Dazzling Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

Dazzling Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

Choosing an adequate room in your house for the bedroom is an important decision, since the specific room and the position of the bedroom in your house can have a big influence on the bedroom itself. The attic is usually neglected place in the house, a place that most often is used for storage of your old things. But have you ever thought about the attic as a functional room? – Well, it’s time to look at the attic from a different perspective and realize that attic can work for creating a super modern and unique bedroom. Attic bedroom is really a unique and distinctive place, because of the specific nature and structure of the attic. The cathedral ceiling which is in the bedroom may work for creating a distinctive and sensual ambiance in your bedroom. To set your mind on attic bedrooms, we gathered a showcase of 15 attic bedroom designs which you can check out below. Enjoy!

Airy Attic Bedroom

Image Source: Freshome

The high valued cathedral ceiling finished with wood paneling sets a warm and cottage inspired ambiance in this lighthearted attic bedroom. The small window placed in the center of the wall brings a natural sunlight in the place and provide this attic bedroom with airy and natural appearance.

Blue Attic Bedroom

Image Source: DIY

The arched wall in combination with the vibrant blue color of the walls and the hardwood floor provide give this attic bedroom an elegant and distinctive accent. The minimalist decorative panel is compensated with the opulent energy that comes from the color and shape of the walls.

Bright, Elegant Attic Bedroom

Image Source: Houzz

The built in wardrobe with creamy white doors add an elegant and airy ambiance in this charming and lovely bedroom. The additional skylight adds a striking complement to this attic bedroom and provides the place with natural sunlight. This is a really pretty and charming attic bedroom decorated with distressed and elegant taste.

Contemporary Attic Bedroom

Image Source: Wizcom

The dominance of the natural wooden elements in this contemporary attic bedroom plays a major role in providing the place with loose and easy going ambiance. The modern artwork breaks through the plain white walls and provide this place with vibrant and super modern appearance.

Cottage Inspired Attic Bedroom

Image Source: House to Home

This attic bedroom decorated with Country inspired influence radiates sheer beauty and distinctive style. The wooden paneling provides the place with natural and warm, earthy note and the floral bedding, lights up the place and adds a charming feel. The window behind the bed strikes with a natural light and completes the lovely appearance of this charming attic bedroom.

Country Attic Bedroom

Image Source: Freshome

This is without doubt one in a kind attic bedroom. The matching wallpaper and canopy curtain provide this bedroom with a mixture of Scandinavian and elegant note. The white plain bed separates from the patterned nature of the bedroom and acts as a light focal point in the place.

Cozy Attic Bedroom

Image Source: Houzz

The wooden roof beams has really worked their role in this plain and beautiful attic bedroom. The rustic dark floor adds a serious and a warm note in the place and the wrought iron bed with plain white bedding creates a light and charming ambiance of the place.

Minimalist White Attic Bedroom

Image Source: Pinterest

This is a simple and yet extraordinarily attic bedroom. The profound minimalist style of this light bedroom radiates sheer modern and contemporary style. The pink swivel chair is a striking complement about the place contrasting the neutral and creamy colors of the Flokati area rug and plain white bedding. The windows Additionaly bring a natural light and provide this attic bedroom with exquisite beauty.

Natural Attic Bedroom

Image Source: Examiner

The wrought iron bed sets as dominant and powerful element in this white attic bedroom with subtle vintage note. The suitcases add a creative and interesting note to the room. The skylight on the ceiling was a great move for providing the place with natural sunlight and airy appearance.

Neutral bedroom in the The Attic

Image Source: Examiner

This is really beautiful and distinctive attic bedroom. The bed area placed between the roof ceilings sets an interesting and unique concept of this bedroom. The light creamy color palette provides the place with the natural and beautiful appearance.

Rustic Attic Bedroom

Image Source: Freshome

The country theme bedroom adapts perfect in the attic. The wooden materials that prevail in this bedroom provide the place with awesome and natural ambiance.

Small Attic Bedroom

Image Source: Decoracodesalas

This small and yet beautiful attic bedroom has a really dramatic and subtle setting with rustic nature. The roof beams the exposed natural stone panel creates an earthy and rustic appearance of the bedroom.

Traditional Attic Bedroom

Image Source: The attic room

The white wooden paneling on the ceiling, along with the huge bed and classical pendant ceiling light provide this bedroom with traditional and cozy ambiance.

White Minimalist Attic Bedroom

Image Source: Houzz

The enormous bed in this attic bedroom creates a dramatic appearance in this dreamy white bedroom. The place radiates clean and pure energy and looks simply astonishing.

Wooden Attic Bedroom

Image Source: The attic room

The presence of light wood in this attic bedroom plays a huge role in providing the place with light and warm ambiance. The built in bed next to a window was a genius move to create a dreamy appearance of this place.

So, what do you think about this awesome attic bedroom? Ready to clean out your attic and create a cozy bedroom instead? We bet that you are.