Concrete Walls

It is a common fact that you just cannot create a bold and architecturally advanced bedroom without being a little edgy and choosing the inconvenient materials for the interior. The walls in the bedroom and choosing a color paint for them sometimes can be a real pain the neck, unless you are bold enough then you can choose a daring material such as bare concrete and create a dramatic and uber modern interior. The raw and bold nature of the concrete have a major impact in providing the bedroom interior with a cool quirk and gloomy but vibrant ambiance that screams modern and contemporary in the bedroom. Check out the showcase of 20 Bold Bedroom Designs with Concrete Walls that we have gathered for you in order to inspire.

Amazing Bedroom with Concrete Walls

Image Source: Guata Crazy Night

The designer has decided to leave the concrete walls plain with a sleek texture and bold appearance only with two miniature artworks positioned in quirky order above the bed. This decision has resulted with ultra bold and modern appearance of the interior which reflects utterly sophisticated and dynamic ambiance.

Beautiful Bedroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source: Wave Avenue

The structure, texture and shade of the concrete walls has created the effortlessly cool charm of this super modern and uber contemporary bedroom. The exposed concrete ceiling beams create an advanced and interesting visual effect and enhance the underline decor in the super bold bedroom with industrial charm.

Boho Chic Bedroom with Concrete Walls

Image Source:piccry

The gloomy, dark nature of the concrete walls is ingeniously brighten up with lively and quirky artwork which bring an ecstatic perk to the place and create interesting contrast. The animal print rug contributes to the whole boho chic setting and create soft and visually interesting touch in this modern bedroom.

Bold Bedroom with Concrete Walls

Image Source: House of Moseley

Wow! The ensemble of natural warm materials such as the natural wood headboard and over sized wood book shelves with the glass wall that brings light and nice view from the exterior soothe the dark and incredibly bold concrete wall and create just perfect appearance of this exceptionally beautiful bedroom.

Charming Bedroom with Concrete Walls

Image Source: urban Curator

The noisy texture of the concrete wall is soothe down by the light shade and helped to this bedroom to achieve the rustic charm with a vibrant and charming appearance. The white shag rug adds to the spectrum of texture and sublime the picture of super charming and quirky bedroom.

Chic Bedroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source: remodelista

Beside the cool appearance of the concrete wall with industrial and rustic nature, we have to emphasize how much we love the position of the bed, positioned across the big glass wall who has a super soothing effect in the concrete chic and rustic modern bedroom. Just lovely!

Contemporary Bedroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source: Skonahem

We surely love the sharp and masculine nature of this extremely sleek and contemporary bedroom with gray and textured concrete wall. The concrete and its bold nature sets up the unique and sharp outlook of the interior, while the unfinished wood bench has a soothing effect and provide the place with natural charm.

Eclectic Bedroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source: Concrete Architecture

Hats of to the designer of this bedroom! Seriously, this bedroom is utterly gorgeous! We are impressed by it’s simplicity and usage of few materials and how it has achieved so modern and bold appearance. The punch line in the bedroom is the secret affair between the geometric patterned quilt and the industrial concrete wall that provide the place with the beautiful and chic appearance.

Edgy Bedroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source: urban Curator

This bedroom is gloomy in a charming way, it has a really mystique and sophisticated appearance, like if there is a special story behind it, and it’s all due to the raw and rustic concrete wall decorated with bunch of old photos. The blend of silky quilt with rustic natural wood floor and raw industrial ceiling pendants create the sophisticated and utterly distinctive and edgy ambiance of the bedroom.

Gloomy Bedroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source: caan design

The masculine and gloomy energy in this bedroom is just astonishing. The designer has embraced the dark side of the bedroom and with a usage of solid texture and bold shades has created an extremely modern and contemporary appearance of this bedroom.

Industrial Bedroom with Concrete Walls

Image Source: Refreshed Design

We love the combination of the industrial and chic that is superbly applied in this beautiful bedroom. The concrete wall is responsible for the edgy and rustic appearance and create the overly charming and beautiful ambiance in this bedroom interior.

Minimalist Bedroom Concrete Walls

Image Source: Renderitoz

Well, this is how you create bold and modern minimalist bedroom. This bedroom interior has all of the elements that a bold charming interior requires: the concrete statement wall as a main quirk, white walls to create balance and soothing effect, the bold platform bed to work as a focal point and an accent ceiling pendant to enhance the aesthetics of the place. Just Amazing!

Modern Bedroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source: Digs Digs

We love the simplicity and sharp appearance of this cool bedroom. The concrete wall with dark color and the hollow part filled with modern artwork is the alpha and omega of the super modern appearance of this bedroom interior.

Natural Bedroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source: Interiorzine

This is a great example for people who want to attain a natural bedroom with industrial and bold quirk. The concrete wall has created the gloomy and dramatic side of the interior, while the natural wood canopy bed soothes the darkness and provides the place with balance and breezy feel.

Retro Chic Bedroom with Concrete Walls

Image Source: Ideas to Steal

We love how the 70’s decor is subtly applied in this beautiful bedroom with bare concrete walls. The autumn color scheme incorporated with the bare concrete wall creates balanced and vibrant ambiance in the place.

Sensual Bedroom with Concrete Walls

Image Source: haybert

Its ingenious and how the red wire from the pendant light bulb has done the cool and industrial effect in this super chic bedroom with dark concrete wall. We love the simplicity and how the designer has left the concrete wall empty, so the bold nature of the concrete can provide the place with powerful and dynamic ambiance.

Simple Bedroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source: Better Home Lifestyle

The balance that is created by mixing concrete wall with light oak cabinet has provided this bedroom with super charming and relaxing ambiance super sleek and contemporary appearance.

Sleek Bedroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source: Skonahem

Sleek and contemporary! The coral peach details contrasting the dark concrete wall create an interesting high contrast effect and provide this place with feminine and sleek appearance.

Stunning Bedroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source:Skonahem

The bed is absolutely gorgeous and definitely the main charmer in this beautiful quirky bedroom. But the concrete wall sets up the industrial foundation and creates the vibrant and dynamic ambiance in the place.

Tall Bedroom with Concrete Wall

Image Source:Skonahem

We love the industrial chic charm of this bedroom, it’s just amazing and so charming. The light bulb, the white soft quilt contrasting the concrete wall create balanced and relaxed ambiance in this super charming bedroom.