Vibrant Blue Bedroom Design Ideas

Vibrant Blue Bedroom Design Ideas

When it comes to choosing a color scheme for the bedroom, most often the homeowners go for the “secure option” or choosing a neutral palette or stick to the plain white bedroom. That is not a wrong choice at all, if you tend to attain an airy and natural bedroom, but in a case you want to create a bedroom that will reflect dazzling and vibrant energy you should choose a more sustainable color palette. In spite of the colors stereotypes and misconceptions that are related to the blue color, this color has shown to be a perfect choice for the bedroom. Associating blue with a bad mood is a pure misconception, because let’s face it, how can blue be a sad color when the most upbeat things in nature are blue like the sky, the ocean, the Smurfs. Anyhow, blue is a great color for creating a vibrant and refreshing ambiance in the bedroom, and in terms of energy flow this color is known as a great bad energy filter. Without any further ado, we are going to present you a showcase of 20 Outstanding Blue Bedroom Designs. Check out the showcase below. Enjoy!

Vintage Light Blue Bedroom

Image Source: House to Home

The elegant pale blue shade adapts perfectly with the elegant and vintage setting of this beautiful bedroom. The light blue shade creates a subtle elegance and lighthearted character of the place.

Small Turquoise Blue Bedroom

Image Source: Smadp

The combination of turquoise and black is always a winning one for creating a super modern and yet family appearance of the place. These two colors with contrasting nature attract each other in a distinctive way and work for creating a vibrant ambiance in the bedroom.

Simple Indigo Blue Bedroom

Image Source: Face Plane

The setting of this simple and yet beautiful bedroom in combination with the dazzling blue with a shade of a deep ocean creates a refreshing and serene feel in this beautiful indigo blue bedroom.

Scandinavian Blue Bedroom

Image Source: LivingEtc

The geometric blue wallpaper brings a modern concept in this serene white bedroom decorated with a Scandinavian influence. This bedroom with blue accents has a lovely, sleek and refreshing appearance.

Pale Blue Bedroom

Image Source:Martha Stewart

The light blue statement headboard works for providing a light and elegant ambiance in this modern and romantic bedroom. The blue patterned curtain adds a great visual effect and provides the bedroom with distinctive and chic appearance.

Navy Blue Formal Bedroom

Image Source: Yisihulivyou

The mature and bold energy that the navy blue tend to reflect is working a great deal in this beautiful bedroom. The white accents are a great way for creating a balanced and calm appearance in the bedroom.

Minimalist Blue Bedroom

Image Source: Face Plane

This is a minimalist setting of a bedroom, and as you can notice this bedroom does lack nothing, since the powerful and dominant blue is providing the room with enough energy and identity that there is no need of any additional accessories.

Mediterranean Blue Bedroom

Image Source: Home Acceinterior

This bedroom consists of various layers of decorating, and all of the layers are perfectly connected with the Mediterranean shade of blue. The various patterns and textures are creating a sumptuous and elegant ambiance in this blue bedroom.

Luxurious Blue Bedroom

Image Source: Margaret Donald Interior

The turquoise shade is often used as a color for chic and modern interiors. That is the case with this wondrous chic bedroom with dominant turquoise accents.

Glamorous Blue Master Bedroom

Image Source: WizCom

The glamour of this bedroom, right? – The designer of this extremely splendid bedroom has found a way to create a visual ombre effect of blue by decorating with different shades of blue such as the dark blue velvet drapes with the pale blue walls and the turquoise ottoman.

Eclectic Blue Bedroom

Image Source: Elkaniho

You feel perky and fresh just by looking at the picture of this ultra vibrant blue bedroom. The painted blue wooden panels in combination with retro floral orange and white drapes bring an eclectic and lively note in this amazing bedroom.

Dramatic Blue Bedroom

Image Source: Chanel4

The monochrome blue appearance is broken through with the creative canopy bed which brings a dramatic and bold statement in this beautiful blue bedroom.

Coastal inspired Blue Bedroom

Image Source: Adorable Home

This is a bedroom that will most likely have a view of the ocean. The light coastal influence in this blue bedroom is creating a vibrant and fresh appearance.

Classy Blue Bedroom

Image Source: House Beautiful

The delicate shade of pastel blue in this bedroom creates a serene and classy appearance in the place. The monochrome appearance is broken through with the soft material of the white shag rug and statement white headboard.

Chic Blue Bedroom

Image Source:Houzz

The tufted vibrant blue headboard is working as a focal point in this shabby chic bedroom with a really fresh and vibrant bedroom. Pastel blue silk comforter is perfect for soothing the sharp textures of the bedroom.

Bold Minimalist Blue Bedroom

Image Source: Real Simple

The wall windows are great focal points in this bedroom and the navy blue area rug along with the vibrant blue wall is providing the place with bold and modern appearance.

Bold Blue Bedroom with floating bed

Image Source: DiscoverSouth

This is a minimalist blue bedroom with bold and dramatic appearance. The floating bed is working for a dramatic focal point in the place and the white empty frame is providing the place with artsy and distinctive ambiance.

Airy Blue Bedroom

Image Source: Eugenia Maria Fendi

This is a simple and yet beautiful and airy bedroom with a dominance of the vibrant blue walls with plain structure which add a serene and sleek feel in this place.

Tiffany Blue Bedroom

Image Source: Style at Home

A color of the walls just like the Tiffany box will surely work for creating a super chic and sleek appearance of the bedroom.

Turquoise Antique bedroom

Image Source: Inspiration for Home

A pastel blue walls with damask pattern will surely create a beautiful vintage ambiance in the bedroom.

We can imagine that after this post you will rush to the hardware store to buy all of the blue paint available. See more bedroom ideas on 10 Amazing Bedrooms with Cheetah Bedding Print