Bedroom Wall Murals in 25 Aesthetic Bedroom Designs

Bedroom Wall Murals in 25 Aesthetic Bedroom Designs

People are visual beings, we tend to see pattern and shape in everything, we are prone to identify with colors, pattern and various forms, that’s why is beneficial to bring art and visual pattern in every interior. Bedroom wall murals are the best way to value the artistic appearance of the interior and to create a bold focal point in the bedroom. Wall murals will accent the artistic visual, and will create a specific identity and character of the bedroom. Wall murals in the bedroom is also a great way to express yourself through decor. Bedroom wall mural can transform a simple interior into a bold and creative bedroom. We’ve gathered around a showcase of Bedroom Wall Murals in 28 Aesthetic Bedroom Designs in order to inspire you and provide you with cool ideas.

Classy Bedroom with Nature Wall Mural

Image Source:Houzz

The fairly minimalist setting in this bedroom is perfectly sustained by the bold antique sleigh bed in platine shade and the astonishing monochrome wall mural. The nature inspire monochrome mural accents the charming and bold visual aspect of the classy bedroom.

Contemporary Bedroom with Geometric Wall Mural

Image Source: We Heart IT

Geometric wall mural is perfect for an eclectic, boho or contemporary setting in the bedroom. Moreover if you choose a colorful geometric mural, then you can be sure that your bedroom will reflect with uber modern, cheery and vibrant ambiance.

Cool Bedroom Wall Mural

Image Source:Pixers

The gloomy and water wash wall mural with skyscrapers motifs boosts up the industrial and urban appearance of this loose and effortlessly cool bedroom. The gloomy char of the wall mural takeover the bedroom and bring a sensual and bold ambiance in the place.

Country Bedroom with Floral Wall Mural

Image Source: Bohemian Lofts

The perky floral wall mural applied on a white rustic wood paneling creates a country and charming visual aspect of this all white bedroom. The wall mural brings charming pattern and beautifies the already perky and soft bedroom.

Distinctive Bedroom with Monochrome Wall Mural

Image Source:Mr Perswall

We love this bold and monochrome wall mural on a bare concrete. The monochrome pencil rose mural make a feminine and dramatic statement in the overall simple and classic bedroom.The white bedding soothes the dark ambiance and brings the balance in the interior.

Feminine Bedroom Floral Wall Mural

Image Source: Magic murals

Colorful, floral wall mural works perfectly for creating a vivid and lively focal point in the bedroom. This wall mural with vivid pops of blue, red and purple flowers bring a super cheery and stylish appearance in this girly bedroom.

Floral Wall Mural in Feminine Bedroom

Image Source:digs digs

Here is a perfect example of how can you elevate the ambiance and aesthetics of the bedroom in subtle and charming way. The adorable monochrome tree murals stand amazingly on the purple backdrop and provide this bedroom with loose and perky feel.

Gray Bedroom with Tree Wall Mural

Image Source:Designwhalts

The black tree wall mural on a dark gray wall creates and cut edge and bold focal point in the modern and contemporary bedroom. The strong black color of the wall mural acts as a striking complement to the gray color scheme of this bedroom.

Industrial Bedroom with Wall Mural

Image Source: Jamm Styling 

We love how the cloud inspired wall murals brights up the gloomy ambiance in this industrial and cool bedroom. The wall mural stands stunningly and works as a superb focal point for the rustic and industrial chic setting of the interior.

Luxurious Bedroom with Panoramic Wall Mural

Image Source: Domaine Home

The panoramic wall mural in monochrome concept creates a truly bold visual of this already luxurious and splendid bedroom. The panoramic wall mural strikes through the white walls and works a subtle focal point in the classy bedroom.

Map Wall Mural In the Bedroom

Image Source:Wall Factor

This is a unique and interesting wall mural for the bedroom. World map mural in monochrome black shade applied on a bare concrete wall makes a distinctive yet modern statement in the minimalist and beautiful bedroom.

Master Bedroom with Monochrome Wall Mural

Image Source:Murals Your Way

We love the combination of pastels, pops of red stripes and the panoramic mural of monochrome wave, pretty inspiring, right? The monochrome mural creates a distinctive and yet artistic visual appearance in this beautiful, feminine bedroom.

Minimalist Bedroom with Monochrome Wall Mural

Image Source:leclair

The wall mural of symmetric wood alley creates an artistic and beautiful appearance in this classic bedroom. Tree wall mural is a great idea for people who want to bring nature motif in the bedroom interior.

Monochrome Abstract Wall Mural

Image Source:homedit

The bold, monochrome wall mural boosts up the artistic feel of this cool and contemporary bedroom with minimalist setting. The abstract shapes and owe motifs bring distinctive and profound ambiance in the bight bedroom.

Nature Inspired Bedroom Wall Mural

Image Source: The gadget flow

This nature inspired wall mural looks realistic and beautiful, right? The landscape mural in combination with the boho chic setting of this interior, provides a balanced and chill ambiance in the bedroom.

Opulent Nature Wall Mural in Traditional Bedroom

Imge Source:interior vision galleria

We love the imaginative and beautiful tree wall mural applied on a fruity yellow backdrop, it brings charming and artistic feel in the traditional, cozy bedroom.

Origami Bedroom Wall Mural

Image Source: Homedit

Origami wall mural works for creating a super bold focal point in the bedroom. The origami birds break through the plain white wall and boost up the artistic ambiance in the minimalist and cool bedroom.

Pop Art bedroom Wall Mural

Image Source: House Beautiful

We love the pop art and colorful nature of the wall mural which brings lively, contemporary and bold feel in the chic bedroom interior.

Rustic Bedroom with nature wall mural

Image Source: furnish burnish

The pastel and gloomy wall mural stands out ingeniously in the loose, industrial bedroom and brings profound charm to the interior.

Scandinavian Bedroom with Refreshing Wall Mural

Image Source:digs digs

The lush green wall mural strikes through the sterile white appearance of this minimalist Scandinavian bedroom and brings refreshing and modern appearance.

Striking Bedroom Wall Mural

Image Source: House To Home

The pastel colored wall mural strikes with subtle charm and contemporary visual and brings super stylish feel in this already dazzling and fashionable bedroom.

Scandinavian Bedroom with Charming Wall Mural

Image Source:digs digs

Just Beautiful! The spring nature inspired mural brings beautiful charm in the all white Scandinavian bedroom.

Traditional Bedroom with Floral Wall Mural

Image Source: design file

We love the pastel floral mural applied on peach backdrop, it creates charming and soft feel in the traditional and splendid bedroom. The floral mural soothes the heavy pops of gold an yellow and brings tranquil charm in the interior.

Vintage Wall Mural in the Bedroom

Image Source: Urban Bush babes

The beautiful, monochromatic wall mural brings romantic charm in the vintage bedroom interior and surely boosts up the artistic feel of the place. Just beautiful!