10 Artistic Living Room Wall Art Designs

10 Artistic Living Room Wall Art Designs

The walls in our living room are great spaces for us to display our achievements, our masterpieces, things that we love and our inspirations. However, in designing, we also have to remember that every person that comes in our house will see what is placed on the wall, therefore, we must choose something that is pleasing to the eye and not just a line up of frames with no concept or even no formation or arrangement. One of the best ways to make sure that our walls look great is to put up great pieces on the wall. What we mean is that you should be able to choose the right painting or wall frame design that fits your personality and your living room design as well. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Awesome Typography Couple Face Shape Wall Art Design

 Image source: jg188

This awesome typographic tree design is actually the faces of a couple facing each other which is pretty noticeable at first glance. But if you look at it from another perspective, it just looks like two trees leaning toward each other.

Creative Street Art Wall Painting

 Image source: Artunika

If you have this really spacious white wall that you aren’t afraid to experiment with, then go ahead and a grab a pencil and start drafting your drawings then get the essential brushes that you need to turn it into a master piece. Your mural can be anything from your city map, the map of your future mansion or your dream neighborhood. Let your creativity come into play. Be ready with white pain though so you can just undo everything or a mistake that you made.

Cute and Unique Wall Art Decoration

 Image source: Decosee

This Cute and Unique Wall Art decoration from Decosee is a great way to express the feminine side of you. Of course, we are talking to the women who love hearts design. You can stick ’em on or if you have the skills to paint, then go ahead.

Gorgeous Canadian Decorating DIY Plates Wall Art Ideas

 Image source: Stupic

Do you have any unused plates which are decorative and at the same time are lightweight? Well, instead of just storing them inside the cupboard and let the dust settle on them, why don’t you take them out, decide on a design you’d like to come up with by first laying them on the table, then, if you have finally decided, stick them on the wall. You can also use a ruler or tape measure for accuracy.

Interesting DIY Wall Arts Vintage Look Postcard Collage Wall Art

 Image source: Wegox

Over time, you might have already collected some cute post cards or letter cover. Instead of storing these awesome designs inside a box, you can take them out and use them as designs on your wall. That is a great way you can be reminded of who gave you what letter. If you don’t have those letters, take out those postcards that you have collected from different countries and put them up on the wall.

Magnificent Reddish Abstract Fabric Wall Art and Peach Wall Paint

 Image source: Orlili

This painting doesn’t show you much does it? But to some, this abstract painting is a master piece. We appreciate the use of yellow and red colors since it was placed against a red wall.

Mesmerizing Creative White Wall Decoration

 Image source: Home Modish

This Industrial looking design is a great way that you can design your black walls. It would be great for modern living rooms.

Shiny Trees Metal Arts Contemporary Wall Art Inspiration

 Image source: Decosee

This Artistic golden design submits a strong emotion like the strong winds of a storm. It depends on the person’s appreciation on whether or not he would put this painting in his living room but for sure, many people will love it and get some meaning from it.

Sweet Gear Wall Art Sticker

 Image source: Taees

This gears can be placed on the walls of a modern living room or even bedroom. Mechanical Engineers, most especially, would find this design awesome and not to mention, familiar

Trendy Four Square Wall Shelves With Colorful Paint

 Image source: Ranzom

Floating shelves can also be used to design your white empty wall. Paint your floating shelves in nice colors, colors that you prefer or what you feeling like seeing, and set them up on the wall. Not only do you have a great design but it also is very functional.