20 Heartwarming Bedroom Ideas with Fireplace

20 Heartwarming Bedroom Ideas with Fireplace

Bedroom is the one place in your home where you should feel the most comfortable and relaxed. Therefore in order to feel that way you ought to create a comfortable and cozy ambiance in the bedroom, by choosing the right color scheme or adding features to the place that are synonym for coziness, you can guess that we are talking about fireplace. Bedroom with fireplace will instantly reflect cozy and warm ambiance and will break through the cold appearance of the wall. The fireplace in the bedroom can work as a striking complement and provide the place with a great statement, and besides your bedroom will be warm and pleasant during the cold, freeze winter. Regardless of the design and style of the fireplace, it is an established fact that the fireplace is an element who can utterly change the concept of the interior and provide it with warm and cozy appeal. Below you can check a showcase of 20 Heartwarming bedrooms with fireplace which could serve as an inspiration for you. Get Inspired!

Airy Bedroom with Fireplace

Image Source: Lapis Design Partner

This airy and bright bedroom cannot look more beautiful and pleasant, right?- The clean and neat lines in this bedroom featured with white and light color scheme and sublime with outstanding corner fireplace in a modern and super contemporary design. The fireplace is positioned on a perfect place of the room in order to create a focal point and to brighten up the bedroom.

Awesome Bedroom with Fireplace

Image Source: 2bp

Sleek fireplace with a white stone stacked design in the corner of the bedroom stands out and creates a super cozy and warm ambiance in this spacious and vibrant bedroom. The stone stacked fireplace is really working as a focal point of this bedroom and providing this place with warmth and pleasant feel.

Beautiful Bedroom with fireplace

Image Source: Blansfield Builders, Inc.

The contemporary and sleek setting of this bedroom may look cold but the fireplace beneath the flat TV prevent that and change the concept of cold, dull bedroom into a modern, cozy bedroom. The sleek and modern design of the fireplace adapts in the chic and modern setting of this marvelous place.

Bold Bedroom with stacked stone fireplace

Image Source:Norman Kohl | Interior Designer

The stacked stone wall with a complementary fireplace in the middle is a genius idea for creating a modern bedroom with comfy and cozy ambiance. The contemporary fireplace stand out in this bedroom and provide the place with chic statement and the stacked stone installation add a natural and earthy feel to the place.

Cabin Inspired Bedroom with a Stacked Stone Fireplace

Image Source: The Maissonette

This bold stacked stone fireplace is outstanding and certainly the main focal point and striking complement of this cabin inspired bedroom. The rustic nature of the natural stone fireplace in the bedroom sends a really daring message and creates a totally dramatic setting of this extremely warm and beautiful bedroom.

Chic Bedroom with Fireplace

Image Source: Homedit

This bright bedroom is très chic, decorated with distinctive and profound taste. Anyway the brick stone stacked fireplace stands out in this super chic and contemporary bedroom and fills the room with warm and dreamy feel. The design of the brick stone fireplace is flawless and is reflecting sheer style and elegance.

Contemporary Bedroom with sleek fireplace

Image Source: InHaus Development Ltd.

It was a really wise move to position the fireplace at the same level to the bed, in that way the fireplace is providing warmth directly to the bed and in to the rest of the room as well. The modern and sleek design of the fireplace adapts the overall sleekness of this bedroom and create superb ambiance.

Cottage Bedroom With fireplace

Image Source: She Knows

This fireplace is simply gorgeous and extra ordinary. The elegance and sophistication of its natural stone design in a serene creamy shade add a charming feel to this place and set a cottage inspired ambiance in the place . This fireplace is acting as a main focal point and striking complement, providing the bedroom with sheer beauty and coziness.

Country Bedroom with Fireplace

Image Source: Hokedon House

The elegant design of this fireplace in combination with its position, placed in the center of the room facing the bed creates a serene and beautiful ambiance in this country decorated bedroom.

Gorgeous Bedroom with modern fireplace

Image Source: Globus Builder

The modern and contemporary design of this fireplace incorporated with the sheer function of providing the place with warmth adds a great value to the same. The fireplace is breaking through the cold white appearance in this modern bedroom and provides the place with cozy feel.

Light Bedroom with fireplace

Image Source: Jeremy Harnish Designer Finishes

The designer of this bedroom has done a really outstanding job by adding a glass wall which brings a natural sunlight in the place, and adding a sleek fireplace in the center of a wall with a wooden panel. The fireplace brings warmth and coziness into the place and its modern design stands out and enhances the aesthetics of this modern, bright bedroom.

Master Bedroom with Fireplace

Image Source: Hookedon House

This white master bedroom with exclusive style and bright ambiance has done the right thing by adding a huge classical fireplace in the center of the bedroom, facing the big master bed. The fireplace with a glass open ups this bedroom and add a classy and sophisticated feel inside.

Modern bedroom with fireplace

Image Source: Tongue & Groove Custom Builder

This fireplace is utterly beautiful and outstanding with an open design in a stacked tiles wall with a sleek and modern appearance it creates a great statement and works as a focal point in this traditional bedroom.

Romantic bedroom with fireplace

Image Source: Diablo Flooring Inc.

A sleek,long fireplace in the center of a rustic wooden panel is just genius move to create a statement wall in the bedroom. The fireplace with modern and sleek nature creates a chic and super cool feel to this symmetrical bedroom.

Royalty Bedroom with Fireplace

Image Source: Timticks

The royalty charm of this master bedroom is completed with the classical fireplace placed at the center of the bedroom facing the bed and the entire bedroom. The fireplace is providing the bedroom with great focal point and adds a warm and cozy feel in the place.

Rustic Bedroom with stacked stone fireplace

Image Source: Peerflix

Here is another example of how can you create a super dramatic and outstanding focal point in the bedroom by instaling a natural stone stacked fireplace with rustic nature and structure. This fireplace really stands out in the bedroom and creates a trully divine and warm ambiance in the place.

Spacious Bedroom with Fireplace

Image Source: Soloway Designs, Inc.

The corner fireplace in this bedroom with a stacked stone design is a really great idea for creating a warm ambiance and a creative visual effect in the bedroom. The corner fireplace in a sleek and modern design is providing this place with contemporary and classy statement and adds warm feel in the bedroom.

Stunning Bedroom with Fireplace

Image Source: Decoist

A bedroom with a miraculous view and outstanding fireplace in the center of a natural stone wall, surrounded with glass walls is a dream bedroom.

Symmetrical Bedroom with Fireplace

Image Source: House to Home

This symmetrical white bedroom have got the charming french farmhouse inspiration due to classical fireplace placed on the side wall next to the bed.

Traditional Bedroom with Fireplace

Image Source: Lisa Kanning Interior Design

The long design of this fireplace in combination with the stacked bricks surrounding it creates a great concept of this bedroom and provides the place with beautiful and charming note.