25 Scandinavian Bedroom Designs To Leave you in Awe

25 Scandinavian Bedroom Designs To Leave you in Awe

Until now, we are sure that you have noticed our deep fascination and a sort of obsession with the Scandinavian decor style, and you cannot judge us, because this style is truly enchanting and captivating. The main thing that we love about this interior style is the indescribable tranquility that the interior reflects due to the serene and white appearance that is commonly applied in a Scandinavian bedroom. In case you are in the process of choosing a specific style for your bedroom, and you kind of feel fascinated by the calm energy and sharp appearance that the Scandinavian bedroom has, then why not pick this interior style in your bedroom. Scandinavian Bedroom follows three rules : White Color Scheme, Minimalism and Quirky Decorative Palette. Anyway, since you know that we are fan of the Scandinavian Interior we wanted to share our fascination with you and we collect a showcase of 25 Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas, that could give you some ideas and inspiration for this specific style. Enjoy!

Artistic Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source:Home My Design

Although this is small bedroom, the space is used perfectly and the designer has optimized the size of the interior in order to create the serene and aesthetically solid appearance. The tall windows are typical element for Scandinavian bedroom, they bring natural sunlight and contribute to the overall bright, sleek and clean outlook of this amazing bedroom.

Attic Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: Digs Digs

The attic is a common for the Scandinavian way of decorating. The architecture of the attic is the main accent in this beautiful Scandinavian bedroom. The black and green motifs pop against the white and creamy color scheme in the beautiful and minimalist Scandinavian Bedroom Interior.

Scandinavian Bedroom with High Ceiling

Image Source: Hot Style Dsgn

The high ceiling of this beautiful Scandinavian bedroom adds a nice and bold visual. The white pain wood floor is a typical for the Scandinavian style and along with the plain snowy white walls create the super clean and neat appearance of the interior. The excessive whiteness is smartly breaken through with quirky art and colorful pillows that brings color, texture and lively soul to the interior.

Charming Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: My Scandinavian Home

You can surely notice the feminine quirk in this beautiful white Scandinavian bedroom. It’s common for the Scandinavian bedroom to be decorated with a quirky elements, in this case a vintage sewing machine. We love the black Ikea floor lamp with cool pendant, it strikes great through the clean white appearance and brings nice industrial touch to the interior.

Chic Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source:digs digs

The minimalism in this Scandinavian bedroom is delightful and superbly applied. The tall walls painted white are creating a neat and clean feel in the chic Scandinavian bedroom. The chandelier is not a typical element for Scandinavian Interior, but in this case it works great for decorating the overall simple and minimalist interior.

Classic-Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: Kneel Down

The serene and tranquil ambiance of this bedroom are just overwhelming, right?- The attic adds a mystique and kind of romantic feel to the overall soft white appearance of the Scandinavian Bedroom. The vintage armchairs with caramel brown leather brings warm and cozy feel to the place, while the vintage child bicycle add quirky and unique vibe in the place.

Colorful Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source:lonny

This Scandinavian Bedroom is also decorated with a Mid-Century influence which is also famous in the Scandinavian way of decor. The vivid and bright colors striking with great visual effect in the overall clean and white color scheme, create a lively and dramatic ambiance in the colorful and modern Scandinavian Bedroom.

Comfy Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: Freshome

We love the bedroom layout and how the designer of this stunning Scandinavian interior has positioned the bed near to the window, so the light can direct the bed and illuminate the right side of the place. You can notice the white painted floor as a typical Scandinavian and of course the linen pendant that adds elegant and stylish perk in the room.

Contemporary Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source:lonny

The monochrome portrait drawings above the bed are literally the main decorative elements beside the modern black table lamp and are creating a nice focal point and high contrast effect in the overall simple and serene Scandinavian bedroom.

Cozy Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source:Home My Design

The blue patterned area rug pop great in the overall white and natural color scheme of this beautiful Scandinavian Bedroom Interior. The black framed contemporary artworks strike through the plain snowy white wall and create a nice high contrast effect in the cozy Scandinavian bedroom.

Eclectic Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: Homeedit

We love this bedroom design, it’s so quirky and stylish. The wall and floor is typically snowy white and the main responsible for the clean and neat appearance of the interior, while the Neo Victorian armchair, vintage suitcase used as a storage solution and cool poster of a deer add the modern and artistic feel to the Scandinavian interior.

Fancy Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: bedroom interior pictures

The unfinished floor pops great against the plain white walls and add a lovely natural touch in the fancy and stylish Scandinavian bedroom. The designer of this interior has used modern details such as animal area rug and accent pendant in order to enhance the visual effect and provide the place with typical Scandinavian feel.

Gorgeous Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source:Home My Design

We love the clean and serene appearance of this Scandinavian Bedroom Interior. The tall window positioned on the center of the wall brings the natural light inside and brights up the overall soft and beautiful Scandinavian bedroom with serene and clean appearance.

Lively Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: Homedit

Wow! How stylish and modern is this Scandinavian Bedroom, right? We love how the desginer has used various colors and patterns to break through the excessive whiteness and bring a lively and modern soul to the interior. We also love the overall layout and the tall arched windows.

Modern Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source:Home My Design

You can notice the sharp and dynamic ambiance that is clearly dominant in this sleek Scandinavian bedroom. The red floor lamp breaks through the white wall and pop up great in the place.The artwork used in the bedroom is exceptionally beautiful and adds the quirky and contemporary feel to the place.

Natural Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: Appartment Therapy

The most amazing part about Scandinavian bedroom is how a minimalist bedroom with white scheme can reflect so much sumtumous and lively energy. For instance, this bedroom interior has used the minimalist setting, but find a way through using a colorful details and geometric patterns to add a sharp and lively visual effect in the place.

Quirky Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: Home My Design

This Scandinavian bedroom is simply amazing. We love the tall windows and the bed positioned right in front of them. The natural light strikes in the room directly and illuminated the gorgeous decorative palette and overall modern and beautiful Scandinavian setting.

Scandinavian Bedroom with Glass Walls

Image Source: Elle Decor

The glass walls in combination with the minimalist setting and the headboard less bed creates the serene and bright appearance of this super bold and dramatic Scandinavian bedroom.

Scandinavian Bedroom with Brick Walls

Image Source: Home Designer Ideas

The brick walls strike great through the clean white walls and add warm and cozy feel to the beautiful Scandinavian bedroom interior. The floating shelve above the wall accents the neat and functional appearance and create a nice modern statement in this lovely bedroom.

Serene Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: Decorative Bedroom

This Scandinavian Bedroom has a lovely natural appearance due to the unfinished wooden panel that creates a nice serene and charming ambiance in the overall classic and simple Scandinavian Bedroom.

Small Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: Home My Design

This small Scandinavian bedroom is truly amazing. The colorful contemporary artworks above the bed provide modern and cool focal point in the place, while the retro orange swivel chair provide the place with a retro modern statement and breaks through the white appearance of the place.

Airy Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: Float Projects

How bright and serene, right? The bed is positioned above the floor to ceiling industrial windows and therefore is the serene and amazingly airy and bright appearance of this lovely Scandinavian bedroom.

Stylish Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source:Homedit

Clean, Serene and Quirky- the three values that every Scandinavian Bedroom should own. The clean appearance comes from the white color scheme and tall, wide window, while the black mannequin and cube red area rug add the quirky and modern appearance of the interior.

Unique Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: Pallet Furniture

The pallet bed stands out magnificently in this super stylish and soft Scandinavian bedroominterior. The white shag area rug brings a soft and tender texture to the place and along with the pallet and wood elements creates the natural and cozy feel to this amazing Scandianvian bedroom.

White Scandinavian Bedroom

Image Source: Indulgy

We love this bedroom interior. The sheer simplicity and yet distinctive and sharp ambiance are just stunning. The shelve above the bed decorated with contemporary art is a great way to decorate the wall above the bed in a subtle and modern way. The vintage dark wood chair used as a bedside table adds interesting visual in the beautiful bedroom interior.