10 Bedside Lamp Ideas for the Bedroom

10 Bedside Lamp Ideas for the Bedroom

Bedside lamp ideas are great ways to utilize the space on your bedside. Putting a bedside table is enough but since most of us love to read and we usually have the time do read before sleeping, we all need a bedside lamp. There are different kinds of bedside lamps out there ranging from the very simple ones which are enough to light your bedroom only but there are those magnificent lamp that offer great lighting and will add beauty to your bedroom too. If you have a goal for interior design, you have to go for the second one, functionality and beauty at the same time. Check out these wonderful ideas that you can do in your bedroom with the use of bedside lamps.

Awesome Bedside Table Lamps

 Image source: Giesen Design

Since this bedroom’s bed design is really classic, what better way to be consistent with its design than by using a classic lamp. You’ve seen this in several movies or maybe in tv shows. We love this piece because of the timeless beauty that it offers.

Brown Lamp Grey Wall Bedroom

 Image source: Kuraarasbasin

We can see something new with this bedroom design from Kuraarasbasin. This time, instead of using a table lamp, the designer used a hanging contemporary lamp for that lighting that isn’t too bright for the night time.

Clean Bedroom with Stylish Black Bedside Lamp

 Image source: Simple Form

If your bedroom consists of lighter colors, then you might want to contrast your room a little bit by adding dark hanging lamps. The thing with the hanging lamps is that they do not occupy the space on your side table which you can use for other things.

Comfortable Bedroom Design Ideas With Stylish Lighting

 Image source: Gaiff

For added elegance and beauty to your room, this design from Gaiff is truly wonderful. The base of the lamp has a unique design which adds to the elegance of this bedroom. The lights from the window give a very light and relaxed feeling to the room.

Luxurious Bedroom Decorating Idea

 Image source: Remals

With the use of this really elegant wall paper, the simply room was transformed immediately to a classy type. Plus, the shape of the lamp is also a perfect fit to the colors of the sheets and the wall paper.

Luxury Bedroom With Stylish Wall Lamp Design

 Image source: Gaiff

This is a romantic wooden bedroom design from Gaiff. Now, let’s check out that nicely shaped lamp which adds a bit of candle light to the bedroom.

Luxury Bedside Furniture Idea

 Image source: Kuraarabasin

Definitely, there is art in this bedroom design from Kuraarabasin. The lamps match the design of the pillow and the painting reflects the color of the lamp.

Marvellous Bedroom Lighting Idea

 Image source: Manning Marble

For a modern look, have some metallic bars installed on the wall near your bedside and add some small bulbs to make it look dazzling.

Modern Bedroom Hanging Lamp Lighting Design

 Image source: Sandavy

If you do not need too much light for reading but you are only having a bedside lamp installed for the purpose of a bit of lighting and design, then you can go for small lamps such as in this design by Sandavy. The light is focused on your bedside table but don’t expect too much for reading.

White Lamps Stone Cladding Bedroom

 Image source: Kuraarabasin

This uniquely shaped lamp from Kuraarabasin looks very oriental and adds color and light to this bedroom with an oriental touch.