25 Stunning Bedroom Designs with Bold Color Scheme

25 Stunning Bedroom Designs with Bold Color Scheme

Well, we assume that you are familiar with our obsession over colors and the everlasting inspiration and story that colors provide to us and our homes. Each color and each shade has its own philosophy and energy that reflect, each color is unique and specific for itself. However, a combination of two colors is a really interesting process of merging different energies and stories in order to create one all new ambiance and identity. In case you are one of the people who refuse to wake up in a boring bedroom with dull ambiance, we have a bold idea for you: pick an unexpected color scheme. You will be surprised how colors with completely different natures work perfect together for creating a dazzling and dramatic ambiance. We’ve gathered a pretty interesting roundup of 25 Stunning Bedroom Designs with Bold Color Scheme in order to inspire you. So, you thought blue and red don’t match? – Well, take a look at the bellow showcase and tell us what you think.

Aquamarine Blue and Hot Red

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

Fresh and Ravishing! That is what you get when you mix this hot and cold color combination and it results with exotic and refreshing ambiance. The aquamarine bring vibrant wave of freshness, while the passionate red brings a bold and sensual dynamic in this beautiful bedroom.

Black and Gold Bedroom

Image Source: Homedit

Gold and black is a perfect color combination for creating a splendid and glamorous setting in the bedroom, as you can see from the example above. The gold motifs complement the black and brings splendid and sensual mood in the bedroom interior.

Black and Yellow Bedroom

Image Source: Home Design 

We love the black and yellow color scheme, because it’s contrasting and yet so appealing and modern. The black color brings bold and modern note in the bedroom, while the luminous yellow brights up the dark ambiance and strikes with cozy and warm touch.

Blue and Orange Bedroom

Image Source: House Beautiful

So vibrant and funky, right? The pale blue walls create the refreshing and clean appearance in this beautiful bedroom, while the vibrant orange motifs strike with funky and lively statement and boost up the perky ambiance in the interior.

Blue and Silver Bedroom

Image Source: House Beautiful

Blue and silver is not a common color combination, but as you can assume yourself it is a pretty bold and appealing one, right? The deep ocean blue brings a wave of vibrant and fresh ambiance, while the silver accents the fancy and luxurious side of the bedroom.

Blue and Yellow Bedroom

We love how these two colors are with completely different nature and go so perfectly together. The min blue wall set the clean and fresh ambiance, while the sunny yellow cabinet brings the cozy and bright feel to this gorgeous bedroom.

Brown and Green

Image Source: Eye For Design

Green and dark brown are surely a bold and daring combination. We love how the olive green motifs bring a loose and relaxing feel, while the dark brown color accents the earthy and dynamic feel of the interior.

Coral Peach and Blue

Image Source: Frog Hill

So vibrant and fancy, right? These two shades are both with vibrant and funky nature, that’s why they go perfect together. The coral peach adds a lively and perky charm in the mint blue bedroom and sets up a balanced and relaxed ambiance in the place.

Eclectic Yellow and Purple Bedroom

Image Source: Decorpad

Wow! So fancy and cozy, right? The pastel purple and yellow are perfect for creating a modern and yet cozy statement in the bedroom. The pastel yellow curtains have a soothing effect and totally boost up the cozy and bright feel in this beautiful bedroom.

Green and Gold Bedroom

Image Source: Interior Blog

Well, this is a one in a kind bedroom, right? We love the unique set up and the overall boldness of this interior, but most of all we love the perfect collaboration between the mint green and gold. The chevron vinyl floor strikes with pattern and great high contrast effect.

Green and Teal

Image Source: Freshnist

Well, this surely is one super vibrant and eclectic bedroom, right?- And it’s all due to the bold combination of grass green and teal blue, it work for a fresh and dynamic feel in the bedroom interior. The striped carpet strikes through and makes a super eclectic statement in this modern and youthful bedroom.

Hot Pink and Black

Image Source: House to Home

Pink and black are best friends when it comes to creating a glamorous and stylish ambiance in the bedroom. Both colors have a sensual nature and work great for creating a fancy aesthetic touch in the bedroom interior.

Mint and yellow Bedroom

Image Source: Lovely Fresh

We love the cozy and beautiful feel of this amazing bedroom. The pale mint wall creates a super clean and breezy foundation, while the yellow motifs add cozy and relaxing feel and sublimes the charming and tranquil feel of this interior.

Navy Blue and yellow

Image Source: Vectorumu

Here is a great color combination for creating a modern and fresh feel in the bedroom. The intense and bold ambiance that is due to the navy blue shade is smartly soothed up with pastel yellow motifs and therefore attained the balanced and contemporary appearance of this amazing bedroom interior.

Peacock-Blue bedroom

Image Source: House Beautiful

Wow! So bold and tremendously opulent, right? The peacock blue color add a truly vibrant and sensual dynamic in the bedroom, while the velvet brown bed brings cozy and earthy feel in the overall modern and elegant bedroom.

Pink and Blue Bedroom

Image Source: House Beautiful

Pink and blue are perfect for creating a refreshing and yet sweet and modern ambiance in the bedroom. Pink accents the modern and stylish side of the bedroom, while the refreshing blue strikes with clean and vibrant statement and sublimes the balanced and modern appearance of this interior.

Pink and Orange Bedroom

Image Source: House Beautiful

Pink and Orange have both funky and vibrant nature, so that means by mixing these two colors you get double the vibrant and lively ambiance in the bedroom, as you can conclude by yourself from this super chic pink and orange bedroom.

Purple and Green Bedroom

Image Source: Bozeman House

We love how the dark purple shade complements the light green color and together create a relaxed and refreshing ambiance in the modern and contemporary bedroom. The purple and green stripe wall creates truly chic and modern ambiance.

Orange and Green

Image Source: Interior Design

Orange and green may be an eccentric mix of colors, but surely it creates a bold and modern ambiance in the bedroom, as you can see from this super dynamic and contemporary red and green bedroom. The shag orange area rugs strikes through the dominant green color and brings lively and vibrant note in the place.

Red, yellow and green

Image Source:Lushome

The pastel green provides this bedroom with relaxing and tranquil appearance, the yellow brings cozy and bright touch and the red strikes with sensual and dynamic note. Therefore, this bedroom has the perfect balanced appearance.

Summery Green and Blue bedroom

Image Source: House Beautiful

Green and blue is a perfect combination for creating a summery and cool ambiance in the bedroom. This color combination is perfectly balanced and provides the interior with both fresh, cool and relaxing, cozy ambiance.

Teal, Pink and Silver Bedroom

Image Source:House Beautiful

We love the boldness and quirky appearance of this beautiful bedroom. The teal wall sets a super modern and vibrant ambiance, while the pink adds sweet and modern accent and the silver brings luxurious and splendid charm.

Yellow and Green Attic Bedroom

Image Source: hook an design

Yellow and green are perfect for creating a relaxing and cozy ambiance in the bedroom. The green brings freshness to the bedroom, while the yellow adds cozy and breezy feel in the interior.

Navy Blue and Red

Image Source: House Beautiful

Navy blue and red is a truly bold and daring color combination, that results with modern and refreshing ambiance in the bedroom.