20 Whimsical Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

20 Whimsical Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Bohemian or also known as ” Gypsy Inspired Style” is a opium of lush and fruity colors, inspirative and ethnic patterns and soft textures, reflecting powerful and deep energy with a bold character. The bohemian style is recommended for the romantic souls who hear colors and see the sound of music, everyone who feel art and want to live art, people who want to sleep in a bedroom with a soul. Bohemian bedroom, from the interior aspect is a genius integration of colors and fabrics. The Bohemian bedroom tends to inspire and leave you in awe, because of its deep and refined appearance. The Bohemian Bedroom most often can be characterized as a daring and captivating interior which has successfully pushed the limits of ordinary and random. In case you want to sleep in a bedroom that will constantly inspire you, you should think about this way of decorating. Below, you can check out a showcase of 20 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas which may inspire you and motivate you to decorate your bedroom.

Antique Bohemian Bedroom

Image Source:Annette Tatum | Fashion Inspired Home Decor

You can notice how the burst of patterns and fabrics merge in one complete ambiance in this bohemian bedroom with royalty character. The position of the canopy bed, settled in the corner adds a unique and distinctive layout and in combination with the soft pink floral wallpaper and antique dresser, this bedroom got this perfect appearance. The decorative palette in this place is outstanding.

Authentic Bohemian Bedroom

Image Source: In Your Kingdom

Look at the bright orange wall incorporated with a distinctive wooden panel, it looks lovely doesn’t it? The vibrant orange drape placed above the bed creates a really interesting and bold feel in this whimsical bohemian bedroom. The over-sized clay pot works as a striking complement and as a quirky focal point in the place.

Bohemian Chic Bedroom

Image Source: Minimalist Home

How perky and bright is this amazing bedroom, right? The designer of this Boho- Chic bedroom has shown a lot of effort in creating a bohemian bedroom but with a light nature. The over dyed patterned area rug overlapping a ethnic dark rug add vibrant and refined touch in the place. The black iron bed with light pastel bedding and pillows sets up a vintage appearance and make this bedroom lovely.

Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: James Glover | Residential & Interior Design

We simply adore the headboard in this bedroom, the pastel yellow upholstery with a tufted design and gold royalty frame, surely set up an amazing statement in this super cool bedroom. The rest of the decorative elements, chosen wisely and with extremely refined taste complete the overall beautiful appearance of this Bohemian bedroom.

Bold Bohemian Bedroom

Image Source: Hgtv

This is a superb design of a Bohemian inspired bedroom with exotic and Indian inspiration. You can notice how the black bedding is contrasting the ravishing red walls and strike into the burst of patterns and fabrics in this lovely place. The legless bed bring the chill and relaxed ambiance to this amazing place filled with quirky and exotic art.

Bright Bohemian Bedroom

Image Source: Justina Blakeney

The decorative scale in this Bohemian bedroom is astonishing. To begin with the flokati rug and to end with the bed curtain over the bed this bedroom has find is balance point and has achieved a serene and classy Bohemian outlook. The lively and colorful bedding breaks through the white dominance and brings warm character into the place.

Cool Bohemian Bedroom

Image Source: Creating Mia

You just cannot ignore the perky note in this refined and lovely Bohemian bedroom with light nature. We love how the lively, colorful bedding with floral accents sets up the cheery and fun ambiance as a general in the place. The quirky artwork adds the bohemian signature and breaks through the white appearance of the walls.

Eclectic Bohemian Bedroom

Image Source: Loony

Patterns, Colors, Fabrics and Textures in abundance, all matched in one small bedroom. The geometrical wallpaper add an eclectic accent in the place. We love the antique wooden bed with plenitude of colorful decorative pillows which create a distinctive and amazing overall appearance.

Ethnic Bohemian Bedroom

Image Source: Best Home Interior Design

Before, saying anything about this bedroom, let’s have one minute of silence for the ethnic tapestry on the exposed brick wall. The beauty of this Bohemian oasis is its simplicity. The antique sleigh bed looks gorgeous in the center of the room and creates a perfect symmetry in this outstanding Bohemian bedroom.

Formal Bohemian Bedroom

Image Source: We Heart It

The colorful artwork and the beautiful, ethnic bedding are screaming Bohemian style in this formal and simple bedroom. The colored patterns on the bedding match with the statement artwork above the bed and the deep purple wall, providing this bedroom with astonishing and bold feel.

Light Bohemian Bedroom

Image Source: SD | Spaces Designed

Can you notice how the shade of perky blue wall match the blue post of the table lamps, and the pastel green vanity chairs conects with the green part of the area carpet? – That is a genious move to incorporate shades in the bedroom. The tufted leather statement wall separates the perky part of the bedroom and adds a classy and modern appeal to the place.

Lively Bohemian Bedroom

Image Source: Decorating Ideas

This Bohemian bedroom has a pinch of industrial note and an amazing burst of colors and patterns, that is why just one look at this bedroom makes you wanna sing and dance around. This is a truly magnificent bedroom, every detail in this place is arranged in order to create sensual, lively and bold appearance.

Perky Bohemian

Image Source: Hoge Architectural Development

Look at the colorful striped dresser across the bed, it looks like it is going to come alive and start dancing in this perky bedroom. Every detail in this Bohemian bedroom is perky and colorful and fills the bedroom with plenitude of happy, cheery and bright ambiance. The pool blue walls work as a great foundation for the perky and lively accents of the room.

Red Bohemian Bedroom

Image Source: Modern Quality Homes

This is a surely beautiful and sensual Bohemian bedroom. Unlike the other bohemian bedrooms which most likely were reflecting lively ambiance, this bedroom radiates calm and sensual energy due to the red walls and white iron bed with patchwork Boho bedding .

Refined Bohemian Bedroom

Image Source: Porter House Design

This is a great example that shows how can you set up a style just by one or two crucial details, in this case the vintage iron bed and ethnic bedding. The french poster above the bed is a modern and chic detail, breaking through the plain white appearance of the walls.

Romantic Bohemian Bedroom

Image Source: Bohemian Homes

This bedroom looks simply adorable and very romantic. The designer of this place has managed to create Bohemian appearance with bright colors and subtle decorative scheme and has attained a superb job. The plenty white and colorful curtains hanged on the dark wooden beams are providing the place with an amazing visual effect and create soft, romantic ambiance in this beautiful bedroom.

Sensual Bohemian Bedroom

Image Source: Bhg

The simplicity of this Bohemian bedroom simply amazes us. The Bold posts set up the center in the bedroom and find its position through the vibrant orange walls and perky pink curtains. The flokati rug sets up soft feel and add beautiful visual effect in the place.

Simple Boho Bedroom

Image Source: Beautiful Mess

Chalkboard wall is something that is mind blowingly cool. The drawn headbaord add cool and creative ambiance in this amazing bedroom with typical Bohemian bedding.

Small Boho Bedroom

Image Source: Freshome

This small bedroom has choose the right colors and pattern and reflects amazing ambiance and energy. The deep purple is a typical color for creating a Bohemian decorated bedroom.

Vintage Bohemian

Image Source: Interior Hollic

This bedroom is amazing, light and perky. Decorated in a really refined and cool way. The black iron bed is super cute and adds a cool and perky ambiance in this bedroom.