10 Adorable Girls Bedroom Table Lamp Ideas

10 Adorable Girls Bedroom Table Lamp Ideas

Decorating the girl’s bedroom is a process that usually includes a bunch adorable items in cute and imaginative form, usually in a pink color. Today we are going to talk about precisely about the Girls bedroom lamps that are purposed to provide the room with dim light but can also work as a great accessory in the girl’s bedroom. The form of the girl bedroom table lamp varies, and depending of the color scheme and theme of your girl’s bedroom you can find an ample of creative and fun lamps design specially for girl’s bedroom. The girls bedroom lamp cannot change the concept of the bedroom but it could surely add a beautiful and nice accent. Below you can take a look in the showcase of 10 Adorable Girly Lamps. Enjoy!

Baby Doll Lamp

Image Source: Lite Source

We bet that your girls bedroom is filled with bunch of adorable dolls, but there is surely not one that is sitting on a base of a lamp, right? – Well here is an amazing doll lamp which will stand great on your girl’s table.

Ballerina Shoes Table Lamp

Image Source:Ebay

If your baby girl is thrilled by the graciously of the Ballerinas, then she will surely love this elegant and soft pink table lamp with pink ballerina shoes.

Cute Cupcake Base Lamp

Image Source: Sammy

This Table Lamp can be surely a sweet retreat for your girl’s bedroom. The cupcake attached on the base of the lamp surely looks yummy and adorable.

Lamby Lamp

Image Source: Pottery Barn Kids

Mary had a little lamp, on the lamp there was a lamb. This super cute lamp with a pastel color and adorable lamp print will add a cute accent in your girls bedroom.

Monkey Base Girly Lamp

Image Source: Judith Edwards

Monekies with pink ribbon and hot pink pendant surely looks lively and colorful and can provide your girl’s bedroom with bright, lively colors and beautify the place.

Princes and Frog Table Lamp

Image Source: Target

Princess and Frog lamp can be a perfect lamp for a girl’s bedroom with princess theme. This is a really cute lamp in pastel green and pink and can work as a great accessory in your girl’s bedroom.

Purple Butterfly Table Lamp

Image Source: CoCaLo

This purple lamp with a cute butterfly will surely stand out in your girl’s bedroom and provide the place with charming and romantic feel.

Shoe Diva Table Lamp

Image Source: Judith Edwards Designs

If you little diva is girly girl and love shoes, then this lamp may be a perfect item for Ms. Fancy pant’s bedroom. The lively colors of the lamp will surely add beautiful vibe in your girls bedroom.

Tulip Base Lamp

Image Source: Land of Nod

How adorable are these tulips, which always remind of the early spring and nice weather. The green wicker theranian and tulips as a base of a lamp can really add adorable accent in your girl’s bedroom.

VIntage Boot Lamp

Image Source: Rosenberry

These boots are made for walking, except this one which was made to be a part of a super cool lamp. This lamp with a cute pink boot is super vintage and cute.