20 Modern Bedroom Designs with Exposed Wood Beams

20 Modern Bedroom Designs with Exposed Wood Beams

In order to provide the bedroom interior with a soul and cozy appearance, you ought to think how to transform a cold interior with concrete walls into a live-able bedroom with cozy and pleasant energy. Fortunately, you have us as a source of ideas and inspiration, so to fulfill our role as well idea providers we thought sharp of how could you add soul and warm touch to the cold, modern bedroom, and the solution is easy: wood beams. The exposed wood beams on the ceiling will instantly warm up the place and provide it with natural and rustic accent. Besides, the ceiling with exposed wood beams look aesthetically bold and advanced. We#8217;ve gathered around a pretty inspiring showcase of 20 Modern Bedroom Designs with Exposed Wood Beams in order to provide you with dose of inspiration. Take a look at the round up bellow and enjoy!

Attic Bedroom with Wood Beams

Image Source:Momtoob

This super contemporary bedroom has attained the uber warm and natural appearance due to the superb upgrade of sleek grayish white wood beams that add lovely touch in this superb interior. The bedroom reflects sheer serene and breezy ambiance due to the prevalence of natural wood materials and neutral color scheme.

Balanced Bedroom with Wood Beams

Image Source:lony

We love the high contrast effect in this superb Boho-Chic bedroom with natural and cozy ambiance. The dark wood beams adds intrigue and warmth in the overall white and perky bedroom. The wood beams strongly strike through the white wood paneled wall and provide this bedroom with bold and dramatic appearance.

Beach Inspired Bedroom with Roof Beams

Image Source: Eric Gedney

This bedroom design wow us at the first glance. The super breezy and lively ambiance is truly impressive. The beach themed is applied in a really sophisticated and refined way, and the oak wood beams with black knots bring not only natural and relaxing ambiance but also a bold and dramatic texture to the interior.

Beautiful Bedroom with Unfinished Oak Beams

Image Source: Home Design Repins

The classic and ethnic combined together and sublimed with unfinished oak wood beams on the ceiling results with super sophisticated appearance and super relaxing and warm ambiance. The oak wood beams add a love natural touch in this bedroom and provide the interior with tranquil and earthy note.

Bold Bedroom with Wood Beams

Image Source: decorpad

The cathedral ceiling is superbly decorated with dark wood beams that truly accent the beautiful architecture of the rooftop and value the overall appearance of this traditional bedroom. The high contrast between the dark wood beams and overall bright and white color scheme contributes to the modern and chic appearance.

Bright Bedroom with Wood Beams

Image Source: ii dudu

We love the effortless beauty of this charming rustic bedroom with super chic feel. The wood beams with rough and rustic nature stand out magnificently in this overall white interior and provide the place with charm and refined style. The dark wood floor contributes to the high contrast effect and just boosts up the perky and charming ambiance.

Charming Bedroom with Wood Beams

Image Source: Bedroom Wise

So Chic and Refined, we love it! The sharp, geometric-oriented and precised decorative palette of this super modern bedroom is ingeniously extended with the natural charm of the symmetrically arranged wood beams that add substance and style in this gorgeous chic bedroom with really sophisticated appearance.

Chic Bedroom with Wood Beams

Image Source: decorpad

This bedroom is utterly beautiful and charming. The wide distance between the dark super symmetrically arranged wood beams create natural and refined ambiance in this beautiful bedroom.

Classic Bedroom with Roof Beams

Image Source:Homedit

We love the caramel, fruity touch of this super lush and spacious bedroom, decorated with a really profound and refined taste of style. The wood beams act as main charmer on the ceiling, and with their caramel brown nature provide the place with exotic and warm ambiance, which we totally adore.

Contemporary Bedroom with White Roof Beams

Image Source: Olesya Kubiv

Is tehre something else to add to this dashingly beautiful bedroom except the fact that is exceptionally beautiful and aesthetically bold. The architecturally advanced structure of the wall, enhanced with white wood beams add a stunning, modern statement in the overall creamy and cozy bedroom.

Cottage Inspired Bedroom with Wood Beams

Image Source: Gmindy

This cottage inspired bedroom is warm and cozy like a Christmas morning, just by looking at the picture you get the urge for a hot cocoa, right? The dashingly bold, rustic wood beams really give an authentic and warm touch to this truly magnificent Cottage inspired bedroom. Hats off to the designer!

Cozy Chic Bedroom with Roof Beams

Image Source: Gabriel Builders Inc.

The combination of brick wall fireplace, antique furniture, creamy color scheme and dark wood beams is exceptionally inspiring. The wood beams with caramel brown essence contribute to the overall cozy and warm appearance and provide this place with additional natural and breezy charm.

Elegant Bedroom with Caramel Brown Roof Beams

Image Source:cancichef

The elegant and classy setting of this bedroom are smartly enhanced with the dark wood beams that bring warmth and natural touch to the overall cold interior. The wood beams have a major soothing effect in the interior and ease up the heaviness from the classy chandelier.

French Country Bedroom with Roof Beams

Image Source:She777

The french country setting is applied in its best light. This bedroom has it all: style, comfort and warmth. For the warm and cozy appearance is the wood beams curtosey and their super dark shade and symmetrical arrangement.

Mid- Century Bedroom with Dark Roof Beams

Image Source: Osadchuk Pavlo\Pavlo Osadchuk

The Mid-Century Scandinavian bedroom got the quirk, but also got the super cozy and warm appearance due to the bold, brown wood beams that stand out just magnificently in the overall amazing bedroom.

Modern Bedroom with Organic Designed Roof Beams

Image Source:freshome

This bedroom is fantastic! It has a super organic appearance and looks extremely advanced architecturally wise. The light organic shape of the exposed wood beams add character and warmth to this super beautiful bedroom.

Modern French Bedroom with Wood Beams

Image Source:decorpad

We love how this bedroom has attained the super warm and cozy appearance due to the only one wood beam with bold structure and caramel brown color. The wood beam dashingly strikes through the plain white walls and provide the bedroom with cozy and charming feel. Just amazing!

Rustic Chic Bedroom with Bold Wood Beams

Image Source: Ilgili Bilibi

We love the eclectic-chic setting of this small but beautiful bedroom and how is gorgeously decorated with two wood beams with extremely bold and rustic nature. The wood beams strike through the plain white walls and provide the interior with warm and tranquil feel.

Serene White Bedroom with Wood Beams

Image Source:Dwellers Without Decorators

Sheer Serenity! The designer of this bedroom applied the white wood beams in order to create bold visual effect in the all white bedroom, which we find as an ingenious move. The white wood beams draw the attention to the overall charming and shabby chic setting and provide the place with light and breezy feel.

Sleek Bedroom with Oak Beams

Image Source:Decorpad

We love the sleekness and lightness of the unfinished oak wood ceiling,enhanced with exposed beams that create a magnificent visual appearance of this classy and sophisticated bedroom. The unfinished oak wood beams are great for adding rustic touch to the interior but still keep the modern and sleek character of the bedroom.