Boho Chic in 33 Captivating Bedroom Designs To Inspire

Boho Chic in 33 Captivating Bedroom Designs To Inspire

Boho Chic applies to a bold blend of these two decor interior styles each with indie fashion nature and free spirited bond which when mixed together result with ultra modern and fresh appearance of the interior. Boho Chic in the bedroom works perfectly for reflecting a specific free spirited ambiance with modern aesthetic touches. Boho Chic is the trade mark of people with a unique and distinctive style most likely artistic, who want to avoid ordinary and convenient and tend to push the limits of creativity. We personally love this interior style, because it represents the individual perception of mixing patterns, opulent colors and rough natural materials. In case you are also a fan of the modern opulence of Boho Chic and this style represents genuinely your inner spirit and energy, then why not sleep in a room with a Boho Chic setting, right? – Behold: we prepared a pretty bold showcase of 33 Captivating Boho Chic Bedroom Designs which could surely serve as source of inspiration. Check out the round up below and get inspired.

Boho Chic Bedroom with Rattan Ceiling

Image Source: Martyn Lawrence Bullard

The valued ceiling, stacked with rattan canes creates a breezy feel of the clean white appearance with pops of pastel blue and dark beige tones. Canopy bed with bed skirt add glam charm to the interior. The mercury glass lamps set the chic aspect of the interior and create the beautiful ambiance in the place.

All White Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: A Casa Da Va

Typical Boho Chic Bedroom with youthful and vibrant perks is decorated in an efortless way by mix matching ethnic Mexican pattern in opulent colors with pastel blue chevron print, ergo creating the Boho Signature of the interior. The creamy linen canopy brings soft touch and have a soothing effect in the bedroom.

Artistic Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: Chery Lady

Truly dazzling conjunction of warm, opulent colors applied in a magnificently charming and diverse pattern with antique and chic touches. Pastel blue headboard with tufted design brings the chic signature along with the Louis Vouton suit cases used as a storage ottoman. On top of all the contemporary tribal artwork strikes with additional artistic touch with sublimes the dazzling boho chic ambiance in this interior.

Attic Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: Style Motivation

White fury pendant ceiling brings a soft and chic touch to the bright white bedroom with impurity of rustic wood beams and rough antique iron bed. The Bohemian appearance with chic touches create a bold outlook and serene ambiance of this beautiful white bedroom.

Beautiful Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: Canadian Log Homes

A valued ceiling and attic as position for the bedroom is a perfect combination for attaining a hot and lively ambiance in a Boho Chic themed interior. The variety of hot colors with ethnic patterns and iron bed creates the dramatic Boho Chic setting in the inspiring interior.

Boho Chic Bedroom with Eclectic Touch

Image Source: Hgtv

This Bohemian Chic Bedroom has a major influence of the Mid-Century style with a pure impurity of eclectic and vibrant. The quirky wallpaper with wall sun scone and pops of red, pink, blue and green strike with bold Boho Chic appearance of the inspiring bedroom.

Boho Chic Bedroom with Moroccan Valued Ceiling

Image Source: airness19

The narrow bedroom boasts a highly detailed ceiling in a recognizable Moroccan fashion and makes a bold Bohemian statement in the clean white bedroom. The pops of fuchsia pink and navy blue add a Chic touch in the simple and yet radiating bedroom interior.

Boho Chic Bedroom with Pyramid Ceiling

Image Source: estilo-style

The pale yellow 20 foot high bricked wall pyramid ceiling rises over the pale blue bedroom with the brownish floor tiles, and creates the culmination of the quirky Boho Chic setting. The canopy bed with steel black post sets solid fierce form of modern and contemporary, while the bluish over sized artwork joins the painted figure and adds artistic and quirky touch in the interior.

Bold Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: Decorative Bedrooms

We specifically love the distinctly chic line in this white interior with dark hardwood floor . The navy blue water colored art on the wall creates a nice noise and dim effect in the simple Boho Chic bedroom with white sleigh bed and pops of pink golden framed antique ottoman.

Cheery Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: Dizzy Miss james.

The mix match of patterns, colors and texture with a dominance of the patchwork print clearly allude to the vintage charm of this Boho Chic Bedroom. The sleigh iron bed strikes with bold and modern appearance and the pop of the yellow contemporary chair enhance the Bohemian and Chic in this charming interior.

Classy Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: Anthropologie

The noisy concrete walls decorated with vintage artwork and the overall splash of colors and radiating ethnic print while mixed with shag and uneven texture brings the best of the Bohemian Chic in the light and lively Boho Chic bedroom.

Dazzling Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: AD

The lively and cheery mood is due the olive shade of the walls enhanced with an oversize quirky wall decoration in form of an elephant which works as a unique focal point. The Turkish bedding on the custom designed wooden bed with ethnic pattern and hot colors bring the modern opulence of this chic interior.

Cozy Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: Leely Mcfly

There is a specific coziness and mystique in the master bedroom with Boho Chic Setting. The Portuguese bed sets an incredibly artistic value in the interior and stands out gorgeously. The gallery wall covering a distinctive beige yellow wall adds a chic appearance of the interior.

Cool Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source:Digs Digs

Vivid colors, high contrast between the white painted brick walls and dark wooden floor, quirky touch of a hanging ar made of paper and ethnic pattern of the bedding create the sleek, vibrant and utterly inspiring appearance of the Neat Boho Chic Bedroom.

Colorful Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: Decorative Bedroom

The pops of bright colors along with a mismatched geometric and floral patterns work magnificently in creating vibrant ambiance in the pale beige and white Boho Chic Bedroom.

Dramatic Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: Architecture Art

Perfect combination of vibrant and hot colors and mismatch of striped beige wallpaper with ethnic lively pattern of the bedding. The pops of dark purple, bright yellow strike with bold chic note in a utterly Bohemian interior.

Exotic Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source:AD

The presence of antique and exotic decorative palette create modern and intrigant opulence in the beautiful Boho Chic Bedroom. The silky dark purple bedding boost up the bright color in the overall dark and hot colored bedroom.

Feminine Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source:Digs Digs

The pale blue iron sleigh bed accents the chic and vintage side of the Bohemian bedroom. The clean white wall creates a soft and clean appearance which is smartly enhanced by pastel colors and floral print that brings a feminine charm in the interior.

Gorgeous Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: Architectural Digest

This master bedroom holds a variety of vibrant colors and ethnic patterns and creates a modern and elegant appearance in the Boho Chic setting. The dark wood beams matching the dark brown curtains brings warm and cozy feel of the interior.

Modern Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source:Decorative Bedroom

The pastel color palette applied through distinctive patterns and modern artwork in a clean white bedroom has formed the cool Boho Chic appearance of this beautiful bedroom interior.

Master Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source:Stildoc

Cozy yellow color scheme decorated with floral upholstered armchairs and monochrome Marilyn Monroe photo flanked by silk panels create the distinctive and utterly high end Boho Chic appearance of the bedroom.

Interesting Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: Top Inspired

Custom made pallet headboard that reaches to the ceiling surely creates a bold statement and breaks through the clean white walls. The rustic wood floating bed covered with Bohemian colorful quilt brings color and pattern to the Chic interior.

Neat Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source:Decorative Bedroom

We love this bedroom and its soft, breezy and chic appearance. The white walls along with a clean lined white wood floor enhanced with pastel blue night stand wrought white iron bed in a gorgeous design and ethnic colorful bedding.

Opulent Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: Homedit

This attic bedroom with Boho Chic setting also holds a blend of rustic and luxurious due to the oak wood beams and the classy chandelier. The bright, opulent colors and ethnic patterned bedding create the Boho feel of the interior,

Stunning Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source:Hgtv

Yellow accent chair from wicker rattan makes hot and chic statement in the high contrast bedroom with clean white walls. The pops of bright yellow create a bold and dramatic break through in the interior and set the Boho Chic appearance.

Whimsical Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source:Decorative Bedroom

Sensual and Feminine! The cleanses and neat charm of this beautiful Boho Chic bedroom is due to the clean white wooden paneled walls and painted white floor. The floral wallpaper strikes through the whiteness and provide the bedroom with nice chic touch.

Tropical Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source:Design File

Perfectly exotic! The Boho Chis is applied in a subtle fashion through opulent and vibrant colors enhanced with ethnic and geometric pattern. The wooden paneled pyramid ceiling rise over the bedroom with diversity of exotic colors and decorative items.

Tall Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source: Artsy Scoop

Perfect use of a pastel blue and pops of red, pink,pale green and purple within a creamy interior with high ceiling concept. The Antique lantern hanging between the pale blue painted beams create a bold touch in the Boho Chic bedroom with exotic and yet clean appearance.

Stylish Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source:Coddee Web

We love the effortlessly chic element in the Bohemian and youthful bedroom. Clean white walls provide soothing and relaxing ambiance in the bedroom, while the dominance of purple set chic and classy perk in the stylish and beautiful bedroom.

Charming Boho Chic Bedroom

Image Source:Digs Digs

Perfect charming feminine bedroom with Boho Chic setting. The pale green wall has a soothing and refreshing effect in the interior, while the white iron headboard of the custom designed bed with fierce design sets the chic and boho appearance of the lovely place.