30 Awe Inspiring Bedroom Design Ideas with Gallery Wall

30 Awe Inspiring Bedroom Design Ideas with Gallery Wall

The walls in the interior set the border between the rooms but also act as an energy blocker, so it is immensely important to wisely use them and decorate them appropriately. We at Rilane have to humbly say that we are a huge art appreciators and we constantly repeat not to use artwork just as a decoration in the interior but as a reflection of your inner being. Each artwork is a feeling, emotion and story by itself and displayed in the interior will burst with specific energy. Well, if each artwork is story for itself, imagine how dashingly amazing will be to create a gallery wall with dozen of stories and emotions. Gallery wall is not often used in bedroom since this interior is ment for soothing and relaxing, but anyway if you are fan of the eclectic and bold appearance you are the right candidate. We’ve found some super inspiring bedroom designs with captivation gallery walls and we decided to share with you. So, check the below showcase of 30 Awe Inspiring Bedroom Design Ideas with Bold Gallery Wall.

Amazing Bedroom with Bold Gallery Wall

Image Source: Cococozy

We are deeply amazed by the sheer sophistication of the utterly simple and yet dazzling artwork display, placed in strict symmetry and yet attained an ultra powerful and dynamic appearance in the over all simple and formal bedroom. This gallery wall based on symmetry creates a neat and sleek visual and yet bold and dramatic touch in this interior.

Antique Bedroom with Classy Gallery Wall

Image Source: Laura Winslow
It’s a good thing that the homeowner has displayed the gallery wall on the side of the bed, since the wall with the bed has the headboard as a focal point and fulfills the center wall, while the side wall burst with Antique artworks arranged in interesting and appealing order providing this bright antique bedroom with artistic and profound touch.

Attic Bedroom with Charming Gallery Wall

Image Source: Bedding Chic
The roof ceiling with white coat wood paneled stands awesomely for creating a charming attic bedroom. The wining point of this bedroom is arranging the gallery wall in proportion and in order with the shape of the wall, it created the creative and interesting artistic appearance of this charming and cozy bedroom.

Beautiful Bedroom with Lively Gallery Wall

 Image Source:Appartment Therapy
Creating a gallery wall of utterly contemporary graphic artworks with pulsating colors on a plain cold white wall is superbly awesome for creating a high contrast and sleek visual appearance of the bedroom. This contemporary gallery wall placed above the bed on a clean white wall creates bold and modern focal point in the interior.

Bohemian Bedroom with Eclectic Gallery Wall

Image Source:Loony
Well, this is a truly sensual and bold bedroom, right? The dark walls and diminish overall ambiance enhanced with fur bedding and eclectic gallery wall takes all the credits for the uber sumptuous and opulent vibe of this beautiful bohemian bedroom.The eclectic gallery wall vary from cute butterfly art to spirituous Hindu effigy which brings the distinctive and profound touch of the interior.

Boho Chic Bedroom with Quirky gallery Wall

Image Source: Hufington post
We love the super quirky and vintage gallery wall and the beautiful integration with the pastel velvet yellow headboard with antique nature. The headboard gives a cozy and bright note and complements the utterly charming and romantic gallery wall. The gallery wall totally adapts the boho chic concept of the interior and contributes to the classy and charming ambiance.

Bold Eclectic Bedroom with Awe inspiring gallery Wall

Image Source: Bohemian Tree House
I ncredibly well done! The side wall is perfectly decorated with a super eclectic gallery wall that burst with colors, emotion and sheer beauty. The gallery wall consisting of ultra contemporary miniatures represent not only aesthetic display of beautiful art but fills the entire eclectic bedroom with substance and profound vibe.

Bold Modern Bedroom with Chic Gallery Wall

Image Source: Loony
This interior is a place where the leopard print and shag area rug goes perfectly with a totally contemporary graphic artwork from the gallery wall placed above the bed of this dashingly bold and modern bedroom.

Classy Bedroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source:Appartment Therapy
The contemporary gallery wall placed on a black printed wallpaper creates a truly sharp and dramatic visual appearance in the classy and sensual bedroom interior. The bright artworks from the gallery wall soothe the blackness and set the balance in the elegant and beautiful bedroom interior.

Classy Guest Bedroom with Chic Gallery Wall

Image Source: Cococozy
Well, this is a truly chic and fashionable guest bedroom with super sophisticated style. The  flat hot pink wall as a saturated shade is wisely soothed down by colorful fashion sketches and sublimes the bold fashionable gallery wall in the dynamic and ultra sensual guest bedroom.

Contemporary Bedroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source: Appartment Therapy
To create a dynamic and bold gallery wall use large size artworks with colorful and inspiring theme as the designer of this dashingly eclectic interior has used. The artworks with similar size have a deep and profound theme and are bursting with colors which brings story and vibrant energy in the interior.

Cool Bedroom with Custom Gallery Wall

Image Source: The Home Steady
We love the simplicity and modesty of this bedroom, and yet deeply creative and bold nature. The small gallery wall placed above the bed on the saturated gray wall consist of quirky and deeply creative items used as an art witch creates unique and creative appearance of the uber cool and distinctive bedroom.

Cozy Bedroom with Contemporary Gallery Wall

Image Source:Homedit
The sweet harmony of this bright bedroom is simply unbearably enchanting. We love the contrasting effect of the vintage white iron bed and super contemporary gallery wall consisting of bold graphic artworks, it provides the place with modern and contemporary but still keeps the cozy and relaxing. Just Ingenious Bland of decor!

Eclectic Bedroom with Bold Gallery Wall

Image Source:Britany Makes
Very Charming and Bold! The dark navy blue stands totally awesome against the contemporary gallery wall with golden frames and black and white print. The gallery wall creates the opulent and deeply vibrant appearance of the bedroom due to the distinctive blend of modern and classic artworks.

Industrial Chic Bedroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source:Design Styles
The exposed vent set the industrial and bold setting of the eclectic and charming bedroom, while the strict and contemporary gallery wall fills the bedroom with high end and super artistic appearance. We love the unification of the black framed artworks broken through by the round accent mirror with golden frame. Just So Inspiring!

Lively Bedroom with Minimalist Gallery Wall

Image Source:Melisa Esplin
This is how you go minimal and you create a perfect gallery wall in one straight line. Hats off to the designer of this bedroom.The flat hot orange enhanced with the minimalist gallery wall works as a marvelous backdrop for the funky and vibrant bedroom with lively and modern appearance.

Master Bedroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source: Restored Style
The elegant gallery wall above the gray headboard send a bold and modern statement in the formal and classy bedroom. We love the subtle charm of the gallery wall and how it brings a modern drama in the simple gray bedroom.

Quirky Bedroom with Vintage Gallery Wall

Image Source:Appartment Therapy
We are utterly enchanted by this glorious divinity of eccentric colors and beautiful vintage artwork, it’s simply exquisite. The bright turquoise wall, decorated with bold antique gallery wall set the vibrant soul of this bohemian magnificent bedroom, and we totally adore it.

Scandinavian Bedroom with Colorful Gallery Wall

Image Source:Appartment Therapy
The all white divinity is perfectly decorated with a bold and subtle gallery wall with funky and loose artwork that introduce pattern and color to the clean white bedroom interior and set the cheery and fun mood in the place.

Stylish Bedroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source: Green Muze
We love the kind of childish gallery wall consisting of colorful sketches and artworks displayed above the classy white bed. The gallery wall creates the fun and vibrant ambiance in the all white bedroom and provide the place with nice and modern statement.

Traditional Bedroom with Family Gallery Wall

Image Source: It’s Over Flowing
So cozy and warm, right? Just by looking at the picture of this harmonic bedroom you get the feeling of a traditional family with nice story behind it. The gallery wall consists of family photos with vintage framing and achromatic nature which sends a bold effect in the beige bedroom interior.

Urban Bedroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source: Pegasus Lighting
Considering the fact that we at Rilane just adore brick walls and art, you can assume that we totally love this super cool and urban bedroom. The bold gallery stands just awesomely on the exposed brick wall and create a perfect focal point and makes ultra modern statement in this contemporary bedroom.

Vibrant Bedroom with Lively Gallery Wall

Image Source: Home Styling
So cool and contemporary! We love how the homeowner has matched the style and color of the furniture with the colors and style of artworks and attain the perfect color symmetry in the place.

Vintage Bedroom with Gallery Wall

Image Source:Fild Stone Child
The vintage gallery wall adapts the vintage country setting of this beige bedroom interior and complements the harmonic and cozy ambiance in the utterly charming and warm place.

White Bedroom with Eclectic Gallery Wall

Image Source: Appartment Therapy.
The elegant and breezy gallery wall fulfills this bedroom with charming and classy visual as well as boosts up the aesthetic and artistic appearance of the interior.

Bold Bedroom with Gallery Wall

 Image Source: Appartment Therapy.
We love the gallery wall placed on a floating shelve above the bed, it’s simple and uber cool. The overall appearance is Scandinavian inspired due to the clean and neat appearance.

Sleek Bedroom with Vintage Gallery Wall

Image Source: Nicholete Therese
The classy and contemporary gallery wall mixed with the chandelier surely sets the splendid and uber chic appearance of this amazingly bold and dramatic bedroom and we totally love it.