20 Eclectic Bedroom Designs To Leave You In Awe

20 Eclectic Bedroom Designs To Leave You In Awe

What crosses your mind when you hear the term Eclectic? – Well we will tell you the first thing that crosses our mind is a spectrum, or a room without rules, a room where the old meet new, where the stripes goes with animal print, a room where green goes with red and pink, it is a sort of a perfect free zone where every detail in the room is an individual with a specific nature and story and yet all matched together form one complete story. That is what we think of an eclectic style, we maybe get a little poetic but that this because we are highly inspired by the boldness and unbearable lightness of this style. The key of creating an Eclectic bedroom is decorating with your instincts and perception for aesthetics and not following any rules, that is what makes this style extremely inspiring. Want to match geometric wallpaper with an animal print rug, sure, just go ahead and you will attain Chic Eclectic Bedroom. We can present you a gazillion eclectic bedrooms that we like, but we have to narrow it down to 20, so check them out.

Airy Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

The designer of this bedroom wanted to prevent a dull ambiance from the plain white walls so applied the statement tufted headboard in creamy beige color. The valued ceiling creates advanced visual effect of the room and the glass wall brings natural sunlight and provide this bedroom with airy and eclectic appearance.

Bold Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Indulgy

The overall appearance of this bedroom is an outcome of the affair between Vintage and Contemporary. The vintage bedside cabinet striking with the accent animal print chair and contemporary artwork all sublimed with burst of stripes, animal print, and ethnic patterns creates the bold and dramatic outlook of this bedroom.

Bright Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Decoist

The bright and perky colors surely work for breaking through the plain white appearance of the walls and create a razzle dazzle ambiance in this chic eclectic bedroom. The geometric colorful area rug in combination with the beach print bedding sets the eclectic setting in this bedroom.

Chic Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source:Interioholic

An antique sleigh bed in a beige color and gold finish matched with a boho striped area rug, glam chandelier and modern artwork pulsating vibrant colors is basically the formula of creating a chic eclectic bedroom. This bedroom although small is decorated in a perfect eclectic style.

Cool Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Miss-Design

This urban eclectic bedroom has a specific light and breezy note behind all the eclectic setting. We especially love the painted yellow wardrobe doors with a print that create the bright and cool side of the room, not forgetting the line of displayed snickers that we find a bit odd but bold though. The gallery wall above the bed is solid and dramatic creating a perfect backdrop for the unfinished wood bed.

Distinctive Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Decorpad

Black walls broken through with bright cheery art is what makes this bedroom look super cool and eclectic, is the contrast effect that is attained by the white bed with ethnic quilt and contemporary tufted headboard.

Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Home-Designing

This spacious bedroom has used a neutral color scheme in order to avoid the heaviness that comes from the bold pattern, silky texture and industrial ceiling pendants. This bedroom looks dashing contemporary and has mixed the perfect blend of neutral colors and soft materials.

Eclectic Chic bedroom

Image Source: House Beautiful

The black and white striped rug striking is balanced by the pastel pink wall that bring soft and sweet feel to this eclectic bedroom. The iron vintage bed surely stands out and matched with comfy quilts pulsating colors and patterns provide this bedroom with adorable chic and eclectic note.

Glam Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: House To Home

This is the most appropriate archetype of an eclectic bedroom. Every detail in this bedroom is with a different nature and style but all mixed together complete one beautiful picture of a modern and contemporary eclectic bedroom. The chevron floor stands out and creates a nice visual effect in the bedroom.

Industrial Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Trendir

This is an industrial eclectic romance applied in a room. This bedroom is reflecting dashing soft and beautiful appearance due to the combination of rough materials with soft texture. The open display wardrobe adds a playful and free feel in the bedroom and the above bed artwork work as focal point of the place.

Lively Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Bhg

The yellow velvet ottoman with tufted design striking with the vibrant pink comforter on a bed with vintage white headboard creates a distinctly perky and chic ambiance in this eclectic bedroom. The abstract colorful art in combination with the rustic design provides the bedroom with modern and bold appearance.

Modern Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Home Design Labaratory

Gallery wall is one of the essentials in eclectic bedroom, as you can see by this beautiful bedroom that has used a sleek and symmetrical gallery wall as a statement in the white soft bedroom.

Monochrome Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Biei Cons

Here is another example of an eclectic bedroom that has a dashing gallery wall with a monochrome nature pulsating bold and distinctive art. The two animal printed ottomans at the foot of the bed add an exotic noise in the place filled with a sleek and soft materials.

Pale Pink Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Bubaraba

The pink as a main color for the walls was surely the right choice and combination of a distinctive art varying from monochrome graphic to bursting colored abstract striking the spectrum of patterned pillows creates a lush mod ambiance in this eclectic bedroom.

Patterned Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Black and Spiro

The Ethnic Blue patterned wall create a nice backdrop in this bedroom with a plenitude of patterns and colors. This bedroom looks ultra modern and is extremely well decorated.

Perky Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Tobi Fairly

The vintage scent of this eclectic bedroom is due to the presence of soft and Autumn colors and floral patterns that put this bedroom in a charming and romantic outlook.

Pop Art Eclectic Bedroom


Image Source:Sfxit

Pop Art is recognized by the usage of vibrant colors and Pop Artworks so is to notice in this amazing bedroom decorated with the Andy Worhol’s pieces and a blend of mismatched patterns and colors.

Stunning Eclectic Bedroom


Image Source: House To Home

The rustic and coastal texture of this eclectic bedroom provides the place with a breezy and natural charm. The striped area rug with patterns and a plenitude of patterned pillows creates a beautiful eclectic appearance.

Traditional Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Hgtv

Here again you can notices a spectrum of patterns from the area rug through the comforter to the pattern on the artwork which breaks through the plain white appearance of the walls and creates cool eclectic signature.

Vintage Eclectic Bedroom

Image Source: Freshome

Vintage bedroom decorated with profound and distinctive sense of taste, reflects breezy and natural ambiance as a result of the pastel colors and soft materials that has been used in this place.