Animal Print in 33 Chic and Modern Bedroom Designs

Animal Print in 33 Chic and Modern Bedroom Designs

Whenever you feel like your bedroom needs a specific boost and dramatic touch, animal print works as a charm in the interior. Animal print reflects your wild side, free spirit and connection with the nature, as well brings and exotic and dramatic touch in the bedroom. Animal print is the ultimate chic statement in the interior, and anyone who is a familiar with the chic and hip culture is well aware of that. Regardless in which form you will add animal print: zebra wallpaper, cheetah bedding or leopard print rug; it will instantly boost up the aesthetics and highlight the sensual, wild side of the interior. So we embraced our wild side and collected a round up of 33 Chic and Modern Bedroom Designs with sassy animal print accents. So, check out the round up below and take a walk on the wild side.

Artistic Bedroom With Leopard Print

Image Source: Jenifer Squires 

The two leopard print ottomans, placed in front the foot of the bed stand magnificently in the chic and eclectic bedroom. The leopard print brings bold texture and elevates the bold visual appearance of the interior, as well as makes a chic statement in the place.

Attic Bedroom with Animal Print

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

The attic bedroom with a serene and soft feel has pulled of the animal print magnificently. The gentle, pale nature of the leopard print bedding with soft texture brings exotic touch in a subtle and profound way in the beautiful bedroom.

Beautiful Bedroom with Faux and Animal Print

Image Source:Design File

All the texture and beautiful noise of this bedroom, right? – The faux fur bedding with animal print brings exotic touch in the interior, and combined with the wood panel it merges the wild with natural and provides this interior with both breezy and chic appearance.

Black Bedroom With Leopard Chair

Image Source: Peek You

We just love how the vivid leopard print swivel chair strikes through the dark gray color scheme of this superbly clean lined bedroom. The accent chair makes a chic statement and works as a bold focal point in the modern interior. The matching leopard print pillow creates symmetry in the decor line and sublimes the modern appearance of this sleek bedroom.

Bold Bedroom with Animal Print

Image Source:Better Decorating

Mix match animal print if you want to double the chic and eclectic feel of the bedroom. In this case, the zebra print area rug and leopard print pillow stand out in the navy blue bedroom with plenty of texture and pattern, and bring a dramatic and modern statement in the interior.

Bold Master Bedroom With Animal Print

Image Source: Decor Love

Animal print works perfect as a focal point and statement in plain and sleek bedrooms, as you can see at the picture above. The leopard print pillows matched with upholstered leopard print chair bring bold pattern and texture in clean lined bedroom and transform a classic, formal bedroom into modern, chic interior.

Bright Bedroom with Animal print

Image Source: Bedroom Decor Design

Here is another example of mix match animal print, which resulted in transforming a fairly simple interior into a feminine and chic divinity. The light colored leopard print pillows mismatched with the dark cheetah bedding bring perfect asymmetry and double the visual effect in the bright, plain bedroom.

Charming Bedroom with Animal Print

Image Source: Traditional Home

We love how this bedroom holds two sides: charming and wild. The charming side reflects through the bright, neutral color scheme and the rattan drapes, bring breezy and light feel in the interior, while the white cheetah print rug highlights the exotic and wild side of this beautiful bedroom.

Chic Bedroom with Zebra Print Rug

Image Source: Natalie Marylin 

The combination of pastels, pops of brass accent sublimed with bold zebra print rug creates the balanced and chic appearance of this classy interior. The zebra print rug brings exotic feel to the overall soft and serene bedroom interior.

Classic Bedroom With Animal Print

Image Source: Production paradise

The animal print works as a lovely accent in the elegant and classy bedroom. The bold, vivid print of the bedding brings an exotic and totally gorgeous feel of the pastel and soft interior with classy outlook.

Classy Master bedroom with Animal Print

Image Source: Blackband Home & Design

The leopard print ottoman bring patterns that this clean lined bedroom needs. The leopard print boosts up the aesthetics in the interior and enhances the visual effect of the beautiful, bright bedroom.

Contemporary Bedroom with Animal Print Bedding

Image Source: Design File

This bedroom holds a pretty bold, masculine note which is reflected through the metallic cabinet behind the contemporary bed. The gray zebra print acts a hot spice in the already very tasty meal and creates additional drama in the sensual interior.

Country Bedroom With Animal Print Accent

Image Source: Yaci Neazis

Coral peach animal print doubles the charm and exotic statement in the bedroom interior, and is well balanced to both create a charming and lively ambiance yet keep the modern and chic scent of the interior.

Dramatic Bedroom with Zebra Print Wallpaper

Image Source: Home Depot

This bedroom provides you the formula to ” Creating a Perfect Drama in the Bedroom.” The zebra print wallpaper works as dazzling and noisy backdrop for the statement white headboard with tufted design. The pop of pink pendant scones lights up the interior and creates vivid and solid visual effect.

Eclectic Bedroom with Animal Print

Image Source: House To Home

The multitude of animal print patterns create a dramatic and edgy visual appearance of the perky bedroom. The neutral and fresh tones such as the green from the wallpaper and white details keep the bedroom refreshing and bright.

Elegant Bedroom with Leopard Print Chair

Image Source: AD

We love the warm and bold appearance of the super chic and elegant bedroom interior with vivid animal prints.The lacquered wood panels frames create a natural and elegant setting, while the animal print strike with exotic and chic touch in the classy interior.

Glamorous Bedroom With Animal Print

Image Source: Elle Decor

This bedroom is dazzlingly chic and sensual with multitude of exotic animal prints. The leopard print bedding along with the pillows contrast the black animal print rug and creates lively and attractive mismatched effect in the classy master bedroom.

Master Bedroom With Leopard Print Wallpaper

Image Source: Real Simple

We love how this bedroom attain the perfect “it” effect of the interior, it reflect sheer simplicity but yet holds a dramatic and chic appearance due to the animal print wallpaper. The canopy bed stands perfectly in front of the exotic backdrop.

Modern Bedroom With Animal Print Quilt

Image Source: Desire To Inspire

Notice how the animal print accent is the alpha and omega of the decorative palette in this gorgeous white bedroom. The shag and rouged texture of the animal print cover boosts up the exotic and vibrant perk of the white, cold bedroom.

Modern Eclectic Bedroom with Animal Print

Image Source: The Little Black Door

The decorative palette is perfectly applied in the black bedroom with pops of yellow and blue along with animal print pattern. The leopard print brings the drama and the exotic feel of the chic interior.

Quirky Bedroom With Animal Print

Image Source: Architectural Digest 

Striped wall in dark tones work as a great backdrop for the antique and quirky setting of this beautiful bedroom. The mismatched animal print highlights the chic and feminine appearance and works as bold focal point in the interior.

Soft Bedroom With Animal Print

Image Source: Meghan Carter

The zebra print rug creates the chic and bold feel of the overly light and soft bedroom. The bold and vivid zebra print creates an exotic and lively visual effect in this beautiful interior.

Spacious Chic Bedroom with Zebra Area Rug

Image Source: Digs Digs

Here is great idea of how can you add drama in the simple, modern bedroom. The zebra print creates dramatic contrast in the clean white bedroom with pops of hot red leather chairs.

Splendid Bedroom with Leopard Print

Image Source:Nguylian.

The animal print carpet sets the lively and exotic foundation for the classy and elegant bedroom in pastel and neutral tones.

Stylish Bedroom with Animal Print

Image Source: This Is Glamorous

We love how this bedroom scream elegance and profound taste of style. The soft and animal print cover find its place in the multitude of monochrome floral pattern and spotlights the soft, exotic and sensual side of the interior.

Tall Bedroom With Animal Print

Image Source: Christine Dovey

The animal print ottoman have a big role in creating the distinctive and elegant appearance of this bold and beautiful bedroom. The leopard print brings hot and vibrant ambiance and accents the chic side of the traditional bedroom.

Traditional Bedroom with Cheetah Print

Image Source: B Viz Design

The splendid and luxurious setting is perfectly enhanced by the leopard print ottoman that brings dramatic pattern in the traditional bedroom.

Vintage Bedroom with Animal Print

Image Source: Ryan Korban

Zebra print area rug just glorify the vintage and chic charm of this bright and beautiful bedroom. We love the smoky and dim overall appearance and how the zebra print rug strikes with bold and solid pattern.

Vintage Chic Bedroom with Leopard Print Accent

Image Source: Erika Interiors

We love the mystique and sensual feel of this beautiful bedroom. The leopard print chair stands out as a perfect focal point and creates chic and dramatic ambiance in the gloomy yet dazzling bedroom.

Feminine Bedroom with Animal Print

Image Source: Decoholic

So effortlessly chic and dramatic! Using animal print accent in a bedroom with soft color scheme and velvet texture is great way to transform the excessively sweet and neutral ambiance into a bold and chic bedroom.

Beige Bedroom with Animal Print

Image Source:Decoholic

We love how the ottoman with bold animal print brings amazingly chic and elegant feel in the beige bedroom. The plenitude of patterns and prints along with the leopard print ottoman creates a rich and dramatic visual appearance of this interior.

Pastel Bedroom with Animal print

Image Source:Decoholic

In this kingdom of pastel and sweet colors the soft leopard print bedding is absolutely the king. The soft and yet bold animal print brings exotic pattern and elevates the chic and wild side of this stunning and serene bedroom.